Animal Farm Ch. 9-10 (questions)

What special treatment did the piglets get? They got special education, couldn’t play with other animals, right of way, and got to wear green ribbons on Sundays.
What happened to Boxer? He was seriously hurt. Napoleon sent him to the butcher instead of the hospital.
The animals on the farm worked hard. What was their consolation? They were not working for Man; they were working for themselves.
What was clover startled to discover? The pigs were walking on two legs and were human like.
What commandment took place of all 7 Commandments? “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”
What did the other animals see when they looked into the farmhouse? They saw that the pigs were in an alliance with the humans, a fight broke out over a card game and they couldn’t tell pigs from humans.

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