Animal Farm ch. 8

How was the sixth commandment changed? Original=”No animal shall kill any other animal” New=”No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.”
What titles did the pigs invent for Napoleon “Our leader,Comrade Napoleon”
What poem did Minimus write in honor of Napoleon? The poem was entitled Comrade Napoleon(see page 100-101)
What terrible stories concerning Mr. Fredrick were circulating around the farm? Rumors about Mr. Fredricka. Plotting to attack Animal Farmb. To destroy the windmillc. Three hens and Snowball entered into a plot to murder Napoleond. Intended to bring twenty men,all armed with gunse. Already bribed magistrates and police to ask no questions if he got hold of the title deeds to Animal Farmf. Practiced cruelties against his animals i. Flogged an old horse to death ii. Starved hi cows iii. Killed a dog by throwing it into the fence iv. Made cocks fight with razor attached to their spurs.
What name was given to the windmill? It was named “Napoleon Mill”
Why was Napoleon upset with Mr. Fredrick? He wanted to pay a low price for the lumber, but pretending to be friends with Pilkington caused Fredrick to raise his price by 12 pounds; also, Napoleon would only accept cask not a check, but the bank notes turned out to be forgeries.
What battle took place in this chapter? The Battle of the Windmill
Did the animals win the battle? Why or why not? the animals won the battlea. When the windmill was blown they got their courage backb. They attacked from all sidesc. Some animals died and some were woundedd. The humans fled
What new decoration did Napoleon create? The Order of the Green Banner which he conferred upon himself
How was the fifth commandment changed? “No animal shall drink alcohol” to “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess”
What do the animal think of Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Pilkington? They don’t trust either of them;they hated them both
List the lies that are told about Snowball to the other animals? That he has been pensioner of Mr. Jones from the beginning;that he entered in to a plot to murder Napoleon; was known to be skulking on Pinchfield farm
Describe the event surrounding the Battle of the Windmill. Does Pilkington Help? The Battle of the Windmill:a. Animals were at breakfastb. Frederick and followers came through the barred gatec. 15 men with 1/2 dozen guns opened fired. Animals were woundede. Pilkington sent message “serves you right”f. Frederick and men blow up the windmill with dynamiteg. Animals attacked with courage and force and the enemy ran for their lives
Censured to criticize severely
Demeanor the way in which one behaves
Beatifically showing extreme joy or bliss
Deputation a person or group appointed to represent others
Devotees a zealous follower
Inebriates a drunken person
Internment to detain or confine
Machinations a secret plot

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