Animal Farm ch. 7

How was the building of the windmill going to be different? They would build it three feet thick instead of 18 inches thick.
How did the animals attempt to fool Mr. Whymper? They would fill the feed bins with sand and then top them off with grain and meal.
Why were the hens upset? They were being forced to produce 400 eggs a week to be sold
What rumor was circulating about Snowball? Rumor had it that he had hiding on one of the neighbor’s farms, either Foxwood or Pinchfield
Who was said to in league with Snowball? He was said to in league with Mr. Fredrick of Pinchfield Farm
Who had difficulty believing Snowball was a threat? Boxer said,”I do no believe that. Snowball fought bravely at the Battle of the Cowshed. I saw him myself. Did we not give him ‘Animal Hero, first class; immediately afterwards?
What did Napoleon award himself? Animal Hero, First class and Animal hero Second Class
Which animals were the first killed by Napoleon? The dogs seized four pigs by the ears, drew blood, and after their confession the dogs slit their throats.
What happened to “Beasts of England”? It was changed to “Animal Farm,Animal Farm, Never let through me shalt thou come to harm!”
Who wrote the new song? Mimimus, the poet
The animals lives have changed for the worse. Describe their current condition on the farm? Their lives have changeda. No longer Sunday meetings with singingb. The pigs are given the orders which their relate to the animalsc. Rations are cutd. longer work days, including Sunday afternoonse. hens must produce 400 eggs per weekf. Fear permeates the entire group
What do the animals believe about Snowball’s recent behavior and past motivations? They question Napoleon’s statements about Snowball, but Squealer spreads his propaganda that:a. Snowball was always in league with Jonesb. During the battle of the Cowshed he fled at a critical moment and gave the signal for flight and left the field to the enemyc. Jones and his men got inside the yard and panic spreadd. All the animals began to believe the lies
Napoleon orders his dogs to kill animals that have been stirring up trouble. What were the animal’s crimes? Explain if they deserved to die? The animals admitted to:a. The pigs confessed that: i. They had been secretly in touch with Snowball ever since his expulsionii. They had collaborated with him in destroying the windmilliii. They entered into an agreement to turn over the farm to Mr. Fredrickiv. Snowball admitted to them that he had been Jones’s secret agent for years past. b. The three hens confessed to: i. Snowball had appeared to them in a dream and incited them to disobey Napoleon’s ordersc. The goose confessed to having secreted six ears of corn and eaten them in one night.d. A sheep confessed to having urinated in the drinking pool-urged on by Snowballe. Two other sheep confessed to having murdered on old ram by chasing him around a bonfire when he was suffering from a cough. Did they deserve to die?-No, but they were enemies of Napoleon!
When Napoleon decided to see the hen’s eggs, what did the hens do? The hens rebelled, flew to the barn rafters, dropped their eggs to the ground so they would break, and refused to concede for five days
Clover remembers Major’s speech and his predictions of the future. What has not come true? They have not made a better place to live,a. Not all animals are equalb. The pigs sleep on bedsc. The pigs live in the farm housed. The pigs use the living room in the farm house as a recreation placee. The pigs make all the decisionsf. The pigs supervise, but do not do any workg. The animals rations are cut to almost nothingh. The animals have to work harder than before
Why does Napoleon now allow the animals to sign “Beasts of England” anymore? It was a song of rebelliona. But he rebellion is now completeb. The execution of the traitors was the final actc. the enemy both external and internal has been defeated d. In the Beasts of England they expressed their longing for a better societye. The song no longer has any purpose
Pretext A purpose or excuse given to hid the real reason for something
Edible Capable of being eaten;fit to eat
Capitulated to surrender under stated conditions; come to terms
Graphically represented on paper or substitute; written or drawn; described in vivid deatail
Countenance appearance; the expression of the face
perpendicularity forming right angles
Superintendence to have charge of; to oversee; to manage

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