Animal Farm 1/2

Why was Old Major so respected? He was a wise elder, but also because he respected the farm animals, even though he was the “leader” of them.
What noble ideals are set forth in his dream? Old Major’s dream set forth ideas of equality by emphasizing the flaws in communism. H said that the animals are only given what they need, and that they are worked too hard
Why were the pigs immediately accepted as leaders? They were seen as the cleverest of the animals
Who formulated the Seven Commandments? Was it done in a democratic way? Napoleon formulated the Seven Commandments, and dictated to Snowball and Squealer that they were to be written and displayed for the rest of the animals, and would now become the animals’ unbreakable laws. It was not done in a democratic way at all, because no other animals were given any say in what was written/to be followed.
How well do the commandments reflect the ideas expressed in Old Major’s speech? The Seven Commandments are the beginnings of a rebellion.They design and preach equality, but foreshadow a lack thereof. However, they echo his dream when they clearly state that man is the enemy, and that all animals shall be equal.
How well did the animals were together? The animals didn’t work that well together. Boxer did most of the work, while the cat and Mollie did pretty much nothing.
Is the society of Animal Farm a classless one? No. It was designed to create a fair and equal farm it has developed into a farm with social classes. The pigs were the highest class.
What is significant about the quarrels between Napoleon and Snowball? Napoleon and Snowball are starting to argue a lot. The arguments are significant because they reveal that there is a power struggle within the government.
How does reducing the Seven COmmandments reflect Orwell’s ideas about totalitarianism and what happens after the revolution? Reducing the Seven Commandments reflects Orwell’s ideas that, “those who attain power are corrupted by it”, and foreshadows his idea that all revolutions are destined for failure because of that fact.
Is there anything significant about Napoleon’s taking away the puppies? For what purpose does he do this? Napoleon felt that taking the puppies away would help him achieve his goal of educating the young on the farm. It is important to rulers that they educate the young because they see it as a way to “train” people to believe in their ideals.
What episode causes Squealer to use trickery as a persuasive tactic? Squealer needed to use trickery as a tactic of persuasion when the farm animals began to question why the pigs were taking all of the apples and milk. He needed to make them believe that it was NOT stealing, but rather because the pigs “needed” the apples and milk to benefit the other animals… which was clearly not representative of the truth.
Did the work on the farm conform to the ideal of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”? The work on the farm did not represent this ideal because the pigs took advantage of everything. They took way more than what they needed, which left other animals with less than what they needed. The pigs gave themselves luxuries while the other animals were not given any.
Who among the workers is the most admired? How is he valuable to the pigs? Boxer is the most respected and admired. He is valued by the pigs because he is strong, gets all of the work done and all of the pigs look to use him to become more powerful. The other animals all admire Boxer because of his unwavering work ethic.
Why did Benjamin say, “Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey.” Benjamin said this because he is making the point that every other animal on the farm will die before he does. He has seen lots, and will continue to live to see lots, more than the other animals. Death is not something with which he is concerned.
To what do the “hoof and horn” on the flag correspond? The hoof and horn on the flag represent the republic of the animals. In terms of the historical allegory, they also correspond to the hammer and sickle, which was used as the old symbol of communism.
How much did the reading and writing lessons accomplish? The reading and writing lessons are new steps towards the farm animals’ education. Each animal learned at a different pace and level. For example, Mollie only cared about learning her own name, while other animals learned multiple letters, while still the described dumber animals had great difficulty remembering what should go next.
What will happen to the apples? Why is this important? The animals had assumed that the apples would be shared equally. However, this soon became obviously not the case. The apples from the windfall were now to be collected for the pigs. The pigs were in full agreement of this plan and, though the other animals objected, they did not voice their objections aloud. It was at this point that Squealer came forward and gave his speech of persuasion.
Who do the sheep, chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad” symbolize? The sheep symbolize a working class, but specifically symbolizing groups that followed one another and stood together, but often were taken advantage of because of their vulnerability and willingness to blindly accept the words and ideals of their respective leaders.
In August, Napoleon announced that there would be work on Sundays. It would be strictly voluntary, but what would happen if the animals didn’t work? Their rations would be reduced to half.
The animals were working like slaves on the windmill, yet they were happy. Why? They were working for themselves and would profit from their own labor.
What was the main problem with building the windmill and how was it solved? The boulder could not break into the stones needed for the foundation of the windmill.
How did Boxer lend extra help with the windmill? Boxer got up early, worked unassisted, stabilized the boulder if it slipped.
Everything was operating smoothly until the animals discovered shortages of what? Paraffin oil, nails, string, dog biscuits, and iron for horses shoes
What new policy did Napoleon announce regarding obtaining articles the farm needed? They would engage in trade with neighboring farms
What things might have to be sold in order to buy things for the windmill? Hen’s eggs, wheat crop, corn, and hay
How would the dealings with humans be accomplished? Meet/form partnerships with humans
Describe Mr. Whymper. Sly, short, cunning
Who set the record straight that the animals never had passed a rule against dealing with humans? Squealer
Why are the humans now calling the farm by its new name? Gaining respect for animals running the farm
What rumors are circulating about Napoleon and his business agreements? He will be entering a business agreement with or either Mr. Pilkington or Mr Frederick
The pigs move where? Why is this important? They move into the farmhouse. This is important because it led to the violation of the 4th Commandment
How did Squealer manipulate the language of the Fourth Commandment? Squealer said that it amended it to sort the pigs’ needs. The Commandment said no animal shall sleep in beds with sheets
Why do the pigs get up an hour later now? They claim to be the thinkers and brainwork requires more sleep
What happened to the windmill when it was half built? Strong gales of wind blew the foundation and knocked the windmill down

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