Allusions in Hamlet (Act 1)

star North Star
Polack derogatory reference to Polish people
dead hour 12-1 a.m.
Julius Julius Caesar, Roman General
Rome successful ancient city
Neptune ancient Greek God of the sea
bird of dawning rooster
great-cannon the tradition of firing a cannon during a toast
Hyperion sun god in Greek mythology
satyr half-man, half-goat woodland creature from Greek mythology
Niobe archetypal weeping mother from Greek mythology
Hercules archetypal strong warrior from Greek mythology
“this temple waxes” the body as a temple (from the Bible)– this body grows
Rhenish German, relating to the Rhingland
Nemean’s lion from Greek mythology, referring to the first labor of Hercules
I to sulphurous and tormenting flames / Must render up myself a reference to Purgatory, where most Medievals believed they would go before heading to Heavan
Lethe from Greek mythology, river of Hades
“With juice of cursed hebenon in a vial” a poisonous plant, and a reference to the hemlock used by Socrates
Saint Patrick 4th century Irish Bishop