All Fahrenheit 451 Test Questions

Who said a little learning is a dangerous thing Beatty
Who represents freedom of thought Clarrise
What are the hobos waiting for Hope
The sky above him screamed Personification
What didn’t we learn from imagery People are encouraged to think
What do hobos give montag A potion that changes scent index
Which character represents the flawed system and hipocrorisy Beatty
Do Mildred and her friends vote for presidents based on appearance Yes
What changed montag the most The lady lighting herself on fire
What gives the hound info to attack It’s programming
What symbolizes cleansing destruction Fire
Curiosity of books is acceptable if It doesn’t effect ones action
Whose said you are better off if you don’t ask questions Montag
Who tells us what a threat technology can be Faber
What’s montages problem with returning books All of the choices
Who doesn’t realize how important life is or for that matter death Mildred
Who would follow this rule not askin questions is good Mildred
There was only the girl walking with him now her face. Right as snow in the moonlight Simile
Which character feels a real emotion thanks to montag? Mrs. Phelps
Which character is a foil to Mildred? Clarissa Mclellan
What do books represent in the novel? Lost Freedom
Part II ends with the beginning of the novels climax, which is? Firemen at Montag’s house
Which figurative language device is the following, “Montag held his breath, like a doubled fist, in his chest.” Simile
What is the picture Green Bullet
Which of the following, according to Faber, is not one of the things missing from books? The training to understand what we’ve read
The following represents hope in destruction. Phoenix
ITS: “Do you know why books as this are so important? Because they have quality. And what does the word quality mean? To me it means texture. This book has pores. It has features.” Faber
What does Montag symbolize? The thinking man trying to break from thought control
Why might people not want to read books if given the opportunity to do so, as maintained by Faber? They have fun without books
Which character exists in the novel as a foil to Beatty Faber
Which character said this, “We’ll this crisis is past and all is well, the sheep returns to the fold. We’re all sheep who have strayed at all times….”? Beatty
What do you is cool about the book? The way it’s in the feature
How has religion changed. Christ part of family
When one firemen questions society who said that? Beatty
Faber thinks he’s what? A cowered
Who says “it’s an insidious plan, if I say so myself.” Faber
Doesn’t realize how life important between life and death? Mildred
bradberry purpose of writing Fahrenheit 451 to sell their very shouls to propaganda, television, and thought control. True
Who says “I don’t miss her even if she dies.” Montag
First firemen? Benjamin Franklin
Kids are not encouraged to play until? Dinner bell
What symbolizes rebirth, renewal, cleansing River
What happens in the end Montag and Gager walk to the city
According to Faber, how has religion changed over the years? Christ is one of the “family” now pitching products on TV
Identify the character that said,”At least once in his career, every firemen gets an itch……..” Beatty
How does Faber view himself ? As a fool
Who says, “Are you happy?” Clarisse
Montag and his friends are headed here at the end of the novel with hope in their hearts. The city
Mildred symbolizes… The masses
All of the following are things kids are encouraged to do for entertainment except: Break window panes at the window smasher place

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