Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Ch. 23-32

(CH. 23)How is the audience at the Royal Nonesuch? Packed
Why was the crowd angry at the end of the Royal Nonesuch? Because the show was funny but it didn’t last long so the people thought they had gotten ripped off. They want to lynch the king and duke.
What was the king wearing in the Royal Nonesuch? Body paint and wild accessories
What does the crowd do after they get ripped off? They tell everyone in the town to go to the play so they will also get ripped off. They do this to protect their honor
How is the audience at the second performance of the Royal Nonesuch? Packed
What did the audience of the third Royal Nonesuch performance consist of? What do they bring to throw at them? The audiences from the first and second night ready to attack and lynch the duke and king. Rotten fruit
How much money did the king and duke make from the plays? $465
What does Huck and Jim call the king and duke? Rapscallions
What does Jim do during his night watch shift? He mourns and has a breakdown because he misses his family?
What did Jim do to his daughter Lizabeth and why? He hit her because she wasn’t obeying him but he soon found out that she had become deaf from scarlett fever and that is why she didn’t understand what he was saying
(Ch 24) How is Jim disguised and for what reason? As an Arab from their King Lear supplies, so people will not realize he is a runaway slave?
What does the sign say that is left with Jim? Sick Arab-but harmless when not out of his head
How does the king and Huck arrive to the next town? By a steamboat
On the way to the steamboat, who does Huck and the king meet? A young man who tells them all about the town’s gossip
Who was the deceased man that the young man was talking about? Peter Wilks
Who did Peter Wilks send for while he was sick and describe them? His brother William, who is deaf and mute, and Harvey, a preacher in England. He wants them to come to receive his will
Where do Peter’s brothers live? Sheffield, England
Which of Peter Wilks relatives are still in town? His three nieces Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna
What is significant about Peter Wilks niece Joanna? She has a harelip
Why is the King interested in Peter Wilks? Because he wants to retrieve his money
When they arrive to Wilk’s hometown, what does the king and duke decide to do? Pretend they are Peter Wilks brothers and receive Peter’s will
(Ch. 25) Describe Mary Jane? Beautiful and redhead
Do the nieces fall for the king and duke’s act? Yes, they believe the king and duke are their long lost uncles
What do the nieces receive in Peter’s will? His house and $3,000
What do the brothers receive in Peter’s will? $3,000 and a huge amount of property which could be sold for $7,000
Where is the money held according to Peter’s letter? In the basement
How much of Peter’s money is missing? $415
What did the king and duke offer to do with their share of the $6,000? Give it to the girls
During the kings speech, what words did he mistaken? He invited everyone to a funeral orgy instead of funeral obsequies
Who thinks the king and duke aren’t Peter’s brothers? Doctor Robinson
Does the crowd and Mary Jane believe Doctor Robinson? No, they are on the king and the dukes side
What do the girls do with the $6,000? They give it back to the king and duke and tell them to invest for them
(Ch. 26) Where do they stay? In the Wilks house
How does Huck say valet? Valley
Who tests Hucks knowledge of England? Joanna
How does Huck slip up while Joanna is asking him about England? He says king William the Fourth goes to his church in Sheffield but he actually lives in London. Then he says Sheffield is by the sea but it is not. Then he says he sits in Harvey’s pew at church while forgetting that Harvey was the preacher
How does Huck prove he isn’t lying? He puts his hand on a dictionary and says he isn’t
What does Huck feel guilty about? Robbing the girls from their money. So he decides he will give them their portion back
When Huck searches for the money in the duke and kings room, what happens? The duke and king come in, so Huck hides in a closet
What is the kings plan? He wants to sell the property before they leave
What does Huck do once the duke and king leave the room? He steals the gold from the hiding spot and sneaks out of the room later at night
(Ch. 27) Where does Huck hide the gold? In Peter Wilk’s coffin. Mary Jane walks in so he is unable to get the money back
What distracts the undertaker during the funeral? A dog was barking in the basement because he was trying to catch a rat
Does Huck even know if the money is in the coffin? No, he is extremely nervous
What does the king do to the slaves? He sells them, sending the mother to New Orleans and her two sons to Memphis
Who does Huck blame the missing money on when the king and duke interrogate him? The slaves whom had just been sold
(Ch. 28) What is Mary Jane upset about? The slaves who had just gotten split up
What does Huck tell Mary Jane? The entire truth
What is Hucks plan? Mary Jane will stay at Mr. Lothrops house that night while he escapes with Jim. Later that night she is going to sneak out of Mr. Lothrops house and shine a light in Hucks window. If he doesn’t show up that means he has escaped and then she will tell everyone the king and duke are frauds
Why does Huck write Royal Nonesuch Bricksville on a piece of paper? So if the judge needs any evidence, Mary Jane can get people from the last town to identify the king and the duke as the actors from the Royal Nonesuch
What else does Huck write on a piece of paper? The location of the money (in the coffin)
Who comes later that day? The real brothers of Peter Wilks
(Ch. 29) According to Harvey Wilks, why were they delayed? Their luggage was misdirected and his mute brother broke his arm so they were unable to communicate
Who interrogates the real Wilks brothers? Lawyer Levi Bell
What happens when the duke and king are interrogated? They are asked to bring the money but the money is lost
How are the duke and king dealing with all of this? They claim the newcomers are the actual frauds and that the slaves stole the money before they were sold
How are the king and duke first attempted to be exposed as frauds? The lawyer asks the king/fake Harvey and the real Harvey to write on a piece of paper and he compares the handwriting with that of Peter’s old letters from Harvey
How is the first attempt to expose the frauds a fail? The real William wrote all of the real Harvey’s letters and the real William had broken his arm so he is unable to write. Therefore they cannot compare handwriting
What is the second attempt to expose frauds? The real Harvey claims to know the tattoo on Peter’s chest
What does the real Harvey claim the tattoo is on Peters chest? His initials, P.B.W.
What does the king claim the tattoo is on Peters chest? A blue arrow
Does the undertaker say he saw a tattoo? No
When everyone goes to the coffin to see who claimed the real tattoo, what happens? The gold is spotted
When the gold is spotted, what does Huck do? He sprints away toward the raft.
Where has Jim been hanging out at the whole time they were away? In the raft, dressed as King Lear
When Huck and Jim are about to escape, what happens? The king and duke run towards the raft and jump on
(Ch 30) Who is extremely mad at Huck for fleeing? King
What was the duke and kings explanation for the money being in the coffin? They think that the other put it in there to retrieve it later
Who confesses to stealing the cash? King
How do they resolve the issue? They get drunk and forgive eachother
(Ch. 31) When the king and duke get into a fight on shore and Huck runs back to the raft, what does he find? Jim is gone
What happend to Jim? A boy tells Huck that a random old guy recognized Jim from the handbill in New Orleans that the duke made. The man had to leave suddenly so he sold Jim
Who was Jim sold to and for how much money? A farmer named Silas Phelps. $40
What does Huck realize? It was the king who had actually sold Jim
Why does Huck think this is happening? God is punishing him for helping a slave
Why can’t Huck write to Miss Watson to tell her where Jim is? Because she will sell Jim anyway and he will be known as helping a black slave escape
How does Huck hide the canoe? He hides it underwater by loading it with rocks
Where does Huck go after learning where Huck is? To Silas Phelps farm
When Huck is on his way to find Jim, who does he encounter? The duke who is nailing posters of the Royal Nonesuch
Where does the duke say Jim is? On a farm 40 miles in the opposite direction
(Ch. 32) How big is Silas Phelps farm? Small, a one horse cotton plantation
What does Huck do once he gets to the Phelps farm? He walks right up to the door
Who answers the door? Sally, a white mistress of the house
Who does Sally believe Huck is? Her nephew Tom
Sally was expecting “Tom” to arrive earlier so Huck tells her what? His boat ran aground and also he hid his baggage which is why he doesnt have any on him.
What does Huck learn when Silas gets home? They believe he is Tom Sawyer
What does Huck do after finding out Sally and Silas think he is Tom Sawyer ? He tells them that he going to find his luggage but he actually goes to a passing steam boat to inform the real Tom Sawyer of the situation if he arrives

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