Advanced English- A Tale of Two Cities- Final Test

Jarvis Lorry Old man who brought Lucie over to Great Britain as a small child on a boat.
Jerry Cruncher Grave robber. Works for Tellson’s Bank
Mrs. Cruncher Wife of the man who robs graves. Prays every time he comes home because of the horrible thing he is doing.
Young Jerry Son of the man who robs graves. Follows his father to the grave yard. Also asks him what a Resurrection man is
Dr. Alexander Manette Was locked in a jail cell for 18 years. 105 North Tower. In the Bastille in Saint Antoine. His best friend is a shoe makers bench.
Lucie Manette- Darnay Wife of Charles Darnay. Faints at Charles’ trial and he falls in love with her.
Charles Darnay Husband of Lucie Manette. Was arrested several times in the story. Also was the reason for Sydney Carton dying.
Ernest Defarge Leader of the revolution. Wants Madame Defarge to not kill Charles. Husband of Madame Defarge
Madame Defarge (Therese Defarge) Knitting woman. Has a secret code of the people to. kill in her knitting patterns. Ends up being killed in the end of the book by Miss Pross.
Sydney Carton Loves Lucie. Had a horrible life, full of drinking and bad choices. Gives his life for Charles Darnay at the end of the book, and for little Lucie and Lucie Manette.
Miss Pross Kills Madame Defarge. Takes care of Little Lucie
Solomon Pross Brother of Miss Pross
John Barsad Really is Solomon Pross, A spy for the English at first, then for the French government after that.
Roger Cly A spy and colleague of John Barsad who faked his death to escape prosecution.
Stryver A lawyer who defends Charles Darnay. Says Carton looks like him
Jacque Three the code name for every male revolutionary; they identify themselves by number. a cruel, bloodthirsty man who represents the corruption of the Revolution’s ideals. He controls the jury at the prison tribunals.
Monsignor A powerful French aristocrat.
Marquis (St. Evremonde) Charles’s uncle and a cruel French aristocrat committed to preserving the power of the French nobility. He and his twin brother exemplify the tyrannical and uncaring aristocracy.
Gaspard Father of the kid who was run over by the Marquis in the street. Was executed in suspicion of killing the Marquis. Rode underneath his carriage.
Gabelle A servant of Charles Evrémonde who carries out Charles’s secret charities. Asks for Charles to come back to Paris and save him from the revolutionaries
Foulon Suggests that if the people are hungry they should eat grass
Little Lucie Daughter of Lucie and Charles.
The Vengeance A peasant woman from Paris and Madame Defarge’s ultraviolent sidekick. Like Madame Defarge and Jacques Three
Revolution Headless cherubs in Lucie’s room
Blood Red wine spilled in Saint Antoine
Blood(end of nobility) Red sunset on Marquis
unfeeling nobility Stone face of Marquis
nobility in general Monseigneur
saint of the poor Saint- Antoine
time passing Echoes
approaching revolution Footsteps
revolution Storm
tyranny Bastille
leader (Stryver) Lion
Wild dog (Carton) Jackal
Mob in Paris Angry Ocean
Unifying theme of happiness Golden Thread
Oppression Chateau
executioner (death) Woodsman
death Farmer

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