Adair [Twelfth Night: Act 5]

— tries to elicit money from Orsino. Feste
Orsino tells Feste that if he were to bring — to him, he might give him some money as a reward. Olivia
Why was Antonio arrested? He attacked and stole from some of Orsino’s ships. It’s important to note that Orsino seems to have some respect for Antonio. Antonio commanded a small, cheap vessel but he was still able to overcome Orsino’s great ships.
How are Antonio and Olivia similar in the aspects of love? Both of them do not have a good experience with love. They have an unbridled pursuit for their loved ones, which leaves them open and vulnerable. Neither of their feelings are returned.
This is the — act in which we see Orsino and Olivia interact. first
It becomes clear in this act that Orsino is merely in love with —. the idea of love
In regard to Orsino’s affections, Olivia is —. callous and dismissive
Orsino responds to Olivia’s rejections by becoming —. sorrowful, then threatening
Orsino’s sorrowful response to Olivia’s rejection consists of —. weird, religious phrases and imagery like he worships her
Orsino’s threatening response to Olivia’s rejection consists of —. a segment where he threatens to kill Olivia followed by one where he threatens to kill Cesario
Orsino and Cesario start to leave Olivia’s palace, but Olivia refers to Cesario as —, which causes everyone to turn back. husband
Olivia thinks that Cesario is denying their relationship because he is —, and she tells him to —, which is ironic because —. afraid of assuming a position; “be who you know you are”; she is really a girl
Sir Andrew and Sir Toby enter this act, bleeding, and they think — beat them up. Cesario
Sir Andrew says that he will help Sir Toby get his wounds dressed, and Toby responds by —. This is the last that is seen of them. This is a reminder that —. insulting him heavily; everything doesn’t end up perfect
When Sebastian enters the scene, his first concern is to —, and he doesn’t see —. apologize to Olivia for beating up Sir Toby and Sir Andrew; Viola
Orsino’s response to seeing both Sebastian and Viola is —. to think that it is like a trick mirror
Antonio’s response to seeing both Sebastian and Viola is —. to think that Sebastian made division of himself
Olivia’s response to seeing both Sebastian and Viola is —. to express her joy at now being able to have two of them
Viola blames — for keeping her from embracing her brother. her disguise
Orsino continues to use — pronouns towards Viola. masculine
Olivia is — at the treatment of Malvolio. unhappy
The play ends with Feste’s melancholy song. What are some important aspects of it? reality check; back to the daily life and back to the real world; sings about the struggle of a growing boy; the expectation of great things is not what it appears to be