Acts 1&2 Othello Quiz

Iago begins the play by criticizing Othello. Why does iago say he hates othello so much? Lines 9-12 Iago hates othello becasue othello chose cassio to be his lieutenant. Iago feels he is much stronger and more qualified than cassio. Othello simply liked cassio more
Why does iago despise Michael Cassio? Lines 21-27 Iago despises Cassio because he took his job and promotion. Cassio didnt deserve it, he was a “suck up”
Line 68 starts a terrible turn. Racism, mysogyny, vile descriptions about othello and desdemona are yelled to desdemona’s faher. How does iago use these insults to incense brabantio? Othello is african and desdemona is the daughter of a Venetian senator. Iago hopes that brabantio will split desdemona and othello up and destroy othello’s political and military career. With othello out of the way he can move up in ranking. He tries to make othello look bad/guilty/animalistic in stealing and corrupting desdemona.
Why does iago continue to follow othello? Line44 He has to pretend to be loyal to othello. Othello is his boss and if he wishes to advance and gain power, he cant betray othello. Othello is also providing him a job
What is the relationship between roderigo and brabantio? Lines 106-111 Roderigo used to court desdemona. Brabantio is not very fond of him. He believes roderigo is saying all these things to break desdemona and othello up and take desdemona back. Neither of them particularly like the other, but they care about desdemona
What is the difference in tone between what iago says to brabantio and what roderigo says to brabantio? How do you know? Lines 122-127, 135-155 Iago is violent, disrespectful, angry, iago doesn’t care about desdemona he cares about himselfRoderigo is caring, respectful, careful, passionate, jealous, cares a lot about desdemona and wants her back
Why does iago leave roderigo to deal with all of this on his own? Lines 149-151 Iago leaves because he doesn’t want to get involved or look bad. He has to pretend to be loyal to othello or he’ll be in a lot of trouble. He cant be seen disrespecting othello
What is brabantio’s reaction to the news? Be specific. What is he saying about his daughter in lines 164-178 Brabantio, at first, does not believe his daughter would betray/ disappoint him like this. He also becomes extremely angry and is determined to end the marriage and take his daughter back. He wants othello to pay for what he has done.
What ray of hope does brabantio give to roderigo at the end of scene 1? Line 206 Brabanio tells roderigo that they can go take desdemona back. He says that othello and desdemona will be over. This makes roderigo think he will get another chance with her. He promises to reward roderigo.
How has iago’s tone changed from scene 1 to scene 2? Why does it change so drastically? Lines 1-5 In scene 1, iago is very angry and frustrated. He is plotting to get revenge on othello. In scene 2, he is acting professional, loyal, respectful, and intelligent to impress othello: the opposite of himself in scene 1
Paraphrase lines 19-28 Othello will let brabantio do what he wants. He has nothing to hide, nor has he necessarily done anything wrong. He isn’t going to fight back. He loves desdemona and would not hurt her. What he has done is worthy of complaints, but not harsh punishment. He is not harming desdemona in the ways brabantio thinks he is
Why does Cassio say the duke wants to see othello? Lines 46-50 There are warships coming
How does othello address brabantio in lines 60-63? He tries to act respectful and earnest towards brabantio. He tries to get brabantio to calm down and be civil. Weapons are not needed. Othello doesn’t feel like he has done something bad/wrong
Why does brabantio believe that desdemona has run off and married othello? (This is so important for the rest of the play!) note lines 80-88 Brabantio believes othello lied/used witchcraft to enchant and charm her into running away
What is the news that the duke and senators are discussing? Lines 9-10 The duke and senators discuss the movements of the Turkish fleet and discover the target is Cyprus
How does the duke first respond to brabantio’s charge? (Before he knows who is guilty…lines 67-72) The duke says he needs more evidence and that he will listen to both sides.
What does othello say about himself in lines 76-97 Othello says he is awkward in his words and not blessed with peacefulness, but it is because of his life experiences. The only thing he’s done wrong is marry her, but they should hear him out.
How does brabantio at that desdemona went with othello lines 62-66 Brabantio told the duke that othello forced desdemona against her will. He uses his charm and power to take her like witchcraft, sorcery, etc.
How does brabantio describe to character of desdemona in lines 96-100? This is important because of what happens later. He says she is still, quiet, and never bold. She would never love othello without “magic”
What were othello’s stories about? Lines 151-164 Being captured, war hero, enslaved, military life, etc
How did desdemona fall in love with othello in lines 130-172 Othello would hang out with brabantio and tell stories about being a war hero, etc. She was fascinated by him. Eventually they got to talking and realized they loves each other. She pitied him for everything they went through.
So in line 170, why odes othello say that desdemona fell in love with him Othello says that desdemona loves him for his dangerous, risky past. She pitied him.
What do brabantio, othello, and desdemona all agree on? Lines 273-275 Eventually they all agree on the marriage. They also agree that she wont go to war with him and wont stay with her father*
Brabantio’s couplet will definitely become important later on. What does his couplet (lines 295-296) mean? He says that desdemona is manipulative and deceived her own father, so she will do the same to him.
What is roderigo state of mind? Why? Lines 350-352 He is suicidal. He says he is going to drown himself. His love, desdemona, is marrying another man
How does iago respond to roderigo’s threats? Lines 377-379 Iago calls roderigo foolish and silly. Roderigo is fouled by love, which is more like lust, and needs to control himself and his emotions. Roderigo needs to man up. Iago says he wont love him anymore if he commits suicide
What is the main piece of advice iago gives roderigo? Lines 382-386 Roderigo needs to focus on himself and making money, not on love. He also tells roderigo that desdemona’s love for othello will fade.
Why does iago hate othello so much? THIS goes to the heart of the play. Lines 429-433 Iago hates othello because Cassio is chosen for lieutenant over him. Othello does whatever he wants and never faces the consequences. There are also rumors that othello had an affair with iago’s wife.
So what is iago’s plan? Lines 426-447 Iago wants to make othello think desdemona and Cassio are having an affair
What does the final couplet mean? Lines 446-447 He is going to expose othello’s corruption and make his life miserable. He is going to put his plan into action in a very evil way
Act 1 scene 1 A. Iago- upset about not being promoted B. Cassio- promoted to othello’s lieutenant C. Othello- main character, military officer, married desdemona D. Roderigo- minion of iago, used to court desdemona E. Brabantio- senator, desdemona’s dad F. Iago and roderigo wake brabantio up to tell him about othello and desdemona G. Iago tells roderigo he has to leave because he has to go act loyal to othello. Tells roderigo where othello will be
Act 1 scene 2 A. Duke wants othello- Turkish fleet is coming to Cyprus (war) B. Brabantio wants to confront and punish othello for the marriage a. He thinks othello bewitched desdemona -witchcraft, sorcery b. He wants othello to divorce his daughter and be imprisoned
Act 1 scene 3 A. Learns more about war- Turkish fleet, etc heading to Cyprus B. Brabantio tries to get othello charged C. Othello calls for desdemona to tell how the fell and love and that she chose to be with him a. She overheard him talking about war stories, adventures, heroic actions (slavery, getting out, and she started to pity him—> turned into love. D. desdemona tells her father that she still respects him as her father who provided everything for her, but like her mother, she now had to respect her husband E. Duke sides with othello bc there is no evidence of witchcraft F. Iago thinks othello has cheated on desdemona with Emilia G. Iago wants to create a rumor that desdemona had an affair with Cassio H. Roderigo is suicidal because he will never get desdemona back
Relationships • Brabantio/ desdemona= controlling, treats her like property, father and daughter• Brabantio/othello= lack of respect, currently thinks of othello as thief/ sorcerer, wants othello in jail • Othello/desdemona= married, seems like they’re in love
How does iago tend to manipulate • Roderigo- lots of money, wants roderigo to try and get desdemona back, • Cassio- make it seem like Cassio is having an affair, • Othello- make it look like he’s loyal & trustworthy
How does Cassio describe desdemona? Lines 67-71 He thinks she is beautiful and special She is divine
How does iago treat Emilia, his wife? Look at how he responds to Cassio and desdemona in lines 117-120 and 122-125 He treats his wife terribly. He treats her like property and basically calls her dumb and ugly in front of others. He judges women based on their beauty and brains. Women are manipulative and can get men to like them even if they’re ugly
Paraphrase iago’s view of women in lines 144-157. Is this good natured ribbing or his real feelings? • Pretty and smart ◦ Looks will get her what she wants (women in general)• Smart but ugly ◦ Smart enough to find a guy • Pretty but stupid ◦ Her stupidity will be attractive to men Probably a little bit of both, but he takes this seriously and that is shown in the treatment of desdemona and his wife
What is important about iago’s line, “O gentle lady, do not put me to ‘t./For I am nothing if not critical.” LINES 133-134 He’s acting as if he’s not criticizing and making fun of her.
Desdemona joins in iago’s teasing but does not seem to be enjoying it. What does she say in her aside that shows that? Lines 137-139 She’s not happy about this because he’s playing and making fun of her anxieties*
In iago’s aside (lines 182-192), he becomes more and more sarcastic and bitter. Against whom? Cassio
How does iago respond to othello’s and desdemona’s kiss? (Lines 218-220) He kinda laughs because he knows he is about to destroy that happiness and marriages. He hates othello
When iago says to roderigo, “first I must tell thee this: desdemona is directly in love with him.” Who is him? And why would iago say this to roderigo? Lines 239-240 Iago tells roderigo that desdemona is in love with Cassio. Roderigo will seek revenge because he is in love with desdemona. He will do anything to be with her.
What does iago tell roderigo about desdemona in lines 242-270? Does iago himself believe this or is this just a trick to get his plan in motion? At first she loved othello, but now she loves/is having an affair with Cassio. He doesn’t believe this, he just wants revenge
What does iago offer as proof of desdemona’s love to a doubting roderigo? Lines 275-277, 280-282 Her and Cassio greeted each other with a kiss. And its obvious, by the way she acts, that she isn’t really in love with othello
What does iago want roderigo to do to put othello’s suspicion on Cassio? 289-290 Upset Cassio, get him to fight, and this will make othello hate him
In iago’s soliloquy, he says what he believes about Cassio’ feelings for desdemona. According to iago, how does Cassio feel about desdemona? 308-309 He believes they both love each other*
Why, again, does iago believe that othello needs to be taken down? 317-318 Othello does what he wants and never faces consequences. He didnt chose iago as lieutenant because he liked Cassio more, it wasn’t based on knowledge/experienceHe is also fueled by the rumors that othello had an affair with Emilia
How does iago believe that othello will be feeling about him throughout this plan? Lines 330-334 He believes othello will be so grateful, thankful, and happy to have someone like iago who is always “honest’ about his men, wife, etc. he thinks othello will reward him
What metaphor does othello use to describe his marriage to desdemona? Lines 11-12 He’s basically saying that “now that their wedding is over, they can consummate their marriage, goodnight everyone”
Does iago this the marriage is consummated? Lines 18-19 No
Why is iago insistent that Cassio drinks? Lines 49-53 If Cassio is drunk, he is more likely to get angry and fight.It makes roderigos job easier
Explain what iago says to montano in lines 125-132 Says Cassio’s weakness is alcohol and that he is a drunk. Drinking will lead to his downfall
What ironic question does othello ask iago? Lines 289-190 He asks iago what happened and what caused this fight. Little does he know, iago planned the Whole thing
Why does othello begin losing patience in line 218? No one will tell him what happened and why
Why does iago not want to tell what happened in lines 235-261 He could be blamed or attacked for snitching
How does othello punish Cassio?lines 264-265 Fires him.
What does iago say about reputation? Lines 287-295 A reputation is a useless and fake quality that others impose on us. You haven’t lost it unless you think you have. There are lots of ways to get on the general’s good side again. You’ve been discharged because he’s angry, and because he’s obliged to do so for policy reasons, not because he dislikes you. He’s got to beat up the weak to frighten the strong. Go to him, petition him. He’ll change his mind.
What does Cassio say about drinking in lines300-302 I’ll ask him for my position back again, and he’ll tell me I’m a drunk. Even if I had a whole bunch of mouths, I wouldn’t be able to answer that. I was a reasonable man, then I became a fool, and finally a beast! Oh, how strange! Every glass of liquor is damned, and the devil’s the main ingredient!
What does iago suggest Cassio do to get his position back? lines 333-345 I’ll tell you what to do. Othello’s wife has a lot of influence now. He’s completely devoted to her. Go open your heart to her. Ask her to help you get back your position. She is so generous, kind, and ready to help that she thinks it’s wrong not to do everything she can, even more than she is asked to do. Ask her to help you heal the rift between her husband and you. I’d bet my lucky stars your problem will be forgotten, and your relationship will be stronger than ever.
How does iago think that he is actually innocent in his soliloquy? Lines 356-382 He just gives honest, free advice… what people do with it is not his problem
What is roderigo upset about this time? Lines 384-390 Desdemona still doesn’t love him. And now, she even loves a different man than the one she married. He’s hopeless. He also feels used
How is iago going to use Emilia? Lines 405-406 wants Emilia to talk to desdemona. He thinks if desdemona keeps talking to othello about Cassio getting his job back, that othello will realize they are having an affair since she wants him back so bad
What will iago do to further the plot? Lines 407-410 He wants to make the affair even more obvious. He’s going to get othello alone and have Cassio/desdemona meet
Plan • Step one- tell roderigo that desdemona is in love with Cassio • Step two- iago wants roderigo to make Cassio angry and upset ‣ Cassio= impulsive, quick to get angry• Step three- get Cassio drunk to make roderigos job easier. ◦ Cassio fights roderigo ◦ Cassio gets fired bc of this behavior • step four- tells Cassio that if he talks to desdemona and she talks to othello, he can win othello back again • Step five- wants Emilia to talk to desdemona. He thinks if desdemona keeps talking to othello about Cassio getting his job back, that othello will realize they are having an affair since she wants him back to bad
Goals -get cassio’s job-get revenge on othello—–Cassio and desdemona having an affair
Iago’s influence over -roderigo= tells him desdemona loves Cassio intending for roderigo to get upset at Cassio and fight him -othello= wants to get othello upset/mad at Cassio. He intends to get Cassio fired and he will be rewarded as being promoted to lieutenant -Cassio= wants roderigo to make Cassio angry and start a fight, and tells people that Cassio loves desdemona. He intends to make Cassio fight and get angry, get him fired, then take his job -Montano= he tells montano that Cassio drinks too much. He intends to turn people against Cassio and othello
Act 2 scene 1 A. @ Cyprus a. Extremely stormy, Turkish fleet broken up B. Othello looovvveeessss desdemona= they are very happy to finally be reunited