Act V Romeo and Juliet

1. In scene I, why does Romeo exclaim, ” Then I defy you, stars?” In what way are Romeo’s words consistent with what you know of his character? They always defined their love with stars and because Juliet is “dead”, Romeo wants to go against the stars. This is consistent with Romeo’s character because his personality is overdramatic and irrational. He is overreacting like he did when Rosaline left and when he was banished.
2. Identify three events that cause the friar’s scheme to fail.Why is it not surprising that the scheme failed? Romeo could not receive Friar’s letter before the news of Juliet’s death, Juliet didn’t wake up before Romeo took the poison, and Friar not reaching Juliet’s monument before all the deaths happened.Its not surprising that his scheme didn’t work because the plan was too dependant on precise timing.
3. What events cause Romeo and Paris to arrive at Juliet’s tomb at the same time?What is the effect of this circumstance Paris wanted to mourn (scatter flowers on her grave) and Romeo wanted to commit suicide before Juliet’s corpse. the effect of this was that they become angry at the presence of each other, misunderstanding themselves, and fight to death.
4. Analyze the chain of causes and effects leading up to the tragic ending. Families feuds but Romeo and Juliet falls in love- they get married- Mercutio and Tybalt fights- Romeo kills Tybalt for Mercutio- Romeo is banished- Juliet has to marry Paris even though her love is for Romeo- Friar gives him scheme- Juliet fakes her death- Romeo does not receive Friar’s message and overreacts to Juliet’s death- Romeo is dead and so Juliet kills herself.
5. What led to the tragic ending:- Romeo and Juliets personalities- Fate and chance- other causes -both are stubborn emotionally weak irrational to act; impulsive Juliet is disobediant and Romeo is hotheaded-the families were feuding meeting each other at the party Friar’s scheme failing to timing- Romeo was exiled marriage to Paris triggers Juliet
6. what is friar’s motive for this plan?To what extent is he responsible for their tragedy. Friar’s motive is still to bring peace about the two familiesHe is responsible for marrying them and coming with such a bad escape plan that failed and triggered the two lovers to die. Yet, if he did not do what Romeo and Juliet wanted him to do, the two would’ve commit suicide anyway if they couldn’t be together.
7. Themes of this play. Love blinds the sense.Love can be violence.Patience is important in tense circumstances

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