Act Two Scene Two Hamlet

Summary Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are set to spy on Hamlet for the king, and Polonius describes Hamlet’s encounter with Ophelia -the players arrive in Elsinore and Hamlet sees a way to trap the king
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Former school friends of Hamlet
What is the purpose of the King calling Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to his court? -the hasty sent to them because of Hamlet’s strange transformation that does not resemble the man he used to be -they hope that they can stay a while in the court and become close with Hamlet again and bring him pleasure that by some chance they can hopefully discover what is afflicting Hamlet so that they can correct his strange behavior
vouchsafe menaing agree
glean def pick up
What is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s response to Claudio’s and the Queen’s request? Rosencrantz says that they should command rather than request of them. and Guildstern follows these words with promised obedience to do as they ask to the best of their abilities
What does Polonius enter claiming to the King that he has discovered? He claims to have found out the cause of Hamlet’s lunacy
What do the Queen and King believe is Hamlet’s cause of wild and strange behavior? Hamlet’s fathers death and Claudius’ and Gertrude’s quick marriage
sift meaning thoroughly interrogate
who is Voltemand? Danish Ambassadors sent to Norway
Who is Cornelius? Danish Ambassador sent to Norway `
What news of the Norway does Voltemand give the Claudius? -the Norway King sent to suppress his nephews preparation of an army-at first, the Norway King believed Fortinbras was against the Polices (polish), button further look, he found out that it was against Claudius and denmark -he immediate sent prohibitions on Fortinbras, who is obeying his commands for the time being -Fortinbras vowed to his uncle, king of Norway, to never more plot against Claudius and Denmark -The norway king give Fortinbras 3000 crowns in annual fee and employs his soldiers
Where did Shakespeare think Denmark was located? he falsely thought that denmark was between Poland and Norway
What maxim does Polonius say? Brevity is the soul of wit-he does not follow this maxim though
What does Polonius say when he is trying to be brief in summarizing Hamlet’s state/ -he claims that Hamlet is simply mad, and that Polonius cannot define mad because that itself would be made
What type of speech is Polonius talking in? He is speaking in a tediously artful manner – which is somewhat foolish -he does not follow his own maxim
perpend def pay attention
What does the letter from Hamlet to Ophelia that Polonius reads to Claudius say? In the letter Hamlet writes poetry proclaiming his love for Ophelia-he calls her beautified (made beautiful with cosmetics) -he says several “doubt…..” phrases -he says to never doubt his love for her -he says that he loves her best
What does Polonius say is a ill and vile phrase? beautified
What is Polonius told cause of Hamlet’s madness? He claims that Hamlet is experiencing the symptoms of love because Polonius had instructed Ophelia to avoid Hamlet, not visit him, not receive any letters, and she listened to his instructions. Thus, Hamlet became sad and feel into weakness and fast and madness out of love
What were considered classical symptoms of love? -depression – sadness-loss of appetite = fast-insomnia = watch -weakness and delirium = lightness -leading in a downward course ( declension) to insanity Polonius believes that Hamlet is experiencing all of these
Declension def moral deterioration -downward course to insanity
arras meaning tapestry wall hanging
What is Polonius’ plan that he describes to Claudius on how they can find more out about Hamlet? -while hamlet is taking his usual hours long walks through the lobby, Polonius will send Ophelia out to him while him and Claudius are hiding behind a arrass/ tapestry -if he proves not to love her, Polonius proposes thet he loses his position in the state and becomes a farmer
Why does Polonius say Claudius should trust him? -he has always been right when he has been positive about something before-he is willing to lose his position in state and become a farmer if he proves to be wrong
Fishmonger context and meaning fishmonger = a person who sells there daughter (pimp) – sells for prostitution -Hamlet says this in response to Polonius’ question of whether hamlet knows who he is -Hamlet intends for it to be offensive, although his meaning is obscure -may be a sexual innuendo in the lines, Polonius further suspects madness as a result of this response
What comment does Hamlet make about Honesty? to be honest in this world is to be one out of ten thousand -honesty is rare
After Polonius’ encounter with Hamlet, what is his opinion of Hamlet? -he recalls that when he was young, he suffered from love similar to Hamlet-he further believes Hamlet loves his daughter after Hamlet inquires and harps about his daughter -he observes that Hamlet has meaningful responses and he believes that madness leads to such meaningful responses
pregnant meaning and context = meaningful -Polonius comments on how Hamlet’s responses are pregnant
What is Hamlet reading about when he is walking with Polonius? He is reading about slanders and satirical rogue -reading about how mean have grey bears, wrinkled faces, eyes exuding, lack of wit, weak thighs and -all of which hamlet believes but which he like written down
hams meaning thighs
Fortune personification Guildenstern is happy that he is not over happy: on fortunes cap we are not the very botton (they are not at the very top of happiness) but he is also not the soles of her shoethey are about at her waist and private partsher = fortune -they call fortune a prostitute -it was common to talk about fortune like this –
What is Hamlet’s attitude concerning Denmark? What is Rosencrantz’ response? He views the whole world as a prison with Denmark as the worst prison and place of confinement -very negative -Rosencrantz rebukes this and cyst that Hamlet’s ambition (or lack there of) makes it a prison
fay meaning faith
Hamlet’s and Rosencrantz and guildenstern’s argument about ambition –guildenstern says that dreams are ambition and ambition is the shadow of a dream -Hamlet says that a dream itself is a shadow -Rosencrantz says that his ambitions is but a shadow’s shadow because it is so light and airy -Hamlet then reasons that those we call beggars are men of substance and monarchs/those we call successful only the shadow’s of beggars -Hamlet overthinks the situations and is persistent in the discussion
What conclusion does Hamlet draw about Rosencrantz and guildenstern presence in denmark? How does he draw this accurate conclusion? Do they admit it to him? -Rosencrantz and guildenstern will not give Hamlet a straight answer on why they are there-they have a guilty look about them-Hamlet suspects and concludes that the King and queen have sent for Rosencrantz and guildenstern -After Hamlets requests that they tell him the truth out of their history of love, they admit that they were sent for
What is it that Hamlet tells Rosencrantz and guildenstern about his condition in which the king and queen sent them to find out about? his anticipation of why they were sent will prevent them from breaking their secrecy-He says that neglected his usual occupancies, lost his amusement, and sees the world as a barren and unexciting piece of land. He does not see the beauty that everyone else sees, he just sees dust and infection. Neither man more women delights him.
Why does Rosencrantz laugh at Hamlet? What is there conversation after this? -he laughs at the thought of the poor reception players and actors on stage will receive from Hamlet during Lenten entertainment if man does not delight him -Hamlet replies that everyone will play their part and do their function in the play -rosencrantz then talks about London actors
Tragedians of the city company of london actors
what shows are gaining popularity in London in the 1600’s? what has been the trouble with it in London? What is hamlet’s response to it? a company of children actors who began performing towards end of 1600s and whom make fun of actors, dramatists and audiences of the regular theaters-this imitated “war of the theaters” between public and private playhouses -“eyrie of children” -it has caused a lot of mental activity in London and has brought some people to the court -Hamlet believes it is wrong for writers to have children speak against the job that will be their succession because once their voices crack they will most likely become common players/actors; Hamlet thinks that there is something psychological about it
Hercules and his load meaning Shakespeare alludes to the emblem of his Globe Theatre where Hamlet was performed -Hercules took the burden of the entire global from atlas
Why does Hamlet say that his parents are wrong? King and Queen think that Hamlet is mad, but he tells Rosencrantz and guildenstern that he may be mad north-north-west, but when the wind blows south, he knows a hawk from a handsaw (another type of bird) -he warns that he has not completely lost his senses or his wit
What believed to determine a madman’s mood? the weather and the direction of the wind
How does Hamlet mock Polonius to Rosencrantz and guildenstern? He whispers to them on the side that Polonius is not yet out of his swaddling clouts (wrappings of a new born baby) ,and they joke about who a man is twice a child -they mock Polonius’ foolishness and childish behavior
What news does Polonius deliver to Hamlet that Hamlet already knows? what is Hamlet’s reaction? The actors are here -Hamlets says “buzz, buzz and offends them with a negative attitude – “they cam each actor on his ass” -Polonius is annoyed at his disregard for the actors being the best in the world and following the rules of playwright
Who are Plautus and Seneca? Two roman dramatist who influenced Shakespeare’s own tragedies
What name does Hamlet call Polonius? Jephthah – who is a biblical father who sacrificed his daughter for political reasons and was a popular retold ballad; he had only one daughter who he loved exceedingly well -he calls Polonius this which leads polonius to further think that he is obsessed with Ophelia
What ballad does Hamlet quote from? Jephthah religious ballad – “Pious chanson” -God is in charge
chopine meaning venetian high heeled fashioned shoe -when talking to players
valanced meaning fringed (with a beard) when talking to players
beard meaning confront -when talking to players
Who played the lady roles? men played women’s roles
What tale is it that Hamlet wants to hear the players tell? The story about the fall of Troy and the death of the Trojan King, Priam and his wife Hecuba
What may Hamlet be referring to by “the play” that he wants the players to give a speech from ? What is his commentary about this He may be recalling Dido, Queen of Carthage, a play by sHakespeare rival, Christopher Marlowe, based on Virgil’s Aeneid Book II – He wants Aeneas tale of the story of the sack of Troy -he says that this play was not received well by popular taste-some people with different judgements then him thought that is was well organized and has modest skill, but it had no dirty jokes to make the matter interesting and no fancy language -it was handsome more than good
Who is Priam? The King of Troy -rumored to have 50 sons
Who is Pyrrhus? son of the Greek hero Achilles, who led the final attack on Troy in revenge for the death of his father -parallels to hamlet’s story
Who were the Hyrcanian beast? tigers of the hyrcania traditionally famous for ferocity
carbuncles meaning in Pyrrhus story? precious stones said to glow fiery red in the dark
What happens in the battle of Pyrrhus and priam that the first player tells?? Priams sword fails him as he tries to fight off the Greeks, and he falls to Pyrrhus sword. But as he sends the low of Pyrrhus, he defeans Pyrrhus by a blow to the ear. Then the cloud formations and natures preparation for death occurred, and Pyrrhus has a new found vengeance to which he relentless stabs Priam
Strumpet meaning Faithless prostitue
What is the plot around fortune in the first players performance that Hamlet requested? -it is requested to take away fortunes power, and break her wheel and
What is the significance of the wheel concerning fortune? Controlling a wheel represented fortunes emblem of inconstancy –
What plot is made surrounding Hecuba , priams wife? -mobbled queen-she has blinding tears that threaten to put out flames and all exhausted from child bearing she grew in fear, -spoke bitter words against fortune She screamed out in malicious words at Pyrrhus who was making sport of priams limbs. Her clamour would have made the heavens cry and bring out passion in the Gods and cause the God’s to cry
Hey do the players stop performing the tape? Cuz polonium says that the player is crying
Who is Hecuba? Priams wife- epitome of suffering womanhood
What is Hamlet’s reaction the players once they finishing performing Troys fall? He was pleased with them and told Polonius to make sure they were well treated and accommodated for because they are the best players of their time
What penalty were players especially liable to? whipping unless they were protected by some noblemen
what is hamlet response to polonius’ reply that ” I will use them according to their desert” “according to what they deserve” – he says if every man was treated by what they deserve, nobody will escape whipping -he says to treat them with honor and dignity, and the less they deserve of it, the more goodness Polonius will receive
what play does Hamlet want the players to perform tomorrow? The Murder of Gonzago
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: what self-effacing remarks does Hamlet say about himself -” what a rogue and peasant slave am I” -“a dull and muddy mettled rascal” = dull spirited -unmotivated by his cause -only a dreamer -a coward: not a villain -weak and unable to defend himself against insults -“remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindness villain!” -“what a ass I am” -a drab (prostitute) – a scullion (kitchen servant)
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: his remarks about the players -he praises the players skill to control his whole body and express his desired emotion during a fictions and pretend moment -turning his face pale, tears in his eyes, distraction in his aspects, a broken voice, his entire being suiting his imagination and interpretation of the scene -all this for someone who he does not know and is all pretend
muddy mettled meaning dull spirited
“unpregnant of” meaning not stirred to action by
scullion kitchen servant
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: What does Hamlet say it would been like if the player had the motivation and cue for passion that Hamlet has? He would have drowned the stage with tears and burst everyone’s ears with horrifying speech–made the guilty mad and the free appealed -surprised the ignorant and amazed everyone
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: What does Hamlet say about his cowardice and someone calling him a villain? -“Am I a coward” -whoever calls him a villain, breaks his head and pluck his bears and plows it in his face = greatly insults him -whoever calls me a villain calls me a liar and makes me swallow the insult =he is not strong enough to rebuke insults he then calls himself a remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindness (unnatural) villain
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: “pigeon livered and lack gall meaning” I have no more anger in me than a pigeon -he has not motivation or adrenaline from anger
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: what must Hamlet do because he is prompted for revenge? -liek a *****, unpack his heart with words and fall accusing like a very prostate and kitchen servant -he is a slave and trapped in the revenge that he is obliged to seek
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: What does Hamlet say about the guilty actors on stage? -the guilty creatures have the art of the presentation -they instantly proclaim their crime
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: what does he state about murder? murder, though have no tongue, will speak with the most miraculous organ-murder always has a way of being found out -he is scared of this
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: What is the first thing Hamlet decides about his plan to kill Claudius? -he will observe Claudius and prob him -****** the play is the thing in which Hamlet will use to catch the conscience of the king
Hamlet’s 2nd Soliloquy: what doubts does Hamlet have about the ghost? He doubts the nature of the ghosts and questions whether it was the devil that assumed a pleasing shape and body out of Hamlet’s weakness and melancholy and was able to trick him -he questions if the ghost, who may be the devil, abuses Hamlet to damn him
forgeries def false accusations
What is a syllogism? what are examples? -a circular argument; if a = b, and b= c, then a=c Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s conversation with Hamlet has a a lot of syllogisms -Denmark is a prison, the world is a prison, denmark is the worst prison in the world -dream = ambitions, ambition = a shadow, dream = a shadow
How does Hamlet always know what is going on? how does he know the reason Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are here? =he is privy to everything, he spies and keeps tabs on everyone
How does Hamlet see the world? – he marvels at natures nature beauty and the air and fire and form -though he sterile and disappointed with man
What brings Hamlet excitement? -the players arrival
What was a common practice of players in the elizabethan era? -players for a long time would rape, pillage and steal from towns on there way from castle to caste -they then made it necessary for companies to have legit and authorized papers to show that they were real players and to prevent the corruption
What does Shakespeare try to emphasize through the play? -he emphasizes the importance of purpose of acting and plays because this was a time when players and companies of acting were being criticized a lot
Adjectives to describe hamlet -acting -manipulative-depressed and suicidal -cynical -introspective-revengeful -sex
what is hamlet obsessed with? sex
“the guilty creates sitting at a play have by the very cunning of the scene been struck so to the soul that presently they have proclaimed tie malefactions” -Hamlet wants Claudius to confess and react to the crime he committed as proof that the ghost was telling the truth
difference between soliloquy two and three? two-coward-self effacing -tone = aggressive and angry -focused on claudius and how he can trap him -is it an honest ghost? -plans to use the play against Claudius three-mopes-tone: quite anger-more inward-What is the purpose of living? -fardels = burdens -hamlets doesn’t trust himself and lacks courage
“more matter with less art” Gertrude speaking to Polonius after he just said that brevity is the soul of wit but he is speaking not in brevity, rather rampling in foolishness