Act I, prologue, scene i Romeo and Juliet

The two families are fighting because? The book doesnt tell us
Who is involved in the fight besides the two families? Tybalt and Abram
This is a sad story of a young couple’s ____________ love Star-cross’d
The parents’ anger is finally ended by? The death of romeo and Juliet
How many hours will it take for this story to be acted on the stage? Two
Scene I opens in the streets of ______ which is a city in _____ Verona, Italy
Two families in the play hate one another. These families are the _______ and the _______. Montagues, Capulets
Prince Esculus breaks up a fight caused by the feud between the two families. He says that if a fight happens again, those involved will be _________ Put to death
Who is Prince Escalus? The prince of Verona
Benvolio, Lord Montague, and Lady Montague discuss Romeo’s mood. List three things they say about Romeo that show he is depressed. A) Romeo goes into the woods and criesB) As soon as the sun rises Romeo comes home to escape the light C) Romeo locks himself up alone in his room
Romeo confesses that he us sad and depressed because _______ doesn’t love him. Rosaline

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