Act four Romeo and Juliet: Plot ideas

What are Paris’s concerns about Juliet when he visits Friar Lawrence? He goes to see Friar to make the wedding arrangements. He is also concerned because he knows that she has been very unhappy lately.
Why does Friar Lawrence think Juliet is strong enough to drink the potion? If she is strong enough to die for Romeo then she has strong enough to take the potion
What does Juliet tell her father after returning from speaking with friar Lawrence? She tells her father that she will marry Paris
What does Juliet ask the Nurse to do when she sets friars plan in motion? She asked the nurse to stay with lady Capulet for the night
What does Lord Capulet do that may foil the Friar’s plan for Romeo and Juliet? He moves the wedding date up one day.
Juliet has a soliloquy after the nurse leaves and before taking the potion. What is she speaking about in this soliloquy? Juliet is talking about what could happen when she takes the potion.
What are her fears concerning the potion? (4) She fears the Friar may have poisoned her.She fears that she may wake before Romeo comes.She fears she may suffocate.She fears she will go mad.
What makes her take the potion? She sees Tybalt haunting Romeo.
Who discovers Juliet dead? The Nurse discovers Juliet
Why does Shakespeare include the scene with the musicians at the end of the scene after Juliet dies? It is a comic relief scene.

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