Act 5 Hamlet Quotes

Of all the days i’ year, I came to t’ that day that our last King Hamlet overcame Fortinbras. Clown/Gravedigger. The gravedigger is a peasant and this shows that he has no idea he is talking to Hamlet.
Cannot you tell that? Every fool can tell that. It was that very day that young Hamlet was born—he that is mad, and sent to England. Clown/Gravedigger. This shows that the day King Hamlet killed King Fortinbras, Hamlet was born. This also shows that everyone knows Hamlet was mad.
Why, here in Denmark. I have been sexton here, man and boy, thirty years. Clown/gravedigger. This is the only instance in the play that Hamlet’s age is revealed. He is older for this time period.
Here’s a skull now hath lien you i’ th’ earth three and twenty years. Clown/gravedigger. The gravedigger is showing hamlet the skull of yuric, the old jester, whose grave the clown is digging up so the new dead person can go in there.
Who is this they follow? And with such maimed rights? This doth between the course they follow did with desperate hand Fordo it’s own life. Hamlet. Hamlet knows it’s an aristocrat, but he also knows that the death is questionable. He does not know that Ophelia is dead at this point.
There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-he’s then how we will. Hamlet to Horatio. Hamlet is showing that he is ready for death and what happen is whatever is going to happen. It means that our fate is determined no matter what we try to do to change it.
How if I answer no? Hamlet to Osric. Hamlet senses that the fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes is a trap. Hamlet is weary about going into the competition.
Why, as a woodcock to mine own spring, Osric. I am justly killed with mine own treachery. Laertes to Osric. Polonius said the same thing earlier in the play. He is saying that he has fallen into his own trap and it is rightly so.
Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet. Mine and my fathers death come not upon thee, no thine on me! Laertes to hamlet. Laertes is poisoned by his own sword and these are his dying words. He wants Hamlet to exchange forgiveness for the deaths each of them caused. He came to terms with everything that happened.
Horatio, I am dead. Thou livest; report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied. Hamlet to Horatio. Hamlet wants Horatio to remain alive so he can tell hamlets story. Hamlet doesn’t want his name/reputation to be worried.
To tell my story. Hamlet to Horatio. Hamlet is afraid his reputation will be stained because no one could hear his side. So he stops Horatio from committing suicide so he can clear hamlets name.
But I do prophesy th’ election lights on Fortinbras. He ha my dying voice. Hamlet to Horatio. Hamlet is King for the short period of time between Claudius’ death and his death. He appoints Fortinbras as his heir during this time because he respects him greatly.
For me, with sorrow I embrace my fortune. Fortinbras is speaking to Horatio and everyone who is left. Fortinbras accepts Hamlets nomination of him