Act 4&5 MacBeth Test

ACT 4:Each apparition Armed headblood childchild crowned with tree in handline of kings with Banquo’s image as the last king
Meaning of each apparation Beware Macduffno man of woman born shall ever harm MacbethMacbeth shall not perish until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinaneno message, just a visual warning
Reaction to the apparitions He thanks them for their cautionhe feels secure because “all men are born of woman” (he does not think about a c-section)he feels confident because a wood cannot movehe is angered because he sees many future kings and Banquo’s image which is a haunting reminder of the prophecies.
How does Macbeth react to the news that Macduff has gone to England? He seems upset and orders to have his family killed because he feels Macduff is a threat; although, he has not motive for killing his family.
What is the significance of Macbeth’s commands about Macduff’s family? He is now ruthless and will kill an innocent mother and child.
Explain the significance of Lady Macduff’s soliloquy, as well as her conversation with her son. The soliloquy is significant because it emphasis the fact that mother and son and are alone and defenseless prior to being killed. Also, Lady Macduff believes her husband is a traitor.
Explain how dramatic irony emerges at the beginning of scene iii. Malcolm tells Macduff he is unworthy to be king and is to weak to be king,; yet, at the same time, he has already ordered and army to be prepared to attach Macbeth.
How does Malcolm test Macduff? He accuses him of loyalty to Macbeth and observes his reaction. He also tests his devotion to Scotland by saying he would be an awful king.
How does Macduff receive the news of his loss? He is angry and full or grief/rage.
Paraphrase Malcolm’s advice to Macduff. He tells him to use his anger and turn it to revenge.
How does Macduff react to Malcolm’s confessions? He gives him a “pep talk” and tells him he is greatly needed by Scotland to restore its peace.
In scene iii, Macduff learns of the slaughter of his household. How does Macduff respond when Malcolm urges him to “Dispute it like a man?” At first this angers him because he is only thinking of his family and the sorrow he feels, but then he agrees to stand and fight with Malcolm in his family’s honor.
Who does Macduff blame for the death of his family and servants? Himself for leaving them alone and defenseless.
At the end of the act what does Malcolm propose? To use his army to overthrow Macbeth.
ACT 5:Explain the significance of Lady Macbeth’s words and action in scene i. Lady Macbeth is slowly suffering from a mental breakdown as a result of her overwhelming guilt.
In scene i, a doctor and gentlewoman observe Lady Macbeth. How has Lady Macbeth’s mental condition deteriorated? She is sleepwalking and repeatedly washing her hands. As she does this she is reliving each of the murders.
Why does Lady Macbeth wash her hands repeatedly? She is trying to wash away the guilt of murder(s).
During scene ii Macbeth’s enemies discuss his mental condition. What is their appraisal of Macbeth’s sanity? The feel Macbeth is no longer in his right state of mind and is “ripe” for attack.
Describe the conditions in Scotland. There are cries of women heard and Macbeth is hated so there is great unrest.
How does Malcolm’s plan in scene iv fulfill the prophesy that the Birnam forest will “come against” Macbeth? He orders each of the men to take down a bough (branch) and use it as camouflage as the move toward Dunsinane castle to attack Macbeth.
What is Macbeth’s mood in scene iii? Explain. He seems void of all feeling and driven by fighting and defending his honor; he is anxious for the attack and impatient with people with whom he interacts.
Explain the significance of the camouflage in scene iv. Macbeth’s doom is now made clear to him as he hears the wood is moving.
Explain Macbeth’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death. He is “numb” as says, “she should have died thereafter”.
Paraphrase the main points raised in Macbeth’s soliloquy in scene v. He no longer has feelings of fear or any emotion left and life is meaningless.
In scene vi, Macbeth’s enemies plan their battle strategy. Who issues the commands for the battle plan? Malcolm issues the commands and is emerging as king and heir to the throne.
Explain Macbeth’s reference to playing the “Roman fool”, his ultimate decision and motivation. He is driven by the lust for power and it is going to be his downfall as it was for the Roman Empire.
How are the first three apparitions prophecies fulfilled? The men cut of a branch from Birnam wood and move toward Dunsinane castle; Macduff kills Macbeth because he was born of Cesarean section.
How does Macduff reveal Macbeth’s doom? He tells him he was “untimely” ripped from his mother’s womb and was not naturally born of woman; therefore, he can kill Macbeth.
What is the significance of Malcolm’s ascension? There will now be peace and rest in Scotland under his rule. Also, following his rule, Banquo’s descendants will rule (as indicated by the 4th apparition) and there will be a long period of peace in Scotland.