Act 4 Scene 5 Hamlet

Summary Ophelia is crazy with grief for her father’s death and Claudius fears that the murder will have serious consequences -Laertes demands retribution and his directress is redoubled when he sees his sister
What does the Gentlemen report to Gertrude about Ophelia’s condition? -she is acting strangely -she is taking offense to the littlest things-she is talking nonsense-though she is being senseless, her unshaped thoughts attract listeners to try to sort it out -they guess at her words to fit their own thoughts -she winks and nodes and guessers represent them -although we cannot be certain, there may be such that is dangerous -she is very unhappy -she may be making dangerous conjecture in a mischief-making mind
What does Gertrude remark about the recent happenings/ – she has a sick/guilty soul -each trifle is a prologue/introduction into some other misfortune -everything full of uncontrolled suspicious that it become fears that destroys
What does Ophelia do sing about to the Queen she begins singing old ballads mourning her father’s death and Hamlet’s unkindness -she sings about how her father is dead and gone -this reveals that Polonius was sprinkled with flowers but did not have a formal and traditional funeral service
What does Ophelia sing about to Claudius -st valentine’s day = maid who became the king’s valentine and had sex with the king but with no meaning -against the belief of finding true love -by Jesus and Saint Charity (personification of virtue), men should not take advantage of a girl if they are given the chance -men are too blame -men promised marriage before they took the girls virginity then betrayed them -she is referring Hamlet’s betrayal
Gis Jesus
Saint Charity Saint Charity (personification of virtue)
Cock meaning God -and pun on penis
Who is instructed to watch Ophelia? Horatio
“when sorrow come, they come not single spies but in battalions” it never rains but pours -in sorrow, not a single man comes by an entire army
muddied meaning confused – like water is a stream being stirred up -Claudius says that the people are muddied
Who does Claudius blame for Hamlet’s absence? gone and the violent author of his own removal-Claudius shift the blame off Hamlet’s departure onto hamlet himself
“we” royal plural -Claudius really means himself
greenly foolishly
hugger-mugger secretly and in haste
what does Claudius say about judgement? -without judgement we are merely images of men and mere beasts
What gives Claudius “superfluous death”? -Laertes in hearing gossip from one to person too another will not hesitate to blame Claudius 0this whole business scatter its shot and kills many at once, and is killing Claudius several times over
What does the messenger report to Claudius? -the ocean does NOT the rise above the coast more than Laertes overbears your officers-as if the new world was about to begin and rejecting the traditions and establishes customs which support “every word” of civilization, the people cried “Choose we! Laertes shall be king” with this hats thrown in the air and hands and tongues applauding this
What type of monarch did Denmark have? -a elective monarchy in which the king though nominated by his predecessor had to be ratified by the voice of the people
what mood is Laertes in? -hateful -angry -disrespecful –” O thou vile king” -contemptuous -full of passion against the King -Laertes honors and is loyal to his blood
What is laertes response to be told to calm down by the queen/ -he repose that a drop of calm blood would proclaim him a son of a illegitimate of whose mother cheated on his father -it would betray his family honor
What did Elizabethans believe about their king? -they believed that they king was God’s representative on earth and was protected in his function by the power of the almighty
How do the king and queen act toward Laertes? the queen restrained him at first, tells him to calm down and tells him the murder was not by Claudius -Claudius is calm and not scared of Laertes and answers brief and too the point and wants to the find the root of Laertes intentions
What is Laertes intention? -he plans to avenge his father’s death -he does not care what happens to him on this world or the next, he swears to the devil that he will avenge Polonius -he says that his will shall try to prevent him but he will take care of it
swoopstake winner takers it all stakes -Claudius asks if Laertes will use no discrimination whether friend or foe
What is Laertes’ reaction upon seeing Ophelia? -He says he would be willing to lose his mind and sight -her madness will be balanced by his revenge for Polonius -Ophelia wits have become so mortal as an old man’s life -the sensitivity of human love is such that it sends something of itself away when the beloved dies -She is mad -she turns to charm and prettiness and is suffering from sadness and conflict
What does Ophelia distribute (probably imaginary) herbs
What does rosemary symbolize? remembrance
What does pansies symbolize? thoughts
What does fennel symbolize? flattery
What does columbines symbolize? martial infidelity
What does rue symbolize? repentance
what is “herb of grace a sundays”” rue -repentance on sunday
What does Claudius promise Laertes? -he will make choice of his wisest friends who will sit for a hearing and judge between Claudius and Laertes -if they find Claudius guilty he will give Laertes the kingdom, the crown, his life and all that they call their own -he will satisfy Laertes-if they are not guilty, give them patience and together they will all mourn
What were the conditions of Polonius’ burial? -secretive funeral -no trophy, no sword, no coat-of-arms displayed outside the house of mourning or on the tomb -not noble rite or formal ceremony
What does Claudius conclude with? “I pray you go with me” -he makes an ally of Laertes the rebel
ostentation ceremony
What is Horatio’s concern with Ophelia’s state? “Dangerous conjectures in ill-breeding minds” — she may incriminate hamlet
What type of songs in ophelia singing? songs with a sexual innuendo and crude which suggests that her and hamlet had sex
“come, my coach. good night, ladies, good night. sweet ladies, good night, good night” Ophelia -this is used as a representation of locking the chamber doors and not having any voice -used in literature
“this poison of deep grief” Claudius speaks this to himself -ironic because he finds grief in polonius death but not the killing of his brother
“Divided from herself and her fair judgement” -Claudius to himself -speaking about who ophelia is divided -lots of characters are divided: hamlet, ophelia, claudius
What represents the chaos of denmark? the people screaming for “laertes shall be king” -everything is out of joint and there is chaos
“you false danish dogs” -Gertrude speaking after hearing the people screaming for Laertes-she is contemptuous of the common people but she is loyal to denmark -she wants them back in joint
What qualities of the king are revealed? -he is manipulative-a huge opportunist-he twists everything to his own benefit -he is calculative and always has back up plans
What shows the importance of protocol? -burials were protocol -Laertes demands why Polonius was not buried according to portocol and why he did not receive a proper ceremony