Act 4 and 5 Questions Macbeth

how many witches appear in this scene there are six of them that appear.
what messages does macbeth get from the witches and their apparitions witches are going to call their masters and start to create a spell. First apparition: someone with a head in an armed helmet who tells Macbeth to be aware of Macduff, second apparition is one of a bloody child and how no man born of woman naturally should harm Macbeth, the third apparition is one being a child with a crown and tree in hand telling Macbeth to be brave
Does he feel safe after the first three apparitions? should he? he does feel safe after the first three apparitions, he should be a little frightful, because the crown might be stolen soon.
how does he feel after the fourth, the line of kings? macbeth feels like he is having his eyes popping out of his sockets, because King James I felt as if he was in a way related to Banquo and macbeth feels that is Banquo’s long of heirs.
what does macbeth learn from lennox macduff has just fled to england
what does he plan to do about it macbeth plans to raid macduff’s castle, by killing the kids and wife.
what is lady macduff’s reaction to her husband’s departure to england lady’s reaction is one of anger and how macduff is now considered to be a trader.
what is the function of the scene between lady macduff and her son lady macduff and her son use this time to reflect how they can carry on now that Macduff has left them in despair.
what happens to lady macduff and her son lady macduff’s son dies and lady is forced to escape, but also lady eventually dies.
what do we know at the beginning of the scene that macduff doesn’t know macbeth has killed his wife and kids
what is the main issue between malcolm in the first part of the scene the main issue is macduff is trying in his part to save scotland, but malcolm knows that macduff doesn’t know about his family’s situation.
why might malcolm be suspicious of macduff macduff leaves his wife and kids, also macduff was friends with macbeth.
how does macbeth respond macduff encourages for macbeth to build up his nation of scotland and how people are afraid of him
what changes when macduff starts to leave at line 43 he says goodbye and how he would not be the villain malcolm would think he is
what does malcolm say about himself, and how does macduff respond malcolm says he has so many vices to expose, macduff says how malcolm is not fit to be a ruler.
what bothers macduff more in a king, lust or avarice? avarice
why does this character of malcolm’s surprise macduff macduff this character of malcolm’s surprises malcolm, since malcolm came from a good family and now he’s acting as if he is all sex-crazed and greedy.
how does this threat to leave by macduff change malcolm’s sotry makes malcom think about his trust with macduff and malcolm takes back what he sees macduff as a real person.
what is malcolm’s explanation for his behavior macbeth’s strikes and lures him into power
what was malcolm about to do when macduff arrived old sward was getting arranged with ten thousand men for battle.
what is the purpose of the discussion of king edward’s healing powers? king could heal with a touch and can do prayers.
how does this compare to the present king of scotland king of scotland is the one in question of being dead and dies within a short time without ailments. he was only killed for power by macbeth
what message does ross bring macduff’s family has been killed
how does it take for him to tell it doesn’t take him too long, only says it in four lines.
how does macduff respond responds really troubled and feels bad that he wasn’t there to protect them (family).
who “has no children”? we assume he means macbeth, but could he mean malcolm, who is perhaps too hasty in telling him to “be comforted’? tho one who has no children to both macbeth and malcolm. macbeth is crossing a line that he knows he can’t cross, since he won’t have anyone to take over if he dies.
what does it mean to be a “man” in this play? to fight with your words, instead of your actions, but also to have the necessary tools for battle.
what are malcolm, macduff, and ross ready to do at the end of the scene? all ready to kill macbeth
what has the gentlewoman seen lady macbeth do? she has seen lady sleepwalking and sleeplettering
why won’t she tell the doctor what lady macbeth said? there is no other way to verify.
what does lady macbeth reveal in her sleepwalking speeches and actions? she has been guilty of banquo and duncan’s death and how she wants to wash the blood of her hand. she also confesses to killing lady macduff also.
to what does the doctor relate this in? what is he suggesting in? the doctor suggests that how he is not the right one to be confessed to for her actions. lady should use a doctor, and doctor relates this to supernatural forces.
where are the soldiers heading birnam wood
who side are they on macbeth’s sidde
what do the mentions of birnam wood and dunisane remind us of reminds us of the witches prophesies, and also where duncan became king, which is now how macbeth has ruled over this area.
why is macbeth at dunsinane he is trying to protect his castle with defeses
what reasons does caithness give for macbeth’s actions? he is insane, out of control, and those who hate him are out of brave anger.
the motif of clothing returns. what does it mean how macbeth is unfit to be a ruler
what reports are the servants brining to macbeth? He mentions how the witches are giving him some prophecies and tired of it.
Why does Macbeth say he is not afraid? He is not afraid because he is the king and no one can defeat him.
What does he think about himself in lines 23-32? He is scared of what might happen next and done with everything. His life is going down in shambles.
What does the Doctor say about Lady Macbeth (lines 46-48)? She has sleepless visions that keep her away from sleeping.
What does Macbeth wish the Doctor could do in lines 49-55? Macbeth wishes the Doctor can heal his wife.
What does Macbeth wish the Doctor could do in lines 61-69? Macbeth wishes the Doctor can heal Scotland.
What does Malcolm tell the soldiers to do (5.4.6-9)? He tells the soldiers to break off a branch and hold it in front of them, so that they can conceal the amount of people there are on the army.
What effect do you expect this to have on Macbeth? This effect might result in Macbeth being hugely troubled and get really frustrated.
1. What does “the cry of women” signify (5.5.8, 19)? It signifies that Lady Macbeth has died.
2. Read Macbeth’s famous speech in lines 20-31 carefully. What is he saying? How does he feel about life at this point? He knew that someday his wife would eventually die. He is saying how also the days are slowly coming to an end and how life is now becoming pointless. Life is not the same, now that his wife has died.
What news does the messenger bring in lines 37-39? The messenger says how he saw the tree beginning to move.
How does Macbeth react to this news? He reacts very frustrated and calls out the messenger by naming him a liar and slave.
5. What does he now think of the witches (lines 48-52)? (Notice the return of “equivocation” in line 49.) Macbeth starts to think of the witches are liars and are not revealing the whole truth
Yet what is his mood at the end of the scene (lines 52-59)? Will he go out with a whimper (58-59)? Macbeth’s mood is one that is frustrated. He will not go out and whimper because the armor that Macbeth has will make him go and fight.
1. What do we learn in this scene? Why are Siward and his son mentioned? We learn that they are getting a step closer in fighting Macbeth. Siward and young Siward are mentioned because they will be the first to kill Macbeth.
What is Macbeth’s attitude at the beginning of the scene (lines 1-4)? His attitude is one that is filled with giving up and now can’t go anywhere.
What happens in his encounter with Young Siward? Young Siward is eventually killed because he had disrespected Macbeth by saying how he is a disgusting tyrant.
Who is Macduff looking for and why (lines 19-28)? Macduff is looking for Macbeth because Macbeth has killed his wife and family.
How is it that Malcolm and Siward are able to enter the castle so easily (lines 29-35)? Macbeth’s soldiers have surrendered. Also, Macbeth’s soldiers have turned against him.
What unwished-for information does Macduff have for Macbeth (lines 1-20)? Macduff tells Macbeth that his sword will talk for all the frustration that is within him.
How does Macbeth respond (21-26)? Macbeth responds by saying how Macduff is wasting time trying to kill someone who lived an innocent life.
What will happen if he doesn’t fight (27-31)? Macduff says if Macbeth doesn’t fight they will put him in a freak show, have a picture that says “Come see the tyrant!”
Why does he fight (32-39)? Macbeth says he will fight because he was born out of a woman, unlike Macduff who was born through C-section.
How upset is Siward at his son’s death? Why? (44-64) He is not totally upset, because where young siward got killed. Also, the young Siward died for the sake of God.
What does Malcolm promise his followers (lines 72-88)? Malcolm promises them that they will be now the earls, which will be Scotland’s first.
What does he tell us about Lady Macbeth’s death (line 83-84)? Lady Macbeth has committed suicide.
Should we believe him? (He is her enemy, after all-but remember the Doctor’s instructions in 5.1.80-81? We should believe him because he says how the unnatural acts will cause there to be supernatural things.

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