Act 4 & 5 hamlet test

What does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to? Why? A sponge bc they “suck up” information and if you “squeeze” them they will give up info
What does Claudius’s response when Gertrude tells him that Hamlet murdered Polonius? He says that Hamlet must be sent away to England
What does Claudius’s letter to the king of England say? To kill Hamlet immediately when he arrives in England
What does Fortinbras inspire Hamlet to do? Why? Fortinbras’s army is fighting and willing to die over a worthless piece of land so they inspire Hamlet to be brace and get revenge for his fathers murder
How does Ophelia react to her fathers death? She loses her mind
What is Claudius and Laertes two part plan to kill Hamlet ? Claudius will arrange a fencing match between hamlet and Laertes. Laertes sword will have poison on the tip and as a backup plan they will give Hamlet a poisoned drink
What are Claudius’s two reasons for not punishing Hamlet more severely? 1) his mother loves him very much 2) the public of Denmark loves him
What does horatio’s letter from Hamlet say? His ship was attacked by pirates and he escaped
What does the letter from Hamlet to Claudius say? He is sorry, and he is returning to Denmark
How does Ophelia drown? She was climbing a tree , she fell in a brook and she didn’t try to save herself
Why is there debate surrounding the nature of Ophelia’s funeral ? They think she may have committed suicide, so she can’t receive a “Christian” burial
How long has the gravedigger been sexton, and when did he first become employed? He has been a grave digger for 30 years and he began his employment when Hamlet was born
What joking insult to the English does Shakespeare put into the gravediggers dialogues, regarding Hamlets madness? He says that all English men are mad
What does Laertes say is the cause of Ophelia’s madness which led her to death ? The death of her father has made her mad
What prompts Hamlets outburst at Ophelia’s graveside? He is upset that Laertes is grieving over his sister so dramatically… he says he loved Ophelia more
What order did Claudius’ letter, carried by Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, convey to the English regarding Hamlets fate ? The letter stated that Hamlet should be put to death
How does Hamlet justify his counterfeit command the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are to be murdered by the English? Hamlet justified switching the letters bc he said Rosencrantz and Guildenstern got what they deserved for getting caught in the crossfire of mighty opportunities
In his apology of Laertes, what does Hamlet mean when he says, “I have shot my arrow over the house and hurt my brother” ? Hamlet means that he is sorry for having hurt Laertes
Why does Hamlet forbid Horatio to drink the rest of the poisoned cup? Hamlet says that Horatio must tell everyone the truth about what actually happened
Who will ascend to power as the new king of Denmark? Fortinbras will be the new king