act 3 study guide questions and answers to the crucible

describe deputy governor Danforth he’s a very proud man and he doesn’t like his authority being challenged
what does Ezekiel Cheever say about John when he appears at the general court with evidence that the accusations are fraud? he plows on Sunday cuz he’s supposed to be at church
what is the deal that Danforth tries to make with John Proctor? if he dropped the charges he will not try Elizabeth for another year
what does judge Hawthorne ask Mary Warren to do in court that she cannot do? She couldn’t faint
what does abigail williams do as soon as danforth begins enough to question her? She begins to threaten danforth
what secret does john proctor reveal to prove the girls are lying? he reveals that Abigail is seeking revenge
what does John tell the court about his wife? she cannot lie
how do the girls in the courtroom terrorize Mary Warren? They repeat everything she said
who is taken to jail at the end of act 3 Giles Corey and John Proctor
why does deputy danforth initially dismiss Giles Corey? because of his age
why does Danforth dismiss Giles deposition? he didn’t give away his sources
who has signed many death warrants? Reveren Hale
why does Abigail succeed in doing in this act? she wins back Mary Warren
why does Mary seem to change her mind about telling the truth? She is afraid Abigail
Abigail and the girls say they see… a yellow bird
what are Paris’s concerns about the depositions presented? his career will advance.he believes people will oppose him.he believes people are going to find out the truth
Abigail triumphs in this act because… Danforth believes her over Proctor.Mary Warren rejoins her.Elizabeth lies to save her husband.
danforth does not want to find out that the girls accusations are false because… he will be blamed for the deaths of innocent people
Elizabeth’s motivation for lying about John’s affair with Abigail is that… love him and wants to protect him

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