Act 3 Scene One Questions and answers Midsummer Nights Dream

Why does bottom want a prologue written for the play? Bottom want a prologue for the play because he fears the royal ladies will get scared and have them hung.
What has puck done to bottom? Puck turned bottom into a half donkey, half human.
What news does puck bring oberon? Puck tells Oberon that he turned bottom into a half-donkey and that titania is in love with him.
Why does oberon send puck to fetch helena? Oberon sends puck to fetch Helena because he is trying to reverse the spell. When Demetrius wakes up he loves Helena.
What is Helena’s situation at this point in the play? Helena thinks Lysander, Demetrius and hernia are playing a trick on her and mocking her.
What does Helena suppose of Hermia? Helena thinks hermia is part of Demetrius and Lysander’s plan to make fun of her.
What does Hermia think Helena has done? Hermia thinks Helena has made Lysander fall in love with her through trickery.
Why does Oberon send Puck to confuse the two young men? Oberon sends Puck to confuse them so that they go back to loving their original mates, also so they don’t kill each other.
What remedy corrects the crossed – loved couples? The remedy is the nectar juice used on the correct peoples eyes.