Act 3 Romeo and Juliet

what is Benvolio’s fear?? “we shouldn’t avoid a fight since the heat makes people angry”.
what does mercutio say about benvolio that isn’t true “benvolio is a hot head that likes to fight”
who is responsible for starting the fight?? both, they both want to fight
what does Benvolio suggest both tybalt and mcrcutio do? they should move to a private place and fight so the prince doesn’t see them
what is mercutio’s response to benvolios plea he’s not worried about the prince, he wants everyone to see
what are three derogatory terms Tybolt calls Romeo? my manyou’re a villainboy
what is Romeo’s reason for loving Tybalt?? he loves Tybalt because they are cousins by marriage
Who knows of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage The nurse and friar Lawrence
why doesn’t Romeo except tybalts offer to fight he is in a good mood due to a recent marriage and he loves the Capulet’s
why does mercutio intervene because Romeo won’t defend himself
what happens in the fight between Tybalt and mercutio Romeo gets in the way and mercutio gets stabbed by tybalt
what is Romeo’s response to Mercutio’s death and why does he briefly blame Juliet he thinks it’s his fault, he blames Juliet because his love for Juliet has made him less manly and brave
was Romeo right to challenge Tybalt? no, he should’ve went to the prints right away instead of “fixing” ithhimself
what does prince want to find out Who started the fight
summarize Benvolio speech Tybalt started it, Romeo told to build to calm down but Tybalt kept insulting Romeo, Romeo told Tybalt he doesn’t have a reason to fight because he has love for Tybalt. Romeo tried to break it up but he got between them but he just got in the way and Tybalt stabbed Mercutio because of anger, Romeo fight with Tybalt and killed him in Romeo ran away so he wouldn’t get in trouble
why does lady Capulet think Benvolio isn’t to be trusted because he is a montague
what plea does montague make to the prince don’t kill my son, if he hadn’t killed tybalt, you would’ve
what is the princes verdict and what is your opinion of this Romeo is supposed to be banished from Verona otherwise he would be killed. I think this is better than death
why is Juliet anxious for Night to arrive she wants her honeymoon night with Romeo
why is Juliet confused by the nurse in lines 41+ she doesn’t know who the nurse is talking about, she thinks it’s Romeo
what news does nurse finally deliver in lines 67/69, 76/75 she finally tells Juliet that Tybalt is the one who’s been killed and not only is tybalt dead but Romeo is banished
what is Juliet’s reaction to that she’s angry, confused and not a huge fan of Romeo after this news
what does the nurse say about all men in Romeo specifically all men are liars and pretenders
what is Juliet’s reaction in lines 98/103 Juliet has now recovered a bit from shock of the news and now she is trying to defend Romeo, Juliet is wondering why her husband killed her cousin
what word is Juliet wishing she hadn’t heard banished
what will the nurse range at end of scene two Juliet goes to her room, the nurse is going to find Romeo to comfort Juliet
Who tells Romeo the news of his banishment friar Lawrence
how do fryer and Romeo’s opinion of this punishment differ? friar says it’s better than death in Romeo says he would rather be dead
why was banishment such a terrible punishment you had no protection and wandered in dangerous world with bandits and disease
why would Rome you rather be a fly been a man if you was a fly he would be able to see Juliet well he will not. a flycan touch her
why does Romeo believe fryer can’t counsel him because fryer hasn’t been through anything that Romeo has
how is Romeo actin similar to Juliet with the news of Romeos banishment they both want to see each other before Romeo goals and they’re both crying and want to kill themselves
why does fryer so quickly lay out a plan for Romeo so Romeo won’t try to kill himself
why does friar scold to Romeo because Romeo needs to count his blessings instead of feeling sorry for himself and needs to act like a man
what three blessings does friar remind Romeo out juliets alivehe’s aliveinstead of banishment, he could’ve been killed
detail friars plan go to Julia and climb up the rope ladder and spend the night for your honeymoon. Leave before the guards are on duty and leave for MANTUA until the prince says you can come back. Fryer thinks the Capulet’s will want to go to bed early because of the death of Tybalt. and Juliet servant will bring messages back and forth from Verona
why does lady Capulet think Juliet has been so cheerful lately because of tybalts death
what do we learn about Paris he’s respectful
what is Capulet’s offer to Paris and limes 14 through 24 for Juliet to marry Paris in three days
why will the Capulet’s only invite a few guest to the wedding because they don’t want people to think they’re moving on to fast from tybalts death
explain Romeo and Juliet’s discussion of the lark versus the night tingle Romeo thinks he heard the nighttingle but it’s the lark so he needs to go
how do Romeo and Juliet’s rules change from how they have acted earlier in the play Juliet is more of a risk taker and Romeo is more cautious
what is the meaning of Romeos optimistic comment in lines 53/54 when we finally reunite, all of the sadness, conversation will have more things to talk about
what does Juliet InVision in lines 58 through 55 she sees Romeo pale in dead in the bottom of a tomb
why does lady Capulet think Juliet is so grief stricken because of Tybolt death, she thinks Juliet has cried too much
what does lady Capulet plan to do about Romeo she wants to poison Romeo, Juliet wants to poison him so she can make it not poisoned
what news does lady Capulet deliver to Juliet early next Thursday morning at Saint peters Church, Juliet will get married to Paris
what is Juliet’s reaction to this news I won’t get married yet and when i do it’ll be a Romeo
what is lord capulets reaction to this? he doesn’t want to listen to it, he thinks Juliets crying won’t bring back tybalt
what horrible comment does lady Capulet make to Juliet she wishes juliet wouldn’t be alive
why is Capulet having such a hard time understanding Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris he can’t understand because she’s always listen to him and he thinks Paris is too good for Julia
what did the word Capulet say to Juliet in his hurtful speech if Juliet doesn’t go to church on Thursday he’ll hit her
what ultimatum does Lord Capulet present to Juliet Lord Capulet will disown Juliet
Juliet the entrance to the nurse as her final source of comfort in the tent to avoid marrying Paris what is nurses suggestion and why does she propose this she says that Romeo is no good for her, Juliet should marry Paris. Romeo is a dishcloth compared to Paris
what is the meaning of Juliet sarcastic line the nurse hasn’t been much comfort
what message does Juliet ask nurse to deliver to Lord and Lady Capulet she’s going to ask fryer for a plan out of the marriage
how has Juliet’s relationship with the nurse change since the beginning of the play they used to be close but now Julia is never going to share secrets with the nurse again

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