Act 3 Romeo and Juliet

The feud in Verona is becoming as hot as the weather
When he meets Benvolio and Mercutio, Tybalt is looking for Romeo
How does Mercutio treat Tybalt when they meet? Mercutio insults Tybalt and tries to get him angry.
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? Because he loves Juliet and he knows that he is not a villain and Tybalt is family now because he is married to Juliet and Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin.
What happens when Romeo tries to stop the fight? Romeo orders the men to stop, then reaches between the two and tries to separate them. As he does so, Tybalt sweeps his sword under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio. Mercutio, who is unable to defend himself, is mortally wounded.
When Mercutio is wounded, who are the people Mercutio is cursing? Mercutio is cursing both Romeo’s and Tybalt’s families, the Montagues and the Capulets.
What does Mercutio mean when he curses both their houses? Mercutio realizes his death is a result of the feud and damns both families (“houses” means “family”) for their part in it.
Why does the Prince announce that he has “a personal interest in this fight”? He is related to Mercutio and the Prince ordered the two families to end the feud and warned that those who disobeyed him would be executed.
What is Romeo’s punishment? Romeo must leave Verona (banished) or die within the hour.
After Tybalt’s death, Juliet grieves for him and is angry with Romeo. What are three examples of conflicting imagery in the passage? Beautiful TyrantFiend angelicalDove-feathered Raven
What literary device does the writer use in lines (3.2.75-87)? Oxymoron
What information about Juliet’s emotions is Shakespeare conveying to the reader by using the oxymoron? Juliet is feeling tricked that her husband Romeo could do such a horrible act. She feels that she has been blind sided by Romeo.
How do you know? Explain using details from the text? In the text Juliet says, “Oh how can he hide such as evil heart with such a beautiful face?” This shows that Juliet doesn’t understand how Romeo could do such a horrible act she didn’t think he was capable of it.
Why was Friar frustrated with Romeo? Friar doesn’t understand why Romeo is so upset, the prince could have been more harsh with the punishment. He reminds Romeo that Juliet is alive and he is fortunate that Tybalt did not kill him. The law said he could have died for killing Tybalt, but instead he is exiled.
What is the Friar’s “pain” to help Romeo deal with banishment? He tells Romeo to say goodbye to Juliet, but leave before the night guards come. Once things settle down, Friar will tell the town about the marriage. He will ask for Prince’s forgiveness that Romeo was only doing what the law told him to do Friar will ask for Romeo to return. Friar will keep Romeo updated by sending his servant to Mantua.
How does the plan give Romeo hope for the future? It shows Romeo that once things settle down he will be able to return and everything will go bark to normal.
Evaluate the effectiveness of this “plan”. Please look at what the word evaluate means below? I think this a good plan. The town needs time to digest what happen and after a few days Friar will let everyone know of the marriage. The Prince should understand that Romeo did not do anything wrong, he was following the law.
Juliet says, “There was a word, worse than Tybalt’s death, that murdered me?” The word she fears is “banished” or “exile”. To Juliet the word means that Romeo is gone forever, and she has lost everything.
The Nurse tries to comfort Juliet by making a promise. Which of the following promises does she make to Juliet? She will find Romeo and bring him to Juliet.
What words describe Romeo’s mood as he reacts to the news of his punishment? Angrysuicidalhopefulprayerfuluncontrolled
How does the Nurse save Romeo. As Romeo tries to stab himself, the Nurse grabs the dagger out of his hand.
According to the Friar, what does Romeo have to be thankful for? Juliet is aliveRomeo wasn’t killed by Tybalt.Romeo wasn’t sentenced to death.
The Friar tries to give Romeo courage and hope by advising him to do three things? Romeo should go to Juliet and comfort her. He must leave her room before daybreak.Romeo must escape to Mantua where he will be safe.Later, Romeo and Juliet will announce their marriage, ask the Prince for forgiveness, and the families will be reconciled.
Why then does Capulet now agree to Paris’ request without Juliet’s approval? Juliet’s father believes that his daughter loves him and will obey his wishes. He is also sure that he has given full consideration to Juliet’s happiness in choosing her husband.
This day is Monday. Paris will wed Juliet on Thursday
Why Romeo and Juliet would rather hear the nightingale sing than the lark? The nightingale represents night, and the lark represents morning. The lovers must part when down arrives, or Romeo will be killed. Therefore, neither Romeo nor Juliet wants to hear the lark song.
What does Juliet see that frightens her? Juliet sees Romeo lying dead in the bottom of a tomb.