act 3 Romeo and Juliet

Why has Tybalt come looking for Romeo? Tybalt went looking for Romeo to challenge him to a fight.
What is Mercutio’s attitude toward the Capulets’ approaching them in the streets? Why does he then choose to fight Tybalt in Romeo’s place? Mercutio is being carless. He chooses to fight Tybalt because Romeo is giving in and not being a man.
How does Romeo contribute to Mercutio’s death? Romeo tries to stop Mercurio but as he holds Mercutio back Tybalt stabs him.
Why does Tybalt return after killing Mercutio? What is the result of Romeo and Tybalt’s fight? Tybalt wants to fight Romeo, and Romeo then kills tybalt.
What does Lady Capulet think should happen because of Tybalt’s murder? Lady capulet wants revenge.
What punishment does Prince Escalus inflict upon Romeo? Romeo is banished by the Prince.
Although Juliet is upset over her cousin’s death, she still defends Romeo’s actions. Why does she do this? Juliet defends Romeo because she is his wife and she loves him.
What does Juliet wish would happen to her in Scene 2 because of all of these terrible tragedies? What does she ask Nurse to do at the end of this scene? Juliet wants to die. Juliet asks the nurse to go to Romeo and see if he comes to say goodbye.
What is Romeo’s reaction when Friar Laurence tells him that Prince Escalus has banished him from Verona? Is this similar or different to how Juliet has been reacting? What advice does Friar Laurence have for Romeo in Scene 3? Romeo over reacts and is extremely upset just as Juliet. Friar Laurence tells Romeo to be patient.
What plan does Friar Laurence develop for Romeo at the end of Scene 3? Friar Laurence tells Romeo to go to Mantua where he will send him Juliet.
What does Capulet tell Paris in Scene 4? Capulet tells Paris he can marry Juliet on Thursday. (3 days)
What are Romeo and Juliet discussing at the beginning of Scene 5? They discuss Romeo’s banishment.
What news does Lady Capulet share with Juliet in Scene 5? How does Juliet respond to this news? What is Capulet’s response when he learns that Juliet refuses to agree to her parents’ wishes? Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will be marrying Paris on Thursday. Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris and that her heart is with Romeo. Capulet tells Juliet if she does not marry him that he will disown her.
What does the Nurse tell Juliet she should do at the end of Scene 5? How does this make Juliet feel about the Nurse at the end of this scene? The Nurse says Juliet should just marry Paris anyway. Juliet tells her she doesn’t trust her anymore and she will never be included in Juliet’s secrets anymore.
What does Juliet feel are the only two solutions to her problem at the end of Act 3? Juliet feels as though she can go see what Friar Laurence has to say and if that doesn’t work, then her best bet is to kill herself.