Act 3 Macbeth Study Guide Questions

What is Banquo thinking about at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 1? Cite specific lines to support your response. -thinking about how he played foul to get where he is-Banquo’s son is supposed to be king, so how can he get that title-if all of Macbeth’s came true, why wouldn’t mine come true too; but he still suspects Macbeth-first suspicion
Who does Macbeth say is the only man in Scotland that he now fears? Why do you think he says this? (Act 3.1) p.85 – Banquo because he could be aware of what Macbeth has done- What if Banquo decides to kill someone to get it come true- Macbeth is paranoid; he is nervous about Banquo, however, Banquo most likely will not do anything- Macbeth questions his relationships with people; he doesn’t trust them
How does Macbeth convince the murderers to kill Banquo? Cite specific lines to support your answer. (Act 3.1) P. 87He regards Banquo as an enemy because Banquo is the cause for their poverty which isn’t true, and Banquo is trying to take Macbeth’s title; makes them think it is their own idea to do it, motivating them, making the angry Threatens their masculinity, manipulates them”Are you really going to just let him push you around” doing same thing that Lady Macbeth did to him; hypocritical
Who else must the murderers kill, according to Macbeth? (Act 3.1) Murderers are going to kill Banquo and Fleance
When Macbeth says that “We have scorched the snake, not killed it” (line 15), to what is he referring? (Act 3.2) Blames witches for what he’s done, maybe witches are wrong, wondering if what he did was worth it, he gets to be king but then what?
How many murderers did Macbeth hire to kill Banquo? How many are present for the deed in Act 3, Scene 3? Why is this detail significant? Two murderers, three murderers show up, fleance got away