act 3 crucible

ezekiel cheever clerk of the court;goes to get rebecca and elizebeth because they was accussed of whichcraft
Marshal Herrick marshell of the court;goes with cheever to get elizebeth and rebecca
danforth in his 60s;grave,singed his name for 72 people to hang;deputy
judge hawthorne in his 60s, a bitter,remortless salem judge
Martha corey Giles wife,accused of cursing pigs,giles told people that shes reading strang books,accused of reading fortunes
Francis Nurse Rebecca Nurses husband,accused of killing goody putnams babies,tried to his wide to be inocent,got all signatures to prove that his wife was innocent
What was the setting of act III? Vestry room of salem meeting house
As the act opens,who is being interrogated,and on what charges? Martha corey is being interrogated the hurting the girls/children reading fortunes
Why is giles corey so upset? He is mad because his wife is being accused,and they say that he was one that accused her.
What is Mary Warren now ready to confess in court? That shes ready to confess that the girls are liars
What two pieces of information (about john proctor) does cheever reavel to Danforth? That he plows on sundays,and he doesnt like parris,and he doesnt attend church
What deal does Danforth offer to Proctor?does this sound like a fair deal to you? His wife can stay alive for a year if shes pregnant
What is Proctors response to Danforth offer? He wont accept this offer,also for the sake of others
How do Hawthorone and parris persuade Danforth to respond to the deposition that contains ninety one supporters who can attest to the good character of Rebecca,Elicabeth and Martha corey? They want to question all of these questions
What does Giles cored allege in his depositon about the behavior or Thomas Putnam? Giles cored alleges that putnam is trying to get his daughter to accuse landholders so he can get their land.
What legal action does danforth use to declare Corey in contempt of court? He wont admit who wrote the deposition
When does john hale beigin to show that he is not very satisfied with he courts procedures? He doesnt think he can judge people on the evidence given.He doubts the vality of the evidence.
How does Abigail threaten Danthorh ? Shes refuses to answer,and she saysshe will leave if she is forced to answer
What confession does proctor make in open court? He admits to his affair with abigail
How is danforth able to test the accurcy of his confession? He gets elizabeth to come in for questioning
What is the ironic result? Elizabeth lies,even though proctor says that she never lies,she wants to protect the reputation of of her husband
What devices do abigail and the other girls use to drive Mary Warren over the brink of hysteria? They copy what she is saying
Who first sees the “Yellow bird” in the rafters? Abigail
They agreed to let Elizabeth live for another year if she was what? pregnant
Who makes john and Abiagil look at him when elizabeth is called to court? Danforth
Who is jailed for reportedly telling fortunes? Martha Corey
What do the girls do to make it seem like they have been taking over another spirit? Act like they are cold,chant what others are saying
Mary says John Proctor made her sign what? The devils book

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