Act 2 Macbeth

What is significant about the weather? foreboding, mysterious, used to show the calm before the storm
What do you suppose is keeping Banquo from sleeping? The prophecies of the witches
What is significant about Macbeth saying “I think not of them” after Banquo had admitted to dreaming about the Weird Sisters? He’s not even telling Banquo what he thinks. If you be quiet, I’ll be quiet. he then thinks he wants to kill Banquo
What does Macbeth mean when he says to Banquo, “If you shall cleave to my consent, when ’tis,/It shall make honour for you?” That Macbeth is going to ask for help, and if Banquo follows it, everything will go good for him
What is significant about Banquo’s reply? sets up the foil, he’ll do stuff if it doesn’t undermine his honor
In his soliloquy after Banquo leaves, what does Macbeth tell us he sees? What could account for this apparition? A dagger, to much drinking
Why does Shakespeare have Macbeth hallucinate? Dagger shows supernatural things. His emotional and mental health isn’t where it should be
Compare Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s reactions immediately after the crime? Macbeth is on edge, regretful. Lady Macbeth is not sorrowful at all. She acts very normal
Why does Lady Macbeth not commit the murder when she is in the room? Duncan looks too much like her father
Macbeth, already troubled by the murder he committed, tells Lady M what he saw and heard. She tells him, “These deeds must not be thought of this way.” Why? He was doing it for his rightful place, not because he just felt like killing Duncan
Macbeth’s response is frequently quoted. What is the sense of his response? commenting on his murder of Duncan in his sleep. Foreshadows his inability to sleep later in the play.
How does Lady M get Duncan’s blood on her hands? She took the daggers from Macbeth
What does Macbeth’s refusal to return to Duncan’s chamber echo? His extreme guilt
The Porter’s scene is much debated by scholars. What do you suppose is the dramatic purpose of a comic scene is? why is the Porter’s soliloquy in prose? What lines contain the bawdy humor often found in these types of scenes? Relief from the tragic events. Dramatic purpose: transition between scenes so others can change. It’s supposed to be funny, not poetic. Knock, knock, knock, who’s there? Supposed to appeal to the pit people. Line 25- alcoholic humor
How is the theme of a crime against nature reinforced in this scene? constant reference to the devil
What does Shakespeare accomplish with Macduff’s allusion to a new Gorgon? To reference Medusa because she turns men to stone and so would the sight of Duncan
How does Macbeth react to the discover of Duncan’s body? dismayed and torn apart
How does Lady M react? surprised that it happened in her house
Who is the one who points out the inappropriateness of Lady M’s initial response? To what dramatic purpose? Banquo, it also suggests that he is responding to suspicion that it had to do with him.
What is the predominant image in this scene and what effect does it create? The end of the world, creates horror
What double meaning might Shakespeare intend for Macbeth’s line: “He does: he did appoint so,” in response to Lennox’s asking, “Goes the King hence today?” He does go hence, go die. did appoint so, planned to anyway
What is the purpose of this scene? 2.4 Old man who represents everyone. He’s accepting Macbeth’s statement to show how the public perceives what’s going on.
What addition natural, or unnatural events further the crime against nature theme? Dark when it should be day, an owl killed a hawk, Duncan’s horses went wild and cannibalizes themselves in the moore