act 2 Julius Caesar study guide questions

according to brutus, why should caesar have been killed? once caesar gains power, he’ll abuse it and turn on the people.
what does lucius do to unfold the plot? he finds the letters in brutus’ study.
what is brutus’ internal conflict? whether to be against caesar or not.
why does brutus disagree about taking an oath? he feels that strong arguments don’t need oaths
what does brutus say about killing antony? dont kill him. if caesar is gone then antony will go as well.
why is portia, brutus’ wife, worried about him? he’s not eating, sleeping. he’s angry all the time.
why does calpurnia want caesar want him to stay home? she had a dream about the conspiracy unfolding.
how does decius interperate the dream? says it was a fortunate vision. shows that they have pride for him.
how does decius change caesars mind about going to the capitol? says that if he doesnt show, the people might change their minds.
what does artemidorus plan to do? warn caesar about brutus’ plan.
why is portia nervous? she found out the plan
what does portia tell lucius to do? check the streets to see what happened
what does the soothsayer tell portia? the streets were crowed.

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