Act 2 Hamlet Quotes

You shall do marvelous wisely, Good Reynaldo, before you visit him. Polonius
And there put on him which forgeries you please. Polonius
Pale as his shirt, knees knocking Ophelia
This is the very ecstasy of love Polonius
The need we have to use you did provoke hasty sending King
He hath talk much of you Queen
But we both obey Ros/Guild
And I do think I have found the cause of Hamlet’s lunacy Polonius
Falsely born in hand, sends out arrests on Fortinbras Voltemand
Brevity is the soul of wit Polonius
More matter with less art Queen
That he’s mad, ’tis true ’tis pity, and pity ’tis true; a foolish figure Polonius
Though this be madness, yet method in’t Polonius
On Fortune’s cap, we are not the very button Ros./Guild
Nothing whether good or bad but thinking makes it so Hamlet
Bounded in a nutshell Hamlet
Light a quality that is but a shadow’s shadow Ros./Guild
Lost all my mirth, foregone custom of exercises Hamlet
Painted tyrant Pyrrhus stood Player 1
Use every man after his desert Hamlet
What a rogue and peasant slave am I! Hamlet
What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba Hamlet
…And the devil hath power Hamlet
Catch the conscience of the king Hamlet