Act 2 Crucible

What is the place setting of Act II? Proctors household
What has Elizabeth cooked for supper? rabbit
Examine Proctor’s statement: “It’s winter in here yet.” Explain the possible double meaning his statement might carry. Their relationship is cold, distant
Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? To tell them its all a fraud (what Abigail told him)
Why does John hesitate? Because he doesn’t want to expose their affair
What has John been less than absolutely truthful with Elizabeth about? Affair with Abigail
Where has Mary Warren been? In the town, in court
What has Mary Warren brought Elizabeth when she comes back from the town? doll / poppet
Mary Warren in tears announces that Goody Osborn is to hang. She adds that Sara Good will not. Why will Sarah Good not hang? Sarah Good confessed
When Sara Good begged for bread and cider and Mary Warren turned her away, Mary claims Sara Good mumbled something and for two days Mary thought her “guts would burst.” What does Sarah Good claim she had mumbled? curse on Mary Warren
What does Mary (and, according to Mary, the judges) claim to be proof that Sarah Good had lied? She could not recite 10 commandments
How does Mary Warren claim to have saved Elizabeth’s life? Said in court that she had never witnessed evil from Elizabeth
Who wants Elizabeth dead? Why? Abigail; so she can have John
What does Elizabeth mean when she says, “There is a promise made in any bed”? Abigail holds out hope about having John to herself.
What kind of promise does John Proctor claim is the only kind he gave Abigail? *That he meant nothing by the affair; only physical….?
Rev. Hale arrives and begins to question the Proctors, first about Proctor’s failure to attend church as much as he should. What do golden candlesticks have to do with why he has been absent? Because Parris wants them and it symbolizes Parris’ desire for wealth
Why has Proctor’s third son not been baptized? He doesn’t want Parris to touch his kid.
When Hale asks Proctor to recite the Ten Commandments, which one can Proctor not remember? Why is his omission ironic? Adultery; because he had an affair
At Elizabeth’s urging, Proctor tells Hale that Abigail had told him the children’s sickness had nothing to do with witchcraft. Why does Hale have trouble accepting that witchcraft is not involved? Because others have already confessed
Hale questions the Proctors about whether they believe that witches exist? How do they respond? Proctor won’t deny it because the bible mentions them.Elizabeth denies it.
Giles Corey and Francis Nurse arrive with news that their wives have been arrested? What specifically is Rebecca Nurse charged with? (Not just witchcraft) supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’ babies
Explain: “Man, remember, until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.” Even evil can seem beautiful at first a.k.a Abigail
What is Martha Corey charged with? She is bewitching Walcott’s pigs with her BOOKS
Describe Ezekiel Cheever. man from Salem who acts as clerk of the court during the witch trials. He is upright and determined to do his duty for justice.
A warrant has been issued for Elizabeth Proctor’s arrest. How many others have been issued? 16
Who has charged Elizabeth Proctor? Abigail Williams
The arresting officer asks John Proctor to produce any______________ his wife may have in the house. poppets
What is the basis of the charge against Elizabeth Proctor? She supernaturally stuck and needle in Abigail’s stomach
What does Mary Warren have to say which would seem to clear Elizabeth of the charge made against her? She made the poppet in court and Abigail saw her put the needle in the stomach for safe keeping
Explain the following: “She must be ripped out of the world.”
What does John Proctor do with the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest? Rips it up
Who, according to Proctor are “jangling the keys of the kingdom”? Who writes the law? Abigail
Whom does Proctor call Pontius Pilate? Explain the allusion; i.e., who was Pontius Pilate? Hale
Elizabeth agrees to submit to being arrested and is put in a wagon. What does Proctor protest against?(He says, “Damn you, man, you will not __ her ….I will not have her __.) chain….chained
Explain the following: “We are what we always were, but naked now. Aye, naked! And the wind, God’s icy wind, will blow!” They all along were sinful of adultery but now everyone knows.

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