Act 1:Romeo and Juliet

What is the function of the prologue? To reveal the setting, characters, plot, and conflict
Who reveals the prologue? The chorus
Where is the play set? Verona, Italy
What are the names of the two feuding families? Capulet and Montague
Why are the families fighting? It’s a lifetime grudge
How does the scene begin? Sampson and Gregory, servants of the Capulet’s, are bragging about what they will do to any Montague servant
Who causes the fight? Sampson causes the fight by giving a vulgar gesture (bite thou thumb…)
Who tries to stop the fight? Benvolio
Who keeps the fight going? Tybalt
What are the main differences between Benvolio and Tybalt? Benvolio likes to keep peace and Tybalt likes to stir things up
When Capulet and Montague tries to fight, who restrains them? Their wives
Who breaks up the fight in the Square? Prince Escalus
What kind of mood is he in? He’s angry
What warning does he give? “if it happens again, you’ll be put to death”
How many times has the fight disrupted the city? Three times
Why are Romeo’s parents worried about him? He has isolated himself from everyone and his family. He wants to be alone all the time. He might be depressed.
Why is Romeo sad? He is in love with a young lady, but she has not returned that love
Who tries to help Romeo? What advice is given to Romeo? Benvolio. Forget about her.
How old is Juliet? 13 years old
When does Capulet say Juliet will be ready for marriage? Two more years and she will be 15
Who wants to marry Juliet? Paris
Give three reasons why capulet hesitates to give his permission? She’s not 15; she’s too young to get married; he’s afraid of losing her to Paris
Why does Capulet servant approach Romeo and Benvolio? Because he can’t read
Where does the servant invite him? To the Capulet party
What is Romeo want to go to the party? to see Rosaline
What is Benvolio want to Romeo to go to the party? So he can get over Roseline; he wants to show Romeo that there are other fish in the sea
Describe the nurse’s relationship with Juliet. They are very close because the nurse has known her since she was a baby; also the nurse lost her sister, Suzanne, who would’ve been the same age as Juliet
Why is the nurse impressed with Paris? He has a great body; he’s handsome
Why does lady Capulet encouraged the arrangement between Juliet and Paris? She wants Juliet to follow in her footsteps and marry Young
What is Juliet promised her mother? She says I’ll take a look, but I won’t promise anything
How will Romeo and his friends escape detection at the party? They will be wearing masks so nobody will know them
In Mercutio’s, Queen Mab does what? Causes nightmares and makes you dream things that are a lie
What does Romeo dream? He dreams something bad is going to happen
How does Capulet treat his guests? Very welcoming
What does Romeo think of Juliet at first? To what does he compare her? He says I did not know the beauty till’ this night. An Ethel jewel
Who notices Romeo? How? Who does he tell? Tybalt. By his voice. Lord Capulet
Why does Capulet let Romeo stay at the party? Not bothering anyone
At the party Romeo and Juliet join hands. What metaphor does Romeo use to compare their joined hands? A prayer (praying hands)
How many times does Romeo and Juliet kiss at the ball? Twice
Who interrupts them? Nurse
What does Romeo find out from the nurse after Juliet goes to see her mother? She’s a Capulet
A fortnight Two weeks