Act 1, Scene 5 – Hamlet

What does whither mean Where
To what place in Catholic theology is the Ghost reffering Purgatory
What did people in Denmark believe about king Hamlets death That he was bitten by a serpant
What does the Ghost reveal to Hamlet Claudius killed him
What does the Ghost also reveal That his mom showed adultry
How did Claudius kill king Hamlet He uses a vile of Hebona (poison) and pours it in his ear
What happened to the kings blood It clots up and is unable to circulate
What happened to the kings skin His skin turns to scabs.
What added pain has the king had to endure Losing his life, wife, and crown
What does the Ghost want hamlet to do about his murder Keep it a secret
What about Gertrude Wanted to let her suffer
What does Hamlet call his mother Weak/*****
Who is the damned villain Claudius
What does Hamlet want his friends to swear To not speak of the Ghost
What is Hamlets plan Hamlets plan is to act like he is crazy so that people won’t think much of him and he can commit murder.
What rhyming couplet does this act end with “The time is out of joint. Oh cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right!”