Act 1 Romeo and Juliet

Where does this story take place? Verona
How does Shakespeare describe Romeo and Juliet? Star-crossed lovers
What does it mean in terms of their final destiny? Who or what is in control? Fate is in control. (star-crossed)
What two families are feuding? Montagues and Capulets
What is Tybalts opinion of peace? Hates the word. All he wants to do is fight
How does this contrast with Benvolio’s position? Benvolio wanted to keep the peace.
What does the prince say caused the 3 public brawls? Born of an ere word.
What did the price say will happen if the two families fight in public again? It will result in death.
What does Romeo mean when he says, ” Here’s much to do with hate, but more to do with love”? He says this because Rosaline rejected Romeo.
How does Romeo describe love? What does he mean by this? Romeo describes his love and mad by love. He compared many things to love.
How old is Juliet? 13 years old
What is Paris asking old Capulets? What is Capulets answer? Who is Romeo in love with now? What have they decided to do to see her? What are the motives of each? Paris is asking to marry Juliet. Capulets answer was to wait for 2 more years. Romeo is now in love with Rosaline. They decided to crash the Capulet party.
What problems do you think might arise from crashing the Capulet party? I think fights will start and they will all get murdered.
How does Juliet demonstrate that she is a dutiful daughter? She tells her mother that she will stay loyal to her by considering Paris.
Who is Queen Mab? She is portrayed as the fairies midwife and causes people to dream things. Mercutio thinks that she has taken over Romeos dreams of love.
What does Romeo continue to go to the party? It’s destined that he go.
What soon happens to Romeo? He forgot about Rosaline.
What does Tybalt want to do when he discovers that Romeo is at the party? What does Capulet have him do instead? He wants to kill him. Has him take note of Romeo and not disturb him.
What does Capulets reaction say about the feud? That he does not want to make peace yet he does not want to fight.
What is Romeos reaction when he finds out Juliet is a Montagues? He says that his foe now owns his life.
What is Juliet’s reaction when she finds our Romeo is a Montague? Juliet said that her only love sprung from her only hate.