Act 1 Romeo and juliet

what kind of prologue is the poem and what purpose does it serve? its a sonnetits giving people the situation and telling uneducated people to stick around
why are romeo and juliet called “star-crossed” lovers? star-crossed means ill faded, or destined to end bad
setting: where and When does the play take place verona italy1500’s or 16th century
which families are feuding? montagues(romeos family)capulets(juliets family)
who is involved in the fight in the beginning of the play and how does it relate to the feud? benvolio montague and tybalt capulet and four servants from each side- it shows how big of a fight it is-everyone is involved
What does the prince say the punishment will be for the next person who “disturbs the quiet of the streets” death to both instigaters
Benvolio and Lord Montague describes the way Romeo has been acting. How has he been acting? what have they tried to do about it? romeo is acting sad and depressed
Describe Romeos mood when we first met him. what is his problem?what is Benvolio’s advice for him? romeos mood is depressed and staying in a dark room alone all day. his problem is that rosaline, the girl he loves will not sleep with him. benvolio tells him that there are other beautiful girls he just has to look around
Why does Lord Capulet say that it will be easy for him and Lord Montague to keep the peace 1. theyre old2. they both have the same consequence of death if they fight again
what agreement does Lord Capulet make with Paris? what does the show his feelings about Juliet’s marriage he agrees with paris that if he can make juliet love him then he can marry her, but hes on her side or he can wait 2 years till shes old enough
How do Romeo and Benvolio learn about the Capulet ball? why does Benvolio while Romeo to go to the ball with him? they find out about the ball because one of the servants cant read and asks them what the letter says. he wants romeo to go to the ball to compare rosaline to all the other beautiful girls
How does Juliet about marriage shes never even thought about it “its an honor that i dream not”
How does the nurse feel about marriage she thinks paris is hot and that romeo should go for him “go girl, seek happy nights and happy days”
How does lady capulet feel about marriage? she thinks its a good idea because he has a high rank and it will make there family a higher rank “so shall you share all that he doth possess by having him making yourself no less”
When and where would Juliet me Paris for the first time at the ball her family is having
Who is queen mab the queen of fairies who controls dreams about love
How does mercutio feel about dreams he thinks theyre lies and are nothing
How does romeo feel about dreams he thinks theyre true
Why is it important that the men wear masks to the ball because the montagues arent welcome at the capulets ball
Where is Romeo’s mood before they go into the ball scared because he had a dream he died at the ball
romeo thought that rosaline was the most beautiful woman in the world but he instantly falls in love with juliet when he sees her
How does tybalt recognize Romeo he recognized romeo by his voice
How does Tybalt react to Romeo’s presence at the party he told someone to fetch his sword so he could kill romeo
Who is the feud really between lord capulet and lord montague
How do Romeo and Juliet find out that theyre capulets and montagues? from the nurse
How do Romeo and Juliet respond once they find out that their families are feuding each other they dont care they still love eachother