Act 1: Othello

How does Othello begin in medias res (in the middle of a conflict)
Why did Roderigo and Iago go to Brabantio’s house to expose Othello and Desdemona
What were Roderigo’s intentions of going to Brabantio’s house to get Othello in trouble because he wants Desdemona to himself
What were Iago’s intention of going to Brabantio’s house to get revenge on Othello giving Cassio the lieutenant job instead of Iago
Cassio academic, no war experience, unmarried, young
Iago local, old with experience at Rhodes and Cyprus, he fakes his personality in front of Othello
“I am not what I am” -Iago-paradox-he was awarded position of Ancient (general) by Othello-he will serve as Othello’s Ancient, but with a fake purpose because he wanted the lieutenant position
“What a full fortune does the thick-lips owe if he can carry’t thus” -Roderigo-an intentional racial slur towards Othello
“An old black Ram is tupping your white ewe” -Iago-to Barbantio-prove the devil/villain archetypeuses animal imagery-meaning: Othello (old black ram) is sleeping with Desdemona (white ewe)-ram and ewe contrast with eachother
“The worser welcome. I have charged thee not to haunt about my doors. In honest plainness thou hast heard me say my daughter is not for thee…” -Brabantio-to Roderigo-meaning: Brabantio exposes to the audience that Roderigo tried to ask for Desdemona before
“you’ll have your daughter covered with a barbary horse; you’ll have your nephews neigh to you; you’ll have coursers for cousins and jennets for germans” -Iago-to Brabantio-meaning: Iago tells Brabantio he will have a terrible family because his daughter is making love with Othello
“transported with no worse nor better guard but with a knave of common hire, a gondolier” -Roderigo-to Brabantio-meaning: Roderigo tells Brabantio his daughter met up with Othello by gondolier
“Lascivious moor” -Roderigo -to Brabantio-meaning: Roderigo characterization of Othello calling him horny
“in an extravagant and wheeling stranger of here and everywhere” -Roderigo-to Brabantio-meaning: Roderigo calling Othello a player with lots of money
what are the risks if Desdemona is married to Othello -Desdemona is worthless-Othello taking Desdemona-Brabantio reputation is loss
“farewell, for I must leave you. it seems not meet nor wholesome to my place to be produced-as, if i stay, i shall-against the moor” -Iago-to Roderigo-meaning: Iago tells Roderigo he must leave before Brabantio finds out Iago was in on the plan too because he doesn’t want to lose his job
“O, would you had had her!- some one way, some another” -Brabantio-to Roderigo-meaning: Brabantio wishes he gave his daughter to Brabantio or someone else so this wouldn’t of happened
“is there not charms by which property of youth and maidhood may be abused” -Brabantio-to Roderigo-meaning: Brabantio asks Roderigo could Desdemona be given drugs
“Nay, but he prated, and spoke such scurvy and provoking terms against your honor” -Iago-to Othello-meaning: Iago blames Roderigo for telling Brabantio of Othello’s and Desdemona’s marriage
“are you fast married” -Iago-to Othello-meaning: Iago asks Othello if he is married to Desdemona already because Brabantio might do something
“the law, with all his might to enforce it on, will give him cable” -Iago-to Othello-meaning: Iago tells Othello, Brabantio might get the law on this situation
“my services which i have done the seigniory” -Othello-to Iago-meaning: Othello tells Iago he doesn’t care if Brabantio knows because he stands on service, reputation/loyalty to the seigniory
“but that i love the gentle desdemona” -Othello-to Iago-meaning: Othello tells Iago he doesn’t care if Brabantio knows because he loves Desdemona
“my parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly.” -Othello-to Iago-meaning: Othello tells Iago he is unflawed in this act
“By Janus, I think no” -Iago-to Othello-meaning: Iago calls Othello two face
” faith, he tonight hath boarded a land carrack. if it prove lawful prize, he’s made forever” -Iago-to Cassio-meaning: Iago says Othello is like a pirate who boarded a ship called Desdemona the prize or booty-metaphor for marriage
“good signor, you shall more command with years than with your weapons” -Othello-to Brabantio-meaning: Othello says it is better to talk the problem out than fighting-“years” Othello is wise for saying it to respect the elders
“so opposite to marriage that she shunned the wealthy curled darlings of our nation” -Brabantio-to Othello-meaning: Brabantio thinks Desdemona regretted all of the other wealthy men her father recommended because she already loved Othello
“if she in chains of magic not bound”, “that thou hast practiced on her with foul charms, abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals” -Brabantio-to Othello-meaning: Barbantio accuses Othello of drugging Desdemona
how does scene 2 end in act 1 with a couplet by Brabantio
Why does Brabantio and Cassio tell everyone to head to the Duke’s chambers they are called for and Brabantio wants justice and he thinks the senators will feel the same way “cannot but feel this wrong as twere their own”
“we lacked your counsel and your help tonight” -Duke-to Brabantio-meaning: Duke asked for Brabantio’s help earlier but Brabantio had other things to take care of
“we are very sorry for’t” -all (Duke)-to Brabantio-meaning: the Duke has respect towards Brabantio and they are shock his name is ruined and they felt sorry to hear this news
“What, in your own part, can you say to this” -Duke-to Othello-meaning: the Duke asks Othello to speak about the issue
“I won his daughter” -Othello-to all at the Duke’s chambers-meaning: Othello won Desdemona because she loves him
“to fall in love with what she fear to look on” -Brabantio-to Othello-meaning: Brabantio is shock to hear that Desdemona loves Othello because she told Brabantio that she felt fear towards him
“to vouch this is no proof” -Othello-to Brabantio-meaning: Othello tells Brabantio he can say that Desdemona is frighten by him, but it might be false
“if you do find me foul in her report, the trust, the office i do hold of you not only take away, but let your sentence even fall upon my life” -Othello-to Duke-meaning: Othello says if Desdemona does tell them he drugged her then they can kill him (shows Othello is 100% sure he didn’t drug her)
“she wished she had not heard it, yet she wished that heaven had made her such a man. she thanked me” -Othello monologue-Meaning: Desdemona fell in love with Othello because of his stories, adventures, and experiences
Who exposed Desdemona to Othello first Brabantio because he invited Othello over for dinner to hear his war stories too
examples of shakespeare’s “if…then” statements (A)Roderigo: “if he is wrong about Desdemona wrong then Brabantio can have justice”(B)Othello: “if you find me foul…take my life away”(C)Brabantio: “if she can confess…then destruction on my head”
“I do perceive a double duty” -Desdemona-to Brabantio-meaning: desdemona has two duties to serve, for her father and her husband
“I am glad at soul I have no other child” -Brabantio-to Duke-meaning: Brabantio disowned Desdemona because she went behind his back to marry Othello
“when remedies are past, the griefs are ended by seeing the worst, which late on hopes deluded. to mourn a mischief that is past and gone” -Duke’s monologue to Brabantio-meaning: Duke tells Brabantio he must accept it and move on or more pain/mischief will result
“what cannot be preserved when fortune takes, patience her injury a mockery makes. the robbed that smiles steals something from the thief; he robs himself that spends a bootless grief” -Duke’s monologue to Brabantio-meaning: patience is personified, and Duke tells him to let the pain subside and smile because he will look better and Othello will look like the wrong
“so let the turk of cyprus us beguile, we lose it not, so long as we can smile” -Brabantio’s answer to Duke’s monologue-meaning: Brabantio sarcastically mocks Duke’s advice by applying it to war, tells the Duke we should just smile and let cyprus to fight back
“a man he is honesty and honor” -Othello-to Duke-meaning: Othello asks to send his honest trusty Iago (ironic)
“Your son in law is far more fair than black” -duke-to Brabantio-meaning: duke tells brabantio that Othello is fair (light, goodness with rightousness) then black (skin color, darkness, or dishonesty)
“she has deceived her father, and may thee” -Brabantio-to Othello-meaning: Brabantio tells Othello that Desdemona might deceive him because she deceived her father
“My life upon her faith” -Othello-to Brabantio-meaning: Othello bets his life on Desdemona’s honesty
Othello -the moor-african taken to a region of Spain (black Spaniard)-train to become a merchinary (hired to kill)-serve as a general in Venetian army
Desdemona the person who is married to her will be of opportunity because her father is a senator
Brabantio -senator-father of desdemona
Roderigo -loves Desdemona-sad he wasn’t able to marry desdemona