Act 1 English – Romeo and Juliet

Who are the Montague’s family and friends? Romeo, Lord/Lady Montague, Benvolio, Mercutio, Balthasar and Abraham
Who are the Capulet’s family and friends? Juliet, Lord/Lady Capulet, Old Capulet, Tybalt, Nurse, Petruchio, Peter, Sampson and Gregory
Who are the neutral characters? Prince Escalus, Count Paris, Friar Laurence, Friar John, Apothecary and Page to Paris
What time does Romeo and Juliet take place? fourteenth century
Where does Romeo and Juliet take place? Verona, Italy and Mantua, in northern Italy
In Scene I, who do we see in the opening scene? Sampson and Gregory
In Scene I, what is Sampson talking about? how much he hates the Montagues
In Scene I, Sampson and Gregory see whom? two Montague men
In Scene I, after seeing the Montague men, Sampson and Gregory talk about what? how to provoke them into a fight without breaking the law
In Scene I, what does Sampson do to insult the Montagues? bites his tumb
In Scene I, a verbal confrontation between the servants turns into what? a fight
In Scene I, a group of citizens tries to do what? restore peace by beating the fighting men
In Scene I, whom comes after the fight and argues? Lord Montague and Capulet
In Scene I, who prevents Lord Montague and Lord Capulet from attacking each other? Lady Montague and Capulet
In Scene I, when Prince Escalus arrives, he says what? to stop fighting or be tortured
In Scene I, what does the behavior of the servants tell us about the quarrel between the families? It’s so serious that even their servants are fighting
In Scene I, what is Benvolio’s role in the fight? peacemaker
In Scene I, what is Tybalt’s role in the fight? instigator
In Scene I, what impression do we get of the heads of the two feuding families? the grudge is strong, they won’t listen to what the other side has to say and they’re too old to fight
In Scene I, who are the “enemies of peace” Prince Escalus mentions? The Montagues and the Capulets
In Scene I, what threat does Prince Escalus make against them? death sentence
In Scene I, Prince Escalus says he will do what with Montague and Capulet? Speak to them directly
In Scene I, Benvolio says he saw Romeo doing what? pacing through trees outside the city
In Scene I, because Romeo loves Rosaline, but she doesn’t love him back, Romeo swears to do what? live a life of chastity
In Scene I, what two subjects does Lord Montague discuss with Benvolio? Who started the fight and Romeo
In Scene I, which subject is Lord Montague and Benvolio more concerned about? Romeo
In Scene I, what is Romeo’s mood in the first scene? What has cause it? Sad because Rosaline rejected him and Romeo likes her
In Scene I, how, according to Benvolio might Romeo alter his mood? Romeo could distract himself by meeting other people
In Scene I, how does Romeo react to Benvolio’s suggestion? Why? Romeo says he’s never going to forget Rosaline
In Scene 2, Lord Capulet asks Paris to do what before marrying Juliet? wait two years
In Scene 2, Lord Capulet assures Paris that what? he favors him as a suitor
In Scene 2, What is Lord Capulet talking about in the opening lines? How he and Montague will keep the peace
In Scene 2, what is Paris’s purpose in talking to Capulet? He wants to court Juliet, asking for her hand in marriage
In Scene 2, what is Capulet’s reaction to Paris’s request for Juliet’s hand in marriage? Says no at first because she’s too young. Then he wants to let Juliet choose her suitor.
In Scene 2, How do Romeo and Benvolio happen to get invited to the party? Capulet’s servant can’t read, so he goes to Romeo who reads the letter about the party and the servant says they should go
In Scene 2, What reason does Romeo give for deciding to go? Rosaline is going
In Scene 3, what does the Nurse talk about in her long story?
In Scene 3, what subject does Lady Capulet want to take up with Juliet? marriage
In Scene 3, how is Lady Capulet and Juliet’s conversation postponed for quiet a time? the nurse tells a story about Juliet’s childhood
In Scene 3, what is Juliet’s attitude toward marrying Paris? She’s open to it, but doesn’t dream of it
In Scene 3, what kind of daughter does Juliet appear to be at this point? obedient
In Scene 3, what do we learn of Juliet’s relationship with the Nurse? the nurse is Juliet’s mother figure
In Scene 4, Romeo and his friends are on their way to where? to Capulet’s feast
In Scene 4, Romeo wonders what? How they’ll get into the feast
In Scene 4, Romeo says he will not do what at the feast? dance
In Scene 4, Romeo said that in a dream he saw what? the feast is a bad idea
In Scene 4, Romeo says he thinks the night will start what? an action of fate, resulting in death
In Scene 4, How are Romeo and Mercutio’s contrasting moods and attitudes brought out as this scene opens? Romeo is sad and Mercutio is wild and eccentric
In Scene 4, what does Romeo give as his reasons for not wanting to go into the party? They didn’t send a messenger saying they were going to the party, too depressed, can’t dance and what if they catch them
In Scene 4, what does Mercutio’s long speech about Queen Mab reveal about his personality? Mercutio’s realist and he gives the truth
In Scene 4, what is the ultimate purpose of Mercutio’s speech? to show Romeo that dreams aren’t real and he has to make his own dreams come true
In Scene 4, what does Romeo’s final speech reveal about his destiny? Romeo foreshadows his own death
In Scene 5, when Romeo first sees Juliet he does what? asks a servingman who she is
In Scene 5, what does the servingman say in response to Romeo’s question? he doesn’t know
In Scene 5, when Romeo sees Juliet he forgets about whom? Rosaline
In Scene 5, who recognizes Romeo at the party? Tybalt
In Scene 5, what does Tybalt do when he recognizes Romeo? sends a servant to get his sword
In Scene 5, Lord Capulet says what to Tybalt? Romeo is well guarded and he doesn’t want to have youth harmed at his feast
In Scene 5, how does Romeo approach Juliet? touches her hand
In Scene 5, Romeo and Juliet talk about what? a scenario where Juliet is a saint and Romeo is a pilgrim who wants to erase his sin
In Scene 5, how does Romeo tell Juliet she can “erase his sin” kissing him
In Scene 5, do Romeo and Juliet kiss twice? yes
In Scene 5, after Romeo and Juliet kiss, what does Juliet say? If she’s taken Romeo’s sin, his sin must have stayed on her lips, so they have to kiss again
In Scene 5, after R and J’s second kiss, who arrives? the Nurse saying she wants to speak with Juliet
In Scene 5, Romeo asks the Nurse what? who juliet’s mother is
In Scene 5, what does Romeo do when he finds out that Juliet’s mother is Lady Capulet? He’s devastated
In Scene 5, Juliet says that if Romeo is already married she feels what? she will die
In Scene 5, Juliet asks the Nurse to do what? Find out who Romeo is
In Scene 5, what is the general atmosphere as this scene opens? It’s busy and festive
In Scene 5, How do Romeo and Juliet learn about each other’s identity? Nurse