Act 1 crucible

Betty is sick and parris supsects witchcraft What is the cause for concern in the parris household
Yhey had an affair What occured between john proctor and abigail before the play
To see if Betty’s condition is a result of witchcrafte Why does Rev. Hale come to Salem
They were pressured Why do you think abigIl and tituba admit to having practiced withhcraft
To take the blame off of them Why do they name others?
Troublemakerdefensivecontrollingcruel Abigail williams
Independent John proctor
Smarttrue believerreasonable Rev. Hale
John proctor bc he wanted her to go Who do you thing abigail might blame
Ritualsflyevil What do they believe about witches
They are in a small room which creates suspense How does setting help create mood
The first person to accuse someone else What role does abigail play in the group hysteria

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