A Tale of Two Cities-test prep

Who is Jarvis Lorry? Works at Tellsons bank
Who is Jerry Cruncher? The messenger- pretends to be fishing when he is digging up bodies to sell for science- beats his wife sets a bad example for his wife; symbolism- rusty fingers
who is the guard? he was in the carriage at the beginning of the book, his name is JOE
who is the driver? drives the coach that was transporting Lorry to the hotel, his name TOM
who is miss manette? Lucie manette daughter of dr. manette; french by birth lives in england he father is “dead”
who is defarge owns a wine shop lives in saint antoine in paris
who is madame defarge defarges wife; revolutionary woman
who were the jaques military fighters Jacobins “blue hats”
What is the date of the story? 1775
What went down at dover-saint antoine thats where the defarges live
what is tellsons? the bank in which lorry is involved with
Which hotel did the meeting take place in? grand george hotel <– or something like that; its in dover where met mamselle
what is the importance of “recalled to life”? it was referring to the rescue of doctor manette from the debtors prison
what is the significance of “18 years”? it was how long manette was kept in debtors prison
what the resurrection? a symbol of doctor manette being “unburied” or rescued from prison
what did the messenger have for lorry? “wait at the dover mail”
where was the hiding place for Dr. Manette the defarges wine shop
what was the symbolism of wine? blood >:O
what is the significance of the repetition of words throughout the story? the words repeated often have a deeper more significant meaning and stand for something more than what is written; for example- “knitting” is really used to show the growing rage in the revolutionaries and the suppressed and under privileged in france
who was the shoemaker? manette you idiot
who is charles darnay? monseigneur’s nephew, lucie’s husband, is very disapproving of the french social system and doesnt wish to accept his uncles inheritance
who is john barsard a british “spy” who is overly patriotic and pretends to be very virtuous but is really shady
who is roger cly? another british spy; who develops elaborate schemes
who is stryver ambitious lawyer who aspires to be a member of the upper-class but proves to be proud and foolish
who is sydney carton a lazy alcoholic lawyer- bitter but wants lucie
who is mrs pross? lucies mother figure care taker argues a lot calls lucie “lady bird”
who is solomon? Mrs. Pross’s brother
who is monseigneur? french aristocrat symbol of the french aristocracy, symbol of the broken social system “Great Lord”
Marquis of evremonde darnays uncle
Gaspard son killed by marquis, writes in blood
road mender porter- jaques
young jerry jerry crunchers son
lucies children “little lucie” son died shortly after birth
floulon “let them eat grass”
“the vengence” the angry grociers wife, big burley woman
gabelle keeps the evremonde estate after the death of the marquis
what does “rust on the fingers” mean? jerrys fingers; rust from the shovel when he has been digging up bodies
treason punishable by death- what darnay was charged with to betray ones country
what was darnays specific charge? he was charged with giving information to the french about the english colony in north america
where did lucie meet darnay? the ship coming from france to england
what does “not guilty” mean? it was the final decision in darnays court case
who are the look alikes? sydney and darnay
blue flies? the people in the court room- nosey bored bitches
who are the lion and the jackal? stryver and carton
D I G- letters found in the prison
footsteps leading to the revolution
life lead vs the life imagined romanticism
natural destinity we have no control over fate
who are lucies suitors? charles carton and stryver
what is the registry ? the knitting name
which character is added to the registry? gabelle
what changed in manette? he stopped making shoes and then he relapsed when lucie left for her honey moon
105 north tower defarges search
who goes to paris darnay and lorry and cruncher
who is the missing marquis gabelle
golden thread? lucies hair

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