A Tale of Two Cities Study Guide Questions

who are the woodman and the farmer fate; death
what do you think the certain movable framework is the guillotine
what is the mood of chapter two tense and foreboding
what do you think the phrase “recalled to life” means brought back to life
does the author feel humans trust one another no
what could “buried alive for 18 years” mean besides the literal in jail; kept away; lost
explain what happened to lucie when she was a small child taken from france to England; told her father died; mother died
what symbolic meaning is there in the spilled wine represents bloodshed of revolution
in what activity is madame defarge constantly engaged knitting and “seeing nothing”
what is Lucie’s reaction to her father great compassion and love
does dr. manette want to be recalled to life he doesn’t know (in shock)
describe tellson’s bank dark; gloomy; small; old-fashioned
what job did jerry perform for the bank messenger and other odd jobs
what did jerry object to his wife doing pray
what is the old bailey courthouse
what is Charles darnay accused of treason
what were the people in the courtroom hoping for for him to be killed
who are john barsad and roger cly spies; witnesses of Charles’ trial
explain how stryver was able to get Darnay acquitted discredited the witnesses and presented a witness that looked just like Darnay
what is still bothering dr manette his past; time in jail
why did Mr. Lorry become angry with Mr. Carton carton indicates he had no use for a business man
what is the relationship of Stryver and Carton carton works for stryver
why is Carton so disconsolate he feels unworthy and discouraged about himself
what are Carton and Stryver compared to jackal and lion
who lives in a house by Soho square Dr. Manette
how does Dr. Manette no spend his days seeing patients
who is soloman and what happened to him Miss Pross’ brother; took all of her money and disappeared
what upsetting news did Charles bring Dr. Manette he found a letter buried in the bastille
what does the chocolate represent life of leisure led by the wealthy
what tragic accident took place in Saint Antoine a child was ran over by the Marquis; he only stops to make sure his horses are OK
what do the Defarges do in this chapter try to comfort Gaspard; throws coin back into the carriage
what does “until the wonder was that there was any village left unswallowed” mean eaten by rich; eat up all the villagers through taxes
what adjectives and phrases describe the life of a peasant poor; hungry; exploited; miserable
who is the nephew of the Marquis Charles Darnay
how are the marquis and his nephew different Marquis is heartless and cold; only cares about wealth; Charles declines his inheritance; hates how the peasants are treated
what happens to the Marquis at the end of this chapter he is murdered by Gaspard
how does Charles darnay make a living? French teacher; must work because he relinquished his inheritance
what promise does darnay make to Dr. Manette to reveal his family name on the day of his wedding
what does Dr. Manette do after Charles leaves starts working at his shoemaker bench
who wants to marry Lucie but then calls her stupid Stryver
what does Mr. Lorry tell Stryver it’s not a good idea to propose to Lucie
what does carton ask Lucie to do for him keep his secret
what does carton’s confession reveal about his personality he is sensitive; has soft side
what promise does carton make to lucie he would protect her and her loved ones
who dies this chapter Roger Cly
what does Jerry Cruncher do for a second income grave robber
what story does the mender of the roads relate execution of Gaspard
what kind of mood does Jacques 3 make grim; foreboding; anticipation of revolution
what is decided about the “chateau and all its race” they will all be killed
who came into the wine shop John Barsad
does Mme. Defarge trust him? how do you know no; picks up rose when he enters the door (symbol to others); doesn’t show sympathy for revolution
what surprising news does John bring Charles Darnay is marrying Lucie
Is Charles in danger? Why? yes; he’s the nephew of the Marquis
how does Lucie’s father feel about her marriage happy for her; sorry for himself
where will Dr. Manette live after the wedding the house in Soho with Lucie and Charles
what did Charles tell Dr. Manette the day of the wedding? how did it affect him? Why? revealed his family name; he turns pale and later relapses; reminder of past
describe the approach Mr. Lorry used to tell Dr. Manette what had happened to him talked about Dr. Manette to Dr. Manette
what did Sydney carton ask of Darnay? why? to be friends; so he can be close to Lucie and her family
what did lucie have to say about Carton? what did she ask of Charles? she thinks he’s kind and has potential; asks Charles to befriend him
how many children do Lucie and Charles have? 2; boy and girl; boy died
what happens in chapter 21 revolution begins
why did defarge search 105 north tower he knew it was dr. manette’s old cell
describe Mme. Defarge’s acts in chapter 21 leads women; beheads guard
who is The Vengence Mme. Defarge’s right hand woman; very mean
why was Foulon hated so much he told the people to eat grass
In chapter 23, are the problems in france over? what are the conditons not over; peasants light everything on fire; still hungry; poor
why didn’t any of the villagers try to control the fire are the chateau wanted it to burn
who is gabelle? what happened to him? tax collector; put in to jail; was in charge of Chateau; relations with the Marquis
in chapter 24, how many years have passed since the storming of the bastille 3
what had many of the displaced gentry in france done fled to england
what has Mr. Lorry decided to do go to france to protect the bank’s interest
who writes to Charles from france? what does he want Gabelle; release him from prison
what is Charles “Loadstone Rock” france
why is Darnay arrested? where is he taken? by whose orders emigrant aristocrat; taken to La Force Prison by Defarges’ orders
what insight does charles’ imprisonment give him he understands why dr. manette made shoes
what does dr. manette try to do tries to help get Charles out of prison
what gruesome scene does mr. lorry keep lucie from seeing peasants sharpening their weapons
why did mr. lorry find different lodgings for the manettes to protect the bank
who brought the message from dr. manette to Lorry? what was it? defarge brought the message; said Charles was safe and there is hope
how did lucie react to madame defarge begged her to have pity; she was rebuffed and lucie becomes afraid
what information was concealed from lucie the was a murderous raid on the prison
how has dr. manette changed finds strength and purpose in his mission to help Charles
how much time has elapsed since Charles was sent to prison 1 year 3 months
what are the conditions in france now wild; people have gone insane; “reign of terror”
what fear does lucie have on page 272 (chapter 4 book 3) fears wood-sawyer is a spy for the defarges
where does lucie go everyday to a corner where Charles might see her from the prison
what is the carmagnole? why does it scare lucie so much? the dance of the revolutionaries; the wood-sawyer is in the dance
for what reasons is Charles released he relinquished his inheritance and was married to the daughter of a patriot (dr. manette)
what was the crowd’s response to the acquittal cheered
why didn’t the family leave paris as soon as Charles was released it was dangerous; would look suspicious; needed to have proper papers to travel
why is Charles re-arrested he has been denounced by 3 people
who do miss pross and jerry meet when they’re shopping solomon
what does carton reveal about Solomon pross he was used a fake name (John Barsad) and was employed by English and now by france (counter-spy)
where does Solomon work as a turnkey at the La Force prison
what deal does carton make with Solomon to be admitted to darnay’s cell
does carton reveal his plans to anyone no
why do you think he bought the drugs from the chemist to drug darnay and change places with him
what three people denounced charles the defarges and dr. manette
summarize dr. manette’s letter he was called to tend to a raving peasant girl and dying brother; brother says how his sister’s husband was worked to death by the evremondes, sister raped, dad died of shock, manette tried to report this but was put in jail
does Charles blame dr. manette for the letter no
what does Sydney carton whisper to lucie? what do you think this means? “a life you love” she will live a happy life
what does madame defarge find curious about carton he looks like charles
what special reason does she have for wanting Charles to die she was the surviving sister of the peasant family spoken of in dr. manette’s letter
who else is in danger lucie, little lucie, and dr. manette
how has dr. manette handled the announcement of charles’ impending death looks for shoemaking tools
what instructions does carton give mr. lorry to leave the instant he jumps in the carriage
do you find it strange that Charles never thought of carton when he was writing his letters yes
explain carton’s plan for Charles to escape carton and Charles will switch clothes; carton drugs Charles (so it looks like he fainted) and Charles will be carried out of prison
what is the significance of the seamstress who is also going to the guillotine she sees carton as a hero and knows nothing else about him
what humor does dickens add at this very tense point in the novel jerry insists on miss pross hearing his two vows; to give up his grave robbing and to not interfere with his wife’s praying
why did madame defarge come to Lucie’s house to catch her mourning
what did miss pross do? was it justified? shoot madame defarge; yes
does anyone, besides miss pross, know madame defarge is dead no
explain, “crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar hammers, and it will twist itself into the same tortured forms: revolution is always the result of exploiting people
do you think carton died with a peaceful heart? why? yes; he was happy to do something meaningful for once in his life

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