A Tale of Two Cities Book Two Review Questions

Describe Tellson’s bank. What is the bank’s attitude toward change? Old-fashioned, dark, ugly. They are proud of the way they do it.pg.54-55
What behavior of Mrs. Cruncher makes Mr. Cruncher angry? She prays. He thinks she’s praying against him. pg. 56-57
What is the “old Bailey”, and what is it famous for? Courthouse, sentencing people to death.pg. 61
Who is being tried, and what is the charge against him? Charles Darnay. He is charged with treason.pg. 64
Who is present in the courtroom to act as witnesses for the prosecution? Dr. Manette, Lucie, Manette, and Mr. Lorry
Where did Mr. Lorry, Miss Manette, and Dr. Manette first meet Charles Darnay? What was Lucie’s opinion of him? On a ship on the way back to England. She thought he was very caring towards her father. pg. 72-73
What happens in the courtroom to prove that Mr. Carton is much more observant than his manner lets on? Miss Manette’s head dropped to her father’s chest and so Mr. Carton went and got someone to help her.pg. 77
What personal service does Carton do for Charles Darnay? WHat do you think this hints at for the the future? Carton goes and tells Miss Manette for Charles that Charles is sorry for being the cause of her falling. It tells us that maybe Mr. Carton becomes Darnay’s personal assistant. pg. 78
What is the verdict? Acquitted or released. pg. 79
What do you think Carton’s and Darnay’s toast foreshadows? Forshadows Darnay marrying Miss Manette. pg. 84
What is Sydney Carton’s opinion of himself? In short, he hates his life. pg. 85
What is Carton’s job? Assistant. Clerk to Mr. Stryver. Behind the scenes person. pg. 87
After reading Chapter 5, describe Sydney Carton’s life and tell how you think he feels about it. I think he feels that he can do something great but always thinks down on himself. He wants to be better but he chooses not to. pg. 91-92
Describe Miss Pross as she appears on the surface and how she really is once you get to know her? She appears really clingy and jealous for Miss Manette, but is very unselfish when there’s a youth and is very caring. pg. 95-97
How does Miss Pross describe the Doctor’s mental condition? What does it take to soothe him? She says that she thinks he’s scared. He starts to pace and Miss Manette pacing with him calms him down. pg. 98-99
Describe the “accident” that befalls the Monsieur the Marquis in the streets of Paris. While he’s in the carriage, the carriage and harses accidentally run over and kill a little boy in Paris. pg. 110-111
What is the Marquis’s attitude toward this “accident”? He’s annoyed at it. He acted like it was a thing and he could pay for its brokedness to fix the problem. pg. 112
What unusual sight did the road mender see? what prediction can you make from this? He saw a man come up and try to hide under the carriage of the Marquis to come take it over. I think this predicts the stealing of the rich to give to the poor. pg. 115-116
Who’s the Marquis expecting? Can you guess the identity of this person? Marquis’s expecting Monsieur Charles from England, a.k.a Charles Darnay.
Of what does Darnay accuse his uncle? He accuses him of being involved in putting him in prison to be tried. pg. 122
What is Darnay’s opinion of his family’s behavior and what does he plan to do about it? He hates and despises it. He wants to be a good, working man and change it around. He plans to give the house to someone who isn’t an oppressor. pg. 125-126
What happens to the Marquis, and what does the note tell us? He’s killed and the note says “Bring him fast to his grave; this from Jacques.”pg. 130
A year after his uncle’s death, describe Charles Darnay’s professional and personal condition. He was doing really well. He was a French “tutor” for people who had the time. pg. 131
In proclaiming his love for Lucie, how does Charles show consideration for Dr. Manette? He goes to him to tell him his feelings first before going to Lucie. pg. 132
What are the two promises that the Doctor makes Charles? He says that if Miss Manette feels the same about Charles like he does for her, he wants him to tell Lucie about those feelings and he wants him to tell his real name and background at the wedding. pg. 137
What is the effect on the Doctor of making these promises? Why do you think they had this effect on him? He was scared and it brought him back to making shoes again. I think he thinks of bad memories when France is mentioned, causing him to go into his trance. pg. 138
What future plan does Stryver confess to Carton? He wants to marry Lucie but not because he loves her. pg. 142
In his talk with Lucie, what is Cartons’ opinion of himself? A wasted person. He thinks he’s a waste of time. pg. 158
What does Carton say he would do if Lucie should love him? He would be happy but doesnt want her to love him if it’d make her sad all the time. pg. 152
What memory does Carton want to take with him? HIm confessing and opening his heart to her. pg. 153
What promise does Carton make Lucie? Where do you think this promise will lead him? He’ll sacrifice himself for her and anyone she loves. It’ll lead him to becoming a better man. pg. 154-155
Whose funeral procession does the crowd attack? Why do they attack it? It’s the funeral procession of Roger Cly. They attack it because one of the people started yelling Old Bailey spy and it went around to others. pg. 157
What was the fate of the Marquis’s killer, and who reported that fate to Defarge? He was executed and hung, “poisoning the water of the fountain.” The roadmender said this. pg. 172
What is the sentence that Defarge and his compatriots give after hearing the fate of the Marquis’s killer? What are the future implications of this sentence? They said, “To be registered?”. The implications are on the coming revolution and choosing people to be guillotined, including “the rest of the race of the Marquis.” pg. 174
Why is Defarge depressed and how does Madame Defarge comfort him? He’s depressed because he really wanted this revolution to begin. She comforts him by encouraging him that it will come. pg. 179-180
What does the spy learn from the Defarges, and what do they learn from him? Why does the spy’s information disturb the Defarges? The spy learns not much because the Defarges were convinced of his spyness. They learn from him about Charles Darnay and Miss Manette and Charle’s heirship. It disturbs them because they have sympathy for the Manettes and so they didn’t want to kill the husband. pg. 184-187
What are the Doctor’s feelings about Lucie’s impending marriage? He was very happy and hoped for the best in the marriage. He hopes that she can live up to the expectations he dreamed her having . pg. 188-193
What does Charles Darnay tell the Doctor on the morning of his marriage to Lucie? He tells him his present name, and his whole history, and how he got to England. pg. 138
What is the Doctor’s response to the combination of this information and the giving of his daughter in marriage? He was horror stricken and deadly pale. He was so much so that he had another relapse of making shoes for 9 days like he was back in his prison. pg. 195-197
How does Mr. Lorry go about approaching the Doctor about his condition for the nine days without upsetting him? When he refers to the relapse, he doesn’t call the person Dr. Manette, but calls him a hypothetical person that conveniently has a daughter and goes through relapses. pg. 201-203
What is the Doctor’s opinion about the future of Mr. Lorry’s “hypothetical” man? He thinks the worst is over that the pressure of whatever info he was told is passed. pg. 204
What does the Doctor say is the one thing that could bring on another relapse? What does he mean by this? The one thing would be the retelling or the thought of the info coming back into his head. He means that he’s not going to tell about what Charles told him. pg. 205
What recommendation does Mr. Lorry make to the Doctor, and how does he talk him into following it? He says that,” Don’t you think it’d be best to tell him what’s going on up there?” He silently pleas for him to give out the info until he does plea it. pg. 205-207
What request does Carton make of Charles? He asks if he could come over once in a while and just be around with Charles and Lucie. He wants to be his friend too. pg. 208-209
What does Lucie request of Charles? She wants Charles to be kind to Carton and to encourage him.
What sad thing befell Charles and Lucie during this time period? They had a son and he had just died. pg. 212
What has happened to Carton and Stryver over the years? Carton broke off from his downed outlook on lif and enjoyed working and assisting Stryver. pg. 213
What happened in Paris on July 14, 1789? The storming of the Bastille.
Where did Defarge demand to be taken first? Why? He wanted to be take to One Hundred and Five North Tower at a cell. He wanted to search the cell for anything possibly traitorous that Manette could’ve written in prison. pg. 219-220
How does Madame Defarge show her merciless strength? She keeps an officer scared and finishes him off by wedging a knife into his head and decapitating him. pg. 221-222
Who is Madame Defarge’s lieutenant in leading the women, and what does this “nickname” imply about her? The lieutenant was a suffering wife named “The Vengeance”. It implies she was focused on vengeance and revenge. pg. 224
What has begun? The Revolution has come!
What is the symbol of the revolutionaries? Fire and Candles
What happens at the Marquis’s villa? What is this an example of? Some people come into his villa and burned and set the villa on fire. This is an example of the Reign of Terror. pg. 233
In the year 1792, where was the headquarters for the “Monseigneur” in Paris? Tellson’s Bank in London. pg. 237
Why is Mr. Lorry going to France? What is his mission? They have a Tellson’s in France and he needs to go over there and get things settled.
What is Charles’s decision? Why does he decide on this course of action? What does this say about his character? He says he’s going to go back to France. He wants to make it right with the people and, for the rebellion, wants to lead it in a right way. This says he’s a person who wants to do rich. pg. 245

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