A Tale of two Cities Book III Chapters 5-8

Avocation Hobby, vocation
Redundancy Repeating, duplicating,overlap
Purveyors Supplier, provider
Remonstrated Disapproval, objection
Culpability Guilty, blameworthy
Dissonance Disagreement, not in harmony
What is Carmagnole? The “dance of death” that the mob does when people die
What caused the jury to acquit Charles? Four things: he left France while it was legal, he came back to help Gabelle, he denounced his family name, and he is Dr Manette’s son in law
How must Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher perform the household shopping? Why? The go shopping everyday but make small purchases so they don’t draw attention
Why is Charles arrested again on the day of his release? Th Defarges and a mystery person turn them in
Where does Miss Pross find her brother? At a wine shop
Who identifies Solomon Pross as John Barsad? Sydney Carton
What does Carton want from Solomon Pross (Barsad)? He wants to go talk alone so he can ask to let him into the prison

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