A Tale of Two Cities: Book 3 Test

The men who met and conspired with Earnest Defarge in the wineshop were called Jacques
Madame Defarge has a close friend called The Vengence
La Guillotine is an execution device
After the Revolution, the word “monsieur” was replaced with citizen
The condemned were transported to the place of execution in death cars called tumbrels
Charles returns to Paris to find that aristocrats have no rights
When Dr. Manette discovers that Darnay is a prisoner in France, he rushes to his side
While trying to free Darnay, Dr. Manette and Lucie remain in Paris for more than a year
Which of the following best illustrates Lucie’s commitment to her husband during his trial? She convinces Sydney Carton to trade places with her husband.
An important piece of evidence used against Darnay is Dr. Manettes prison manuscript
The man responsible for Dr. Manette’s imprisonment was Evremonde
Dr. Manette met the man responsible for sending him to prison when he gave medical help to a young woman and her brother
During the trial which condemns Darnay to death, Madame Defarge reveals that her sister and brother were killed by the Evremondes
While Darnay waits for his execution, he writes letters to Lucie and Dr. Manette
Carton is willing to trade places with Darnay because he loves Lucie
Carton tricks Darnay by drugging him
As Lucie and her family are trying to escape, Miss Pross confronts Madame Defarge
Carton is accompanied to the scaffold by an innocent seamstress
Madame Defarge does not attend the execution of St. Evremonde because she is already dead
Sydney Carton’s last words begin: It is a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done

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