A Tale of two cities

1. Describe Tellsons’s Bank and the people who work there. Tellson’s Bank is situated by Temple Bar. It is an old-fashioned, small, ugly, and somewhat decrepit building. Appropriately, all the employees that are seen in the bank are old men; and they are very conservative. Tellson’s Bank is a strong supporter of the death penalty and has caused the death of many offenders
2. What month and year is it when Mr. Cruncher is seen at home? How many years have passed? Five years have passed since the close of Book One
3. Describe Jerry’s home life. What is his wife’s name? What does his son look like? Jerry Cruncher, the messenger seen previously in Chapter 2, is an odd-job man at the bank. He is usually found working outside the old building during business hours, unless he is out on a bank errand. He is helped by his son, young Jerry, who is simply a smaller version of his father. In this chapter, Jerry Cruncher is at home lying in bed. He is angry with his wife and throws the boot at her saying that her prayers are like curses against him and his son. After grumbling a bit he gets up, polishes his boots, readies himself, and sets out to work with young Jerry. He has been called to the bank by one of its messengers.
4. What does Mrs. Cruier do that infuiates Jerry? She prays to God
5. What does young Jerry notice that is odd abouthis father’s hands? Jerry Jr noticed that his father’s hands have dirt encrusted in them that were not there last night
Book 2 Chapter 2 Book 2 Chapter 2
1. What is the Old Bailey? Describe it. Old bailey is a lodon court house that was notorious for it criminals found guilty
2. What job is Jerry sent to do? When he arrives at the bank, the clerk tells Jerry to go down to the courthouse, the Old Bailey, and wait for Mr. Lorry. The clerk gives him a note that he is supposed to pass to Mr. Lorry by way of the doorkeeper of the courthouse.
3. What type of case is going to be presented? What is the punishment if th verdict is “guilty”? Explain. (Even if it might gross you out) The case being tried that day is for treason. The punishment is that the guilty be hanged, drawn, and quartered. Jerry Cruncher thinks the punishment is barbarous.
4. Who is the defendant? Describe him. The prisoner is a young man of about twenty-five, good-looking, and obviously a gentleman. He is dressed plainly in dark colors, and his hair is gathered in a ribbon at the back of his neck. He is self- possessed, bowing to the judges and standing quietly.His name is Charles Darnay
5.. How do the people at the trial get in? Hew do they regard the defendant? What is his plea? People pay to get in and watch the trial. The people don’t care if the defendant is guilty or inoccent as he is killed,
6. What is over the prisoners head? Why? A mirror is over the prisoners head to angle light directly at the prisoner
7, Who are the pair in th courtroom that have everyone whispering and wondering? Why are they in court? Their eyes rest on two witnesses, a young woman of around twenty-five and a gentleman who evidently is her father. The father looks remarkable due to the whiteness of his hair and the intense look on his face, like a man who is absorbed with his own thoughts. The daughter has one hand drawn through his arm and the other pressed upon it.
Book2 Chapter 3 Book2 Chapter 3
1. What does the court suspect Darnay has done? Be specific. The court suspected Darnay of selling british secrets to the French.
2. Who is the chief witness for the prosecution? The Chief witness is John Barsad
3. Who is John Barsad? goings. He produces a witness, John Barsad, who supposedly was once a friend of the prisoner. He, however, has decided to put loyalty to his country above his friendship to the prisoner.
4. What are the blue flies that are buzzing? The buzz of the people in the audience in the court
5,: Briefly discuss.the testimony of Mr. Lorry, Miss Manette, and Dr. Manette. “Miss Manette is called to testify next and appears reluctant to give evidence against the prisoner. She states that she first met Darnay five years ago, while crossing the Channel between France and England. He was very kind and advised her how to shelter her father from the wind and weather; he also expressed great concern for her father’s condition. She admits that he had come aboard with two French gentlemen, with whom he conversed at length.Before they departed the boat, the Frenchmen had handed some papers to him. She had not seen the contents of the papers or heard the men speak about them. The prisoner had told her, however, that he was traveling under an assumed name since he had some delicate, difficult business to attend to which might get people into trouble. He also told her that his business might take him between France and England for a long time to come. Dr. Manette is called as the next witness, but cannot identify the prisoner since at that time he had just been released from prison and was not mentally sound.
6. Who is Mr. Carton? How is he important to Darnays freedom? Mr. Carton is Darnays lawyer and he points our Charles and his similar apperance
7. Who is Mr. Stryver?
8. Who faints? Who rescues her? During the summing up by the Judge and the conference with the jury, Mr. Carton sits without moving, hands in pockets. His demeanor appears reckless and gives him a disreputable and disinterested look; but he is more observant than he appears, for when Miss Manette’s head falls on her father’s chest, he quickly calls an attendant to take her out. When he discusses Miss Manette with Darnay, the prisoner says that he is sorry to have caused the young lady such agitation.
9. What is peculiar about the looks of Darnay and Carton? they both appear similar in their looks
10. What was the verdict? not guilty
Book 2 Chapter 4 Book 2 Chapter 4
1. How has Nanette changed? Mr. Manette is now stable and living a semi- normal life
2. Describe Mr. Stryver. What is his relation to Carton? Carton and strver are childhood
3. What happens to Manette in the course of conversation outside the court house? Mr.Manete begins to grow weary and shut down and turn to his daugther for guidance
4. How do Lorry and Carton get along? What condition does Carton appear to be in? Carton is envious of Darnay because Darnay reminds Carton of what he could have been
5. What tone does Carton use towards Darnay? Why do you think he acts that way? Carton speaks at Daarnay with a jealous envious tone because hee wants darnays life
6. Would Carton trade places with Darnay? Why or why not? Carton would trade lives with Darnay because Darnay lives such a better life than Carton
Book 2 Chapter 5 Book 2 Chapter 5
1. Bow had Sydney come up with the idea that freed Charles? Sydeny came you with the idea to free Charles on a whim
2. Who is the lion and who is the jackal? Why are these names appropriate? Stryver is the lion and Carotn is the Jackal. These names are approiate becase the Lion always takes center stage while the jackeal lurks in the background
3. What does Sydney do while he works? Sydeny drinks while he works
4. How had they laiown each other previously? Carton and Stryver were childhood friends
5. What does Carton tell Stryver that he thinks of Miss Nanette? What does Stryver reply? Carton tells Strryver that Lucie is a golden hair doll ,but in response Stryver telles Carton it is he the won whom frll for that doll
Book 2 Chapter 6 Book 2 Chapter 6
1. Where do the Manettes live? Describe their home. The Manettes live in a small house on a quiet street corner near Soho square
2. How does Lucie make their home special? Lucies puts lively decorative piece all over the house
3. Why is Miss Press upset with Lucie? What does Miss Press have a habit of doing? Miss Pross is upset with Lucie because of Lucies many suitors
4. Who is the only man she thinks is worthy of Lucie? Miss Pross believes that only her brother Soloman is goood enough for Lucie
5. What does Nanette continue to do? Does he recall his imprisonment? Explain. – Mr. Manette continues to makes shoes , however he remembers nothing of his own imprison ment
6. Who are the “hundreds of people”? The hundereds of people are the people Lucie expects will enter her Familes lives
7. What story does charles relate about the Tower? Bow does it affect Nanette? Charles tells them anout finding a letter that says did on it while he was imprioned . Mr. Manette recieves it very poorly
8. Describe the night. What are the footsteps they hear? What is the mood? . Lucie, while looking out of the window, gets a premonition that the footsteps outside the house signify people who are going to enter their lives someday.
Book 2 Chapter 7 Book 2 Chapter 7
1. How has the setting changed? Monseigneur, the Marquis, is an influential member of the ruling oligarch, known for his selfishness. He sits in his Parisian suite drinking chocolate served by four men. Various members of high society congregate in his reception rooms. Their fancy dress and false conversations are reflective of their pretentious natures. Known for their disinterest and uselessness, they are engaged in occupations about which they know little and which interest them little.
2. What is the huge ceremony about in the first paragraph? The huge ceremony is the man being served his daily serving of chocolate
3, That is Dickens revealing in his description of Moseigneur? How is he described?
4 What has happened to the Moriseigneur? What does he do to solve his problem? Momseigneur is broke and to solve his problem he took his sister out of the covinant to marry some one for money
5. What type of people does Dickens describe as holding important offices (ie. naval, church, etc.) that attend the reception? People who don’t really known how to handle there position nor care how to properly manage it
6. How did everyone dress? Everyone dress as if they were going to attend a ball
7. Describe the man who is snubbed by Monseigneur. Why does he say the Monseigneur should to “to the Devil”? Monseigneur makes a brief public appearance during which he scorns one of the petitioners; it is Marquis St. Evremonde, a man of about sixty. He is handsomely dressed and has a haughty manner. His pale face is clearly defined like a fine mask. Evremonde is infuriated at the slight and curses Monseigneur to the devil.
8. What does he do as he drives home? How do the people address him? What is his response? He orders his driver to drive recklessly
9. Whose child is it? Who speaks out? What is done with the coins? Gaspards. Defrage. Thrown at the carriage
10. How is Madame Defarge described as she lmits? Mrs. Defarge is the only woman in the group that seems to have any stamina to stand up to the Marquis. As she knits, she looks the Marquis squarely and steadily in the face.
Book 2 Chapter 8 Book 2 Chapter 8
1. Describe the countryside the Marquis passes in his coach. What had made the people poor? The Marquis makes his way from Paris through the countryside towards the Evremonde family estate. The crops on the way look dried and withered, just like the peasants.
2. What do the mender of roads tell the Monsieur theMarquis? Who is the man he describes? The man tells him that someone was hanging underneath the carriage; he says the man was tall, covered with dust, and as white as a ghost.
3. Who is Gabelle? How does he act toward the Marcuis? Gabelle is a tax collector and he acts with contempt towards the Marquis
4. Who is the Marquis expecting? He is expecting his nephew
Book 2 Chapter 9 Book 2 Chapter 9
1. Describe the Marquis’ château. How does it reflect his personality? The chateau of the Evremondes is a large, heavy mass of building, with a large courtyard before it. Two stone staircases meet in a stone terrace before the principal door. There are also stone balustrades, stone heads, and stone faces everywhere. The Marquis, led by a torchbearer, makes his way to his private chambers, which are equipped with all manners of luxuries.
2. Who arrives at the Marquis’ home? What is their relationship? Charles he is the Marquis’ Uncle
3. What detained his arrival? Buisness in Britian
4. Bow do the people of France regard the Marquis’ family? How does the Marquis feel about this? How does the nephew feel about it? p. 112 The Marquis family has fallen out of favor . Marquis hates it and his nephew fine with it
5. What does Dickens foreshadow will happen to the château of the Marquis and to those like him? p.113 The next morning, however, the Marquis of Evremonde is found dead in his bed. Driven into his heart is a common knife with a note from one of the revolutionaries who call themselves Jacques. The note simply says, “Drive him fast to his tomb. This, from Jacques.”
6. What had nephew’s mother asked of him on her death bed? She ask that he doesn’t follow is his father and uncles foot steps
7. What special relationship did the nephew’s father have with his uncle?
8. What does Charles renounce (give up)? Why? Charles renounces his title
9. What / Who does the uncle inquire about that the nephew is familiar with in England? Describe his tone. The uncle inquires about a doctor and a daughter that Charle may have meet in england
l. What is the mood that Dickens creates after the Marquis has gone to bed? As he prepares to sleep, Evremonde thinks of the scene at the Paris fountain. He remembers the tall man, Gaspard, howling over the dead child. He also thinks of the road-mender’s tale of the tall man hanging under the carriage. Not suspicious by nature, the Marquis makes no connection between these events. The next morning, however, the Marquis of Evremonde is found dead in his bed.
11. What has happened to the Marquis during the night? •What message is left on him? The note simply says, “Drive him fast to his tomb. This, from Jacques.”
12. Who brings the new to the village? Who abruptly mounts a horse, and leaves? the mender of roads quickly leaves
Book 2 Chapter 10 Book 2 Chapter 10
1. How much time has passed at the beginning of Chapter 10? One year has passed
2. What is Charles’ profession? How successful is he? Charles is a tutor and he is neither very success ful or very pitiful
3. With whom has Charles fallen in love? For how long has he been in love? Charles has fallen in love with Lucie and he fell in love form the first time he saw her
4. Describe the Doctors condition. How has he changed? Why is Charles at the house? Is Lucie aware of his feelings? The is now mentally stable and a pracipitaing member of society
5. Is Manette aware of Lucie’s feelings? Are therecther suitors? No but as soon as Mr. Manette finds out he will tell charles
6. What does Charles reveal to Manette? That he loves Lucie
7. What are the two pramises’ to which the tt1e of the chapter refers? To tell Mr. Manette his name and for Mr. Manette to tell charle Lucie’s feelings
Book 2 Chapter 11 Book 2 Chapter 11
1. What/How does Stryver refer to Sydney Carton? On what are the two men working? .
2. What odd thing does Carton do to pull him through the night”? He drinks through out the night
3. What news does Stryver give Sydney? How does Carton react? Who is the lady of his affection? Stryver wants to mary Lucie and Sydney is shocked.
On what does Stryver give Sidney a lecture? What are Stryver’s views on a woman’s role in marriage? That all women want is to get married and women are only want a wealthy man to marry and to take care of there childern
Book 2 Chapter 12 Book 2 Chapter 12
1. Who does Stryver consult before going to Soho? What does this learned person advise him to do? What is Stryver’s reaction to this advice? Mr.Lorry . Not to propase to Lucie
2. How does Stryver cope with rejection? Explain. Ignores the suggestion ahowever he doesn’t ask Lucie to marry him
Book 2 Chapter 13 Book 2 Chapter 13
1. How does Sydney behave at Dr. Manette’s home? Sydeny Carton always is sober and polite
2. How does Sydney see himself? What regrets does ha have? How does Lucia respond to his “confessions”? He sees him self as a drunk, He regrets that he wasn’t a better man. She told him that he could be a better man and she believes in him
3. How does he see Lucia? What does he aks of her? What does he tell her he would do for her?. (quote from novel) p.141 He sees Lucie as an innocent angel. He asks her for to be kind to him.
4. What theme in the novel do his words reflect? death and resurection
Book 2 Chapter-14 Book 2 Chapter-14
1. Who iS the “Honest Tradesman”? How does he take advantage of “timid women”? Where is his office? Jerry cruncher is the honest tradesman.
2. Why does Jerry smack young Jerry? Because he said he wanted to be just like his dad
3. What is the crowd around the funeral procession doing? Why are they doing it? For whom is the funeral? The funeral is for Roger Cly who is supected of being a Traitor and because of this the people attending his funeral are causing a rucus and arew ruining the mans image and disgracing the dead man
4. How many mourners does the deceased have? What does the crowd do? How does Dickens describe the crowd? The deceased only has one mourner and the crowd steals pieces of the mounrners clothing . The crowd is dicribed as reckless , fear inspiring , and animal like.
5. Who does Jerry go to see after the funeral? Jerry goes to see the undertaker of the cemetry
6. Where is he going that evening? Who wants to go along? What does he warn his wife about doing? Jerry goes to the cemetery that evening ,but unknowningly his son tags along. However before he leave Jerry warns his wife against praying
7. When does Jerry leave? Who followshin? With whom does Jerry work? Where do they go? Jerry leave around midnight to perform his duty as a body snatcher , however when he arrives at the casket no body was found. Jerry works with the undertaker .
8. What does young Jerry think he sees? What is Jerry’s business? Was he successful that night? Jerry Jr thinks he sees a casket chasing after him. Jerry’s buisness is body snatching. And he was unsuccessful that night
9. What does young Jerry want to be when he grows up? Jerry wants to be a body snatcher
Book 2 Chapter 15 Book 2 Chapter 15
1. What is the setting of this chapter? “Two men enter the wine shop in St. Antoine. One is Monsieur Defarge; the other is the road-mender who had been questioned by the Marquis about the tall, thin man hanging from under his carriage. As they enter, one man drinks up his wine and departs; a second man does the same and is followed by a third. The road mender eats the coarse bread and wine offered to him by Defarge. They then make their way to the garret where Dr. Manette had once lived. The three men who had earlier left the wine shop are present. Defarge introduces the three men as Jacques One, Two, and Three. He introduces himself as Jacques Four and the road-mender as Jacques Five.
2. What simile does Dickens use in describing the coins in the bowl at the wine shop? p.151
3. Where dothe five Jacques meet? What do they discuss?
The road-mender relates how he had seen Gaspard hanging from under the carriage of the Marquis; he tells how Gaspard remained hidden for a year but is finally caught. The soldiers took him to a prison on top of a hill near the village. There were rumors circulating that Gaspard would be pardoned; other rumors suggested that he would be held prisoner and tortured for a long time. In truth, Gaspard was hanged, forty feet high, near the fountain in the center of the peasant village.
4. How long has it been since the murder of the Marquis? Who is the man that killed him? What has happened to him? It has been a year since sinse the murder, Gaspard killed Marquis, and the man is hung 40 feet in the air above the towns fountain.
5. How had Defarge tri,ed to help him? What do the soldiers do after they take him from prison? How does this affect the people of the village? The soldiers took him to a prison on top of a hill near the village. There were rumors circulating that Gaspard would be pardoned; other rumors suggested that he would be held prisoner and tortured for a long time. In truth, Gaspard was hanged, forty feet high, near the fountain in the center of the peasant village. The body then poisons the water causing the fountain to become undrinkable
6. What is the verdict” of the men? They decide to exterminate the entire Evremonde family; their names will go into the “register.”
7. What sinister purpose does Mme. Defarge’s Knitting have? Madame Defrage’s Knitting is a regoster of people who are gfoing to be killed in the french revolution
8. Where do the Defarges take the mender of the roads? Why? The road-mender is later taken to Versailles to cheer the lords and their ladies. Defarge feels that the cheering will make the aristocrats more arrogant, which in turn would result in their bringing about their own downfall in a rapid manner.
Book 2 Chapter 16 Book 2 Chapter 16
1. How and why do the stone faces at the chtaau change?
2. What information does Jacques of the police tell Msr. Defarge? That a spy is coming
3. Describe arsad. Where have you previously heard of him?
Where will Madame Defarge ‘register’ him? She puts him on her to be killed list
4. Why is Defarge depressed? How does his wife ‘console” him?
5. For what purpose is the rose used? Why and/or how do people react to it?
6. What is she 1zitting? Why? What is the spy trying to get Madame Defarge to do?
7. How does he greet Msr. Defarge? Why? How do they respond to the spy’s questions?
8. What information does the spy relate to the Defarges? That Lucie and Charles are to be married
9. What truth is revealed about Darnay? How does this effect Msr. Defarge? What does Madame Defarge do? Darnay is French royalty. Mrs Derfrage pitys lucie for being wed to such a horrid man and Mr.Defrage hopes that
Book 2 Chapter 17 Book 2 Chapter 17
1. What does Dr. Manette try to assure Lucie about before she is married? He assures Lucie that he will be fine when she leaves
2. What does he talk about that he has not discussed previously? He talks to her about his prison life
3. Describe the wedding ceremony of Lucie and Charles.
Book 2 Chapter 18 Book 2 Chapter 18
1. What is the only regret Miss Pross has about LucieDs marriage? That she didn’t marry someone like her brother
2. What was the promise that Charles had to fulfill en his wedding day? (see chap. 10) How does it seem to affect the Doctor? Charles told Dr.Manette his real name and Dr. Manette goes in to a relapse
3. How does the doctor change when Lucia leaves on her honeymoon? How do Lorry and Pross handle it? The doctor returns to his orginal self from his jail days. They always have some one in the room to make sure he doesn’t rrelapse completely
4. How long does this last? What does Lorry ask the Doctor to do? What is his reply? This last for nine days?
Book 2Chapter 19 Book 2Chapter 19
1. Does the doctor remember what has transpired? The doctor has no memory of what happened over the past nine days
2. How does Mr. Lorry approach Dr. Manette for advice on what to do about his reverting back to his prison days? Mr. Lorry keeps on saying his friend has and issue when discussing with Dr. Mannette
3. According to him, what inspires this attack? The shoe making stool and tools inspired the act!!
4. What two additional questions does Lorry recommend? What does Lorry say that finally convinces the Doctor?
5. What do Lorry and Pross do when he leaves to join Lucie and Charles? They destory his shoe making tools after he left
Book 2 Chapter 20 Book 2 Chapter 20
1. What does Carton apologize to Darnay for doing? What is Darnay’s reply? Carton apologized for being unkind to Darnay and Darnay says he has already forgotten Carton’s rudeness
2. What does Sydney ask of Charles? What does Lucie ask of Charles? Sydney asks to be able to visit Charles & Lucy a couple of times a year. Lucie tell Darnay to be kind to Sydney, because Darnay is a deeply wounded man
3. How does Lucia regard Sydney? Does she think there is any hope for him? Lucie regards Sydney as a beloved friend, but she doesn’t think there is hope for Sydney to change.
Book 2 Chapter 21 Book 2 Chapter 21
1. That is the golden thread that links CharIes the Doctcr and Mis Pross? Lucie is the golden thread that links everyone together
2. What two things happen in Lucie’s life a: the beginning of Chapter 21? Lucie has had children with Darnay and one of her sons died
3. How do the children regard Sydney? The children teat Sydney with sympathy and kindness
4. What has happened to Stryver in the passing years? p.196 Stryer increased & climbed up the ladder of success, taking Sydney after him
5. How does he employ Charles Darnay? He ask Darnay to tutor his child however Darnay denys the offer
6. What year is it? ( Check your Intro notes.) What significant events occurred in France during this year? 1789 in mid June. These events occurred June 17 – In France, representatives of the Third Estate at the Estates-General declare themselves the National Assembly June 20 – Tennis Court Oath is made in Versailles June 23 – Louis XVI of France makes a conciliatory speech urging reforms to a joint session and orders the three estates to meet together
7. What is the mood in France as the chapter changes location? Describe the actions of the people? The people of France of full of vengeance direct towards their monarchy and they are bent on taking, or killing whatever pleases them
8: What do they take from the astille? The peasants take Ammunition, the prisoners, and the heads of the guard which they place on spikes
9. Whose head is cut off by Madame Defarge? Mrs. Defrag cuts off the governor’s head
10. What does Defarge search for in 105 North Tower? Defrage searched for an item that Dr. Manette had left behind in his jail cell
11. That is the sea of black and threatening waters? The black wave refers to the mob, which is full of vengeance
Book 2 Chapter 22 Book 2 Chapter 22
1. Who is Foul on? What do they do to him? Foulon is an aristocrat who faked his own death to protect himself, is still alive. He also told the peasants that if they were hungry they could eat grass. So the peasants hang him cut off him head put grass in his mouth and mount his heads on a spike
2. Who is the Vengeance? p.205 The Vengeance is a mother of two children and is also Mrs. Defrage’s second in command
Book 2 Chapter 23 Book 2 Chapter 23
1. Describe the state of affairs as Chapter 23 opens. Who is the cause of all the fear and desolation? Nothing has really changed in peasant life, they are still working for pennies a day only to get scraps of food
2. Where are all the nobility going? The nobility are fleeing from the country or being killed
3. Describe the man who approaches the mender of the roads. How do they address each other? – “a shaggy-haired man of almost barbarian aspect, tall, in wooden shoes that were clumsy even to the eyes of the mender of roads….”They address each other as Jacques .
4. What makes Monsieur Cabelle uneasy? Gabelle becomes uneasy because of the people who are gathering near the fountain
5. – What happens to the ch.teau? How do the people react? The chateau is set on fire. The people stare at the fire in slight indifference
6. How high are the flames? Why is that ironic? The flames are about forty feet high which is the height at which Gaspard’s body was hung
7. Why does Cabelle hide? Gabelle is a tax collector and they begin to threaten his life so he hides on top of his roof
8. What has begun? The French revolution has begun all over France
book 2 Chapter 24 book 2 Chapter 24
1. How many years have passed? p.218 Three years have passed since the last chapter
2. What has Monseigneur done TMin his terrors of the coming revolution? p.217 Monseigneur has fled France as soon as he felt threatened
3. Where do all the noble Frenchmen go? Many of the aristocrats escape from France; those that do not escape are captured and killed by the guillotine
4. What role did Teilson’s play? Many of the expatriate French aristocrats flee to London. They begin to gather at Tellson’s Bank in order to transact business and hear the latest news of events in their own country
5. About what are Charles. and Mr. Lorry arguing? One day in August of 1792, Darnay is in the bank trying, in vain, to dissuade Mr. Lorry from going over to Paris to safeguard the bank’s French interests
6. What makes Charles uncomfortable? A letter is sent to Darnay addressed to him by his proper name, Marquis St. Evremonde, and only his immediate family know his real name
7. For whom is the unclaimed letter? It.is from whom? The letter is for Darnay and it is from Gabelle.
8. What comments does Stryver make about the man for whom the letter is meant? “I have referred it , I think , to everybody now here, and no one can tell me where this gentle man is to be found.” And “… Here is a fellow, who, infected by the most pestilent and blasphemous code of devilry that ever was known, abandoned his property to vilest scum of the earth that ever did murder by wholesale, and you ask me why I am sorry that a man who instructs youth knows him? Well, but I’ll answer you. I am sorry because I believe there is contamination in such a scoundrel….”
9. What does the letter request? What thoughts does the letter inspire in Charles? That does he resolve to do? It is from Gabelle, the old, faithful servant of the Evremondes. He has been imprisoned and is going to be tried for treason against the people. He begs Darnay to come and save him, since the only crime he committed was to follow Darnay’s orders. Darnay is deeply moved by the letter and realizes that he has not done all that he intended about the abandonment of his estate and social rank. He realizes that he should have been present in person and supervised the plans for relieving the tenants of their heavy debts. He had given Gabelle written instructions to spare the people and give them what little there was to give. Darnay decides to go back to Paris to save Gabelle and to try undoing some of the wrongs done by his family
10. Is Lucie aware of his plans? Lucie doesn’t know of Charles departure, he leaves without telling anyone. Charles, however, did send a letter to his family telling them of his plans
11. Notice the date on which he departs. Check your notes for dates of the 1 revolution. What might this mean for Charles Darnay? The French revolution began four days prior to his journey to France. This could mean further complication for Charles that will delay his quest.
BOOK III Chapter 1 BOOK III Chapter 1
1. What is the motto of ‘the New Republic of France? Liberty, Freedom, Equality, or Death
2. What does the functionary force Charles to have and to pay for? p.230 Charles is forced to have escorts
3 What does Charles have a feeling about (or sense) as he makes his journey to Paris? Darnay feels as if his trip will be prolonged and that his life may be in great danger
4. What do they keep calling him? What does that mean? They refer to Charles as a emigrant which is a person who has left one country to live in another
5. How do the people treat him in Beauvais? Who is from Beauvais? The mob tries to attack Darnay in Beauvais, the very village from where Dr. Manette hailed
6. That decree was passed the day Charles left England? How does it affect him? A decree was passed the day Darnay left England. This decree stated that any land previously held by the noble could be taken, and that he no longer possesses any rights
7. Where is he sent on his arrival to Paris? Why? Charles is sent to prison as a prisoner
8. Who is the ‘sharp female newly-born’? p.235 She is the revolution which is newly born
9. Why was Charles totally unaware of the changes in his country until it was too late? Charles was blinded by his heroic deeded he believed that since he had renounced his title that the peasants would see him as any ally instead of an enemy
10. Describe lForce and the people who are prisoners there. The La Force are all in a state between Sobriety and drunkenness they are all raggedly dress and ill mannered. The prisoners of the jail are all courteous they curtsey and bow at Darnay when he enters and one man tries to even comfort Charles
BOOK III Chapter 2 BOOK III Chapter 2
1. Who arrives in Paris at Mr. Lorry’s lodgings? Where is Mr. Lorry staying? The Manette’s arrived in Paris along with little Lucie and Mrs.Pross. Tellson’s Bank in Paris is in a wing of a large house. In front of it is a courtyard that is shut off from the street by a high wall and a strong gate
2. Why does Dr. Manette say he leads a ‘charmed life” in Paris? He says this because he is not being treated like the prisoner of La force
3. What is b&hind the blind from which Mr. Lorry warns Lucie not to look? Describe it. Thousands of people have gathered to sharpen their bloody weapons on a grindstone. The men using the grindstone are stripped to the waist and are stained all over with blood. The mob has been reduced to a group of butchers– a name that suits them perfectly, for they think of the aristocrats as animals.
4. What are the citizens of France doing to the prisoners? The prisoners of La force are being butchered and brutally murdered.
BOOK III Chapter 3 BOOK III Chapter 3
I.. What does Defarge bring to Mr. Lorry? What is Mr. Lorry supposed to do? Why? Defarge brings a message to Mr. Lorry from Dr. Manette, stating that Darnay is safe. There is another message from Darnay for Lucie and Lorry is supposed to give it to Lucie
2. Who goes alongwith the Defarges? Madame Defarge and the Vengeance
3. Describe Madame Defarge’s manner towards Lucie. Is she there for Luce’s protection? Explain. Madame Defarge act cold and distant towards Lucie.Madame defarge is not there to protect Lucie she is there to to harm them, not to help them. She has come to Lucie’s in order to learn the names of Darnay’s family that should be knitted into her register
4. What is Madasie Defarge’s reply to Lucie’s pleas? Madame Defarge, looking as cold as ever, turns to The Vengeance and explains that the mothers and wives have not been thought about when their husbands and fathers were rotting in prison. They have suffered all kinds of poverty, hunger, sickness, misery, oppression, and neglect. Turning to Lucie she adds that the troubles of one wife and mother do not mean much to them
BOOK III Chapter 4 BOOK III Chapter 4
1. Doctor Manette did not return until when? What has he seen in that time? After four days, Dr. Manette finally returns from La Force. He tells of the horrors committed there by the mob and the thousands of people that have been killed
2. What has given the Doctor strength? p.253 The thought of his daughters love and that he was helping his daughter
3. What historical events does Dickens describe? p.25 France has been made a republic. The king is tried for treason, condemned, and executed by guillotine. A Law of Suspects is created to allow the government to imprison anyone who is suspected of any crime. A new tribunal is set up and given extraordinary powers to try summarily all those charged with any hostility to the state. A Committee of General Security and a Committee of Public Safety are formed to hunt down and punish political crimes. The Reign of Terror has truly set in
4. How long is Charles imprisoned before he gets a trial? Darnay lies in prison for one and a half years
5. How long has it been since Dr. Manette was released? It has been an over 18 years since Dr. Manette has been imprisoned
BOOK III Chapter 5 BOOK III Chapter 5
1. Where/what does the Doctor instruct Lucie to go/do each afternoon? Why? He instructs her to stand in a certain part of the city close to the tower so Darnay can look at her at 3 o’clock
2. Who is the wood-sawyer? Why is he there? The wood sawyer is the mender of roads. He has now been posted outside his wood shop to specifically spy on and report the nature of Lucie’s actions by the prison
3. Who passes by as Lucie makes a gesture, toward Charles’ window? pp.260-26l Madame Defarge
4. Who is visiting Mr. Lorry? (bottom of 261) Carton
BOOK III Chapter 6 BOOK III Chapter 6
1. What is Charles’ true name? Charles Evermonde
2. Describe the people in the courtroom. Compare this scene to Charles’ trial for treason at the Old Bailey. The people at the trial all appear in different states, some are sleeping, some are awake, some are drunk, some are sober, some men are dripping in dried blood, and others are spotless of blood
3. Who prepares Charles for the trial? Who are the two witnesses? What had happened to Gabelle when Charles arrived in Paris? Dr. Manette prepares Charles for his trial. Gabelle and Mr. Manette are the two witnesses. And Gabelle was released from custody when Charles arrived in France
4. What is the verdict of the jury? Charles is let free
5. What emotion seems to dominate the Doctor? Why? Dr. Manette is overjoyed that he has been able to make his daughter happy again; it is adequate payment for his long life of suffering
BOOK III Chapter 7 BOOK III Chapter 7
1. Who has come along with Mr. Lorry and Lucie to act as servants in their home? – Where do they go when Charles returns home? Mrs. Pross and Jerry Cruncher act as servants to the Manettes and they go to the market when Charles comes home
2, Why don’t they leave France immediately? They don’t leave France immediately because Charles is not in a good enough mental state
3. Why do the men return to take Charles? Who has denounced him? The men come to take Charles because he has been re-accused, and Madame Defarge has denounced him
BOOK III Chapter 8 BOOK III Chapter 8
1. What Is ‘the National Razor that shaves too closely? The guillotine is the national razor
2. Why does Miss Pross scream in the vine-shop? pp.274-275 Miss Pross screams because she recognizes the man that is her brother
3. How does Jerry look at Solomon Prose? How does Solomon treat his sister? Jerry looks at Solomon with spite and a wary eye. Miss Pross brother treats her unkindly and almost uncaringly
4. Why is Jerry confused about his name? What is his rother identity? Who reveals it? Jerry attended Charles trial in England where Solomon testified as John Barsad, and Carton reveals Solomon’s identity to Jerry
5. What does Earsad do ifl France? What does Sydney ask him to do? Who does he want to go with him? p.278 John is a spy in France, Carton ask a favor from John and also asks that Jerry accompanies him
6. What does Miss Pross observe about Sydney Carton which she will remember the rest of her life? Miss Pross remembers that Carton walked with a sense of Purpose like he was preparing himself that he wanted to do
7. Sydney Cazton bargains with 3arsad by letting him 1iow that Sydney would turn himin to the French as an English spy. What extended metaphor is used to represent their exchange? The extended metaphor use to represent this exchange is a card game
8. How does Barsad see Madame Defarge? John sees Madame Defrage as a threat to his life and as a wicked and intelligent woman
9. Who does Sydney recognize as being Earsad’s friend when he met Barsad in the wine-shopZ There does Barsad say dy iS? How does Jerry react to this news? Carton recognized Roger Cly as John Barsad’s friend in the Wine shop, and when he reveals this news to John , John tells him that Roger has been dead for several years. When Jerry hear this news he reacts rather angrily
10, What does Jerry reveal to Carton and Lorry about Cly? Jerry reveals that Roger Cly isn’t dead
11. What is Barsad’s job at the Conciergerie? p.285 – To clean guard the prison Charles is residing in.
BOOK III Chapter 9 BOOK III Chapter 9
1. How does Mr. Lorry react to the Iciowiedge of Jerry’s trade? Mr. Lorry is disgusted by his new found knowledge of Jerry’s trade
2. Why doesn’t the reader 1ow what arrangement Sydney makes with Earsad? That technique is Dickens using? The reader doesn’t know about the plan Carton is making with John ,because they are currently located in a separate room from Jerry and Mr. Lorry. By keeping Carton and John in a separate room Charles Dickinson is masterfully able to create a sense on suspense
3. What tone does Sydney use towards Mr. Lorry now? How is it different from past behavior? Carton uses a friendly caring voice. In the past Carton uses a slightly rude voice
4. What does Carton advise Lorry not to tell Lucie? p.288 Carton tells Lorry not to tell Lucie about his arrival in France
5. – That philosophical question about life does Sydney ask Mr. Lorry? What is his response? p.290 Carton asks Mr. Lorry if life is truly worth living if no one truly cares about you
6. Where does Sydney go after leaving Mr. Lorry? After leaving Mr. Lorry, Carton goes to the Chemist
7. Who is the “Barber” and what is his job? The barber that is referred to in the text is the guillotine operator
8. Where does Sydney make a purchase? Sydney makes a purchase from the chemist
9. What had happened to Sydney’s parents? What does he remember about his father’s funeral? Both of Sydney’s parents are dead and he remembers the words spoken at his father’s funeral . The words spoken by the priest echo through his mind: “I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die.”
10. How does Sydney pass the time until the morning? Carton wonders around the city until sunrise
11. Who are the three people who denounced Darnay? The three people that denounce Charles are Mr. Defrage, Madame Defrage, and Dr. Manette
12. What had Defarge found when the Eastille was stormed? Mr. Defrage found a letter written by Dr. Manette when the Bastille was stormed
BOOK III Chapter 10 BOOK III Chapter 10
l. This chapter is in the form of a _____ written by _____ This chapter is written in the form of the letter written by Dr Manette.
2. That did he use for pen and ink? Dr. Manette wrote the Letter with his blood.
3. What does the Doctor notice that is similar about the two men who ask him to go with them in their carriage? p.298 The two men were twins
4. Describe the Doctor’s patient. Describe how the brothers behaved towards the Doctor. Upstairs he finds a delirious woman in her twenties; she is rambling on about her family who has been killed. Her arms are bound to her sides with sashes. The doctor notices a fringed scarf with the crest of nobility and the initial “E.” he men act as if they are proud of her conditionn and show no remorse
5. What words does the patient shriek? p.300 Upstairs he finds a delirious woman in her twenties; she is rambling on about her family who has been killed
6. Who is the other patient? What is wrong with him? How are the patients related? p.303 He is a young, handsome, peasant boy dying from a fatal would. The Doctor finds out that he has been stabbed by one of the brothers. The boy tells the Doctor that the woman is his sister, and they are tenants of one of the brothers. He informs the Doctor about his sister’s abduction by the other brother and how he was stabbed when he tried to rescue her. He discloses that the youngest sister managed to sneak away safely.
7. What had the brothers done to the girl’ s husband? Why? What are the counts of twelve of which she screams? They made her husband pull a cart for 12 hours ,I because the husband would not let the noble men “borrow ” her so they could have sex with his wife
8. What curse does the boy make on the Marquis? p.305 That even his desendents will face his wrath and suffer
9. What does the doctor discover about his female patient? The doctor learns that the woman was raped by the men
10. That did the doctor do with the information about these brothers? p.308 He notifies the Minister of this ghastly incident
11. Who is the lady who comes to see the Doctor? What does she want to now? Can the Doctor tell her? Who does she have with her? Later he is visited by the Marquis St. Evremonde’s wife and comes to know the identity of the brothers. She wishes to help the surviving sister to make amends for her brother
12, How does the letter make Dr. Matiette one of Charles’ accusers? What is the verdict? The letter makes Dr. Manette one of Charles’s accusers because it proves Charles uncle’s guilt. And the verdict is guilty
BOOK III Chapter 11 BOOK III Chapter 11
1. How does Lucie hold up for Charles? How does the doctor react? How does Charles console him? She pleads with his jailer to let her embrace her husband for the last time. The doctor is thrown in to a fit of despair . Darnay blesses his wife and assures her that they will meet again one day. He also sends a parting blessing to little Lucie. The Doctor’s only response is to run his hands through his hair and utter an anguished cry
2. Who carries her? What request does he ask’befoe he leaves her? What had little Lucie heard him say? Carton carries Lucie and before he leaves he ask if he would be able to kiss Lucie. As Carton kisses Lucie on her face little Lucie hear Carton say “”A life you love.”
3. What does Carton urge Nanette to do? Where will Sydney wait to hear from him? Carton He urges Dr. Manette to use his influence, once again, to save Darnay’s life, even though he knows that it is hopeless
4. Is there hope for Charles? Explain your thoughts. Yes because I read the ending and I know Carton saves Darnay
BOOK III Chapter 12 BOOK III Chapter 12
1. Why does Sydney say he should be seen around town? p.315 Carton says this because people will suspect that a man that looks like Darnay suddenly pops up after Darnay has supposedly be executed
2. What do the Defarges notice about Sydney’s appearance? The Defrage’s note the similarity between Carton and Darnay’s appearance
3. Why does Carton try to make it obvious to the Defarges that he knows little French, even though earlier he was fluent in it? Carton makes it seem as though he is an English man without much knowledge of French. This gives Carton another difference from Charles
4. Where does Madame Defarge say the killing will stop? p.317 Madame defrags says the killing will stop at the extermination of all who are enemies of the republic
5. Who seems to hesitate at her remarks? Where’ does he wish to stop? Mr. Defrage seem hesitant at Mrs. Defrage’s suggestion of killing Dr. Manette along with the rest of his family. Mr. Defrage wishes to stop after the death of Charles and other major offenders
6. What is Madame Defarge’s secret? What is, she determined to do? Madame Defrage is the sister of the woman in the earlier chapter who was rape and later died. Madame Defrage wants to extract revenge on Darnay for what happened to his sister
7. What is Dr. Nanette’s appearance when he returns to Mr. Lorry? For what does he ask? Dr. Manette appears like the man he once was in Defrage’s House, and he ask for his shoe making tools
8. What does Carton ask Mr. Lorry to do with his passport?
9. What danger is there to Lucie and her child? Lucie and her child are now in danger of being executed
10. What must Mr. Lorry tell Lucie to do? What else does Carton emphasize that Mr. Lorry do? Mr. Lorry must tell Lucie to pack her thing and get ready for the trip. Carton tells Mr. Lorry to drive away as soon as he gets into the carriage
BOOK III Chapter 13 BOOK III Chapter 13
1. How many victims were to be killed that day? (pp.323-326) Who was among them? Fifty two victims were to be killed that day and Charles counted himself smoung them. Among them is a former general of seventy and a young seamstress of twenty
2. How does Charles reason out his feelings about dying? p.324 Darnay spends his last evening reconciling himself to his fate and writing letters to Lucie, Dr. Manette, and Mr. Lorry
3. To whom does he write letters? Who does he forget to even consider? Charle addresses his letters towards his beloved wife Lucie, Dr. Manette, and Mr. Lorry.
4.. Why does Sydney say he is ther? What des:he ask Charles to do? Bow does Charles respond? Sydney tells Charles he is their to give him nice clothes to wear to his death. He ask charles to swap clothing with him and for him to write a letter to Luice. Charles responds that there is no way to save him.
5. What does Carton dictate to Darnay? To whom s the letter written? What does Sydney do as Charles is writing? How is the exchange made? Carton dictate Charles to write a letter to Lucie, as charle is writing the letter Carton drugs Charles
6. Who talk.c to Sydney, thinking he is Charles? Of what was she accused? What does she realize? The seamstress talks to Carton thinking he is Charles by the end of the chapter she realizes she has been mistaken and we learn she has been accused of plotting against the Republic
7. Do they leave safely? The carriage leaves safely.
BOOK III Chapter 14 BOOK III Chapter 14
1. Why does Madame Defarge meet with the Vengeance and Jacques 3 outside the wine-shop at the wood-sawyer’s? Madame Defrage is plotting to kill Lucie and the rest of her family.
2. What will they do? They will keep it a secret from Defrage.
3. Why does Madame Defarge say she will go to see Lucie now? What does she tell the Vengeance to do? What does she carry with her? p.339 Madame Defrage says she will visit Lucie now because she will be mourning an enemy of the republic which is treason and sentence able by death. Madame Defrage tells the Vengeance to save her a spot at the beheading. Madame Defrages carries her yarn with her.
4. Why did Miss Pross and Jerry stay behind? Miss Pross and Jerry stayed behind so the Manettes would have a faster journey.
5. What two promises does Jerry make before Miss Press? What does he hope Mrs. Cruncher isdoing? Does Miss Pross understand what he is saying? Jerry promises Miss Pross that he will never interfere with his wife’s flopping, and he will quit his job as a body snatcher
6. Where is Cruncher to wait for Miss Pross? The cathedral door
7. Who comes in as Miss Pross washes her face? What does Miss Pross ediatfly try to conceal? Is she afraid? Madame Defrage enters the room while Mrs. Pross washes her face. Miss Pross tries to conceal the Manette’s flight and she is scared for their lives.
8. Do they understand each other? Explain. Yes , Miss Pross and Madame Defarge understand each other perfectly
9. Why must Pross keep Madame Defarge from opening the door? Miss Pross does this so Madame Defrage cannot see that Lucie is absent.
10. Why is Miss Pross stronger than Madame Defarge? What happens to both of them in the course of their struggle? Miss Pross is stronger because she is fight with love. Miss Pross’ arms encircle Defarge’s waist and do not allow her access to the knife. She then reaches for the gun hidden in her blouse, but Miss Pross hits it away. The gun goes off with a crash and instantly kills Madame Defarge. The sound of the gunfire deafens Miss Pross for life.
BOOK III Chapter 15 BOOK III Chapter 15
1. What are some of the different observations that can be made when seeing the tumbrils? p.348 The fifty-two prisoners are carried in six tumbrels that grind through the cobbled streets of Paris. Carton stands at the back of the third tumbrel with his head bent down, trying to ignore the roar of the crowd. He talks to the young and frightened seamstress while holding her hand. He notices that in front of the guillotine, seated in chairs, are a large number of women knitting. One of the most noticeable women is The Vengeance; she looks frantically around in search of Madame Defarge.
2. Who misses the day’s victims? Madame defarge
3. About what does the seamstress ask Sydney? What is his last conso1ation? The seamtress asked Carton if it will seem like a long wait till her sister joins her in heaven and Carton tell her he doesn’t beileve it to be so he think time will fly
4. Flow did Sydney appear at the moment of his execution? He then follows in a calm and and prophetic
5. What does he see in the future for these oppressors? What does he see in the future for Paris and France? As he goes to his death, Carton has a vision that all the revolutionaries will follow him to the guillotine. Carton also says he believes that france will be restored to it’s former glory
6. Who will bear Sydney’s name? Who will die in ten years? His last thought comes to full fruition when Lucie and Darnay name their son in honor Carton. And stryver will doe in 10 years
7. What does Sydney’s namesake become? Luice and Charles next son
8. Quote Sydney’s famous last thoughts before he dies. It is far far better thing that I Dothan I have ever done it is far far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

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