A Midsummer Night’s Dream Vocabulary Review

troth faith
collied blackened (as with coal dust), darkened.
buskined a boot that reaches the knee-worn to represent tragedy
livery a clothing that identifies a wearer by occupation or rank
condole arouse pity
leviathan sea monster or large sea animal
darkling (poetic) occurring in the dark or night
changeling a child usually exchanged for another, often by fairies.
reremice bats
brakes thickets
incorporate combine so as to form one body
engilds to brighten with golden light; to decorate with gold
throstle thrush (singing bird)
stealth secret, sneaking, stealing away
derision mockery; ridicule; laughable business
juvenal youth
misprision mistake
welkin sky
gleek scoff; jest
patches clowns; fools
masques courtly entertainment with masked dancers
gaud ornament, trinket
moused shaken; torn; bitten
imbrue stain with blood
hight is called
prodigious extraordinary; enormous; monstrous
patched wearing a dress of many colors
mend improve
brands logs
pumps light shoes