a midsummer nights dream vocab

bequile to trick
beguile sentence a common man beguiled me out of my money
nuptial relating to marriage or a wedding
nuptial sentence we sampled some nuptial cakes
dote to love with foolish fondness
dote sentence helena dotes on demetrius
feign to pretend
feign sentence my sister feigned sickness to skip school
reveling celebrating, partying
reveling sentence its common for people to be reveling at prom
woo to court, pursue, chase
woo sentence pip tried to woo stella but she declines him
shrewd sharp, witty, clever
shrewd sentence the criminal was not shrewd enough to know that we can see through his disguise
flout mock or scoff at
flout sentence she feels like others are flouting her as she walked past
progeny offspring
progeny sentence He was the progeny of the president and his affair
swoon to faint
swoon sentence elle swooned when she saw warner
tedious dull, long, boring
tedious sentence the tedious drive to florida was 14 hours
vile repulsive, disgusting
vile sentence the vile man came onto her in an alley
virtuous having excellent morals; righteous
virtuous sentence she was the most virtuous and honest women that he ever met
chaste celibate, pure, virginal
chaste sentence hermia wanted to remain chaste while in the woods with Lysander
chide to scold
chide sentence demetrius chided hermia for following him to the woods
derision ridicule, mockery
derision sentence helena thought lysander was treatinng her with derision
divine godlike, heavenly
divine sentence helena thinks demetrius is divine
odious offensive, disgusting
odious sentence using children as soldiers is odious
oderous fragrant, sweet-smelling
oderous sentence the flowers were oderous
spurn sentence demetrius spurns helena because he hates her
spurn to reject
discourse conversation
discourse sentence emma had discourse with her class about race
enmity hostility
enmity sentence demetrius had enmity towards lysander
paragon model of perfection
paragon sentence some mothers are a paragon to their children
amends something done to make up for a mistake
amends sentence After their fight, he went to amend their relationship
audacious bold or daring
audacious sentence feeding the tiger is a very audacious job for zookeepers
discharge to fulfill or preform
discharge sentence a soldier could discharge her duties despite its hardness
gait manner of walking
gait sentence some people have a gait of a little bounce in their step