A Midsummer Nights Dream (True False)

Theseus chooses to see Pyramus and Thisbe at the reception because he once preformed in the play himself False
Titania has a crush on Theseus and Oberon has a crush on Hippolyta True
in Act 1, Hermia is told by Hippolyta that she can be killed or sent to a nunnery if she refuses to marry Demetrius False
Helena and Lysander tell only Hermia about their plan to to run away together together and get married False
the tradesmen prepair their play in hopes that they’ll be chosen to entertain at the royal wedding reception True
Lysander abandons Hermia so her can chase Helena through the woods True
Puck prevents Lysander and Demetrius from harming each other by distracting them in a haze of fog True
Oberon removes the spell from Titania because he can have only have one active spell at a time False
When Theseus discovers the young lovers asleep in the woods, he figures that they were out drinking all night False
Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer Nights Dream before he wrote The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet False