A Midsummer Night’s Dream Test

What is the lovers plot?(8) -Theseus is preparing for his marriage to Hippolyta. -Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius (who loves Hermia)-Hermia is in love with Lysander.-Helena who was engaged to Demetrius still loves him though he jilted her after meeting Hermia.- Oberon is angry with Titania as she is spending all her time with a changeling boy and will not give him over to Oberon to be used as a henchman.Seeking revenge, Oberon sends his merry servant, Puck, to acquire a magical flower on sleeping Titania so she will fall in love with whatever the first thing is that she sees -She falls in love with a nobleman named Bottom who has the head of a donkey. -Demetrius act cruelly toward Helena, he orders Puck to spread some of the juice on the eyelids of the young Athenian man. Puck encounters Lysander and Hermia; thinking that Lysander is the Athenian of whom Oberon spoke, Puck afflicts him with the love potion. Lysander happens to see Helena upon awaking and falls deeply in love with her, abandoning Hermia.
What is the plot of the actors(5) The mechanicals-A mechanical is any of the six characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream who perform the play-within-a-play Pyramus and Thisbe. -Named for their occupations as skilled manual laborers, they are a group of amateur (mostly incompetent) actors from around Athens, looking to make names for themselves by having their production chosen among several acts as the courtly entertainment for the royal wedding party of Theseus and Hippolyta.- Bottom, becomes the unlikely object of interest for love-potion-charmed fairy queen Titania after he is turned into a monster with the head, eyes and ears of an ass by the servant-spirit Puck.
What is the plot of the fairies?(5) -The fairies controlled and manipulated the four young Athenian lovers and the six actors from the mechanical’s.-They inhabit the forest where most of the play is set.-Oberon is king of the fairies and Titania is Queen of the Fairies.- Because Oberon and Titania are powerful fairies, their arguments affect the weather.-Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed are fairy servants to Titania.
What is the climax of the play(the moment of greatest suspense)(1) -When Puck put the love juice on the wrong person and both Lysander and Demetrius loved Helena and Helena and Hermia got in a huge fight.
Discuss the denouement of the play(ending and how it effects you)(3) All of the lovers get married. I am suprised and happy that the lovers lived happily ever after.
Demetrius(5) Is one of the ionic lovers.He is a young Athenin man who is engaged to a young Athenin girl named Helena.He abandons Helena and pursues Hermia.However, Hermia does not love Demetrius. He goes into the forest seeking Hermia, without giving Helena a second thought.
Lysander(5) In love with Hermia at first but later loves Helena and then goes back to love Hermia. Hermia is in love with Lysander. They escape to the forest in hopes of eloping. Puck puts magic juice on Lysander. He immediately falls in love with Helena.
Hermia(5) -Loves Lysander-Loved by Demetrius but she does not love him -Her father,Egeus, wants her to marry Demetrius.-Hermia’s refusal of her father’s command would result in her death sentence or residence at a nunnery by Athenian law.-Lysander and Hermia run away into the forest and they meet Demetrius’ former fiance and Hermia’s best friend Helena, whom Demetrius abandoned to woo Hermia.
Helena(5) A childhood friend of Hermia, with whom she is often compared.She is betrothed to the nobleman Demetrius but is jilted when his affections turn to Hermia instead. Despite this, Helena’s abiding love for Demetrius remains consistent throughout the play.Hermia and her lover, Lysander, confide in Helena that they plan to elope. In the hopes that she will gain back some of his respect, Helena tells Demetrius of Hermia and Lysander’s escape and, that night, the two follow the lovers into the forest.
Egeus(4) He tries to keep his daughter, Hermia, from marrying Lysander.Egeus is the father of Hermia who disapproves of Hermia’s and Lysander’s love. Appeals to Theseus to force Hermia to marry Demetrius. If Hermia refuses to wed Demetrius, she could be put to death, or nunnery under Athenian law.
Theseus(5) Duke of Athens. Hippolyta is betrothed to Theseus. Egeus invokes an ancient Athenian law before Duke Theseus, whereby a daughter must marry the suitor chosen by her father, or else face death. Theseus offers her another choice: lifelong chastity while worshiping the goddess Diana as a nun.Quince and his band of six labourers have arranged to perform their play about Pyramus and Thisbe for Theseus’ wedding.Theseus overrules Egeus’s demands and arranges a group wedding.
Hippolyta(5) Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus. They get married. Theseus won her in battle. She is no longer a warrior women she used to be because she’s already been conquered by Theseus. Hippolyta doesn’t mind being a literal trophy wife – she seems happy enough to be engaged to Theseus and even looks forward to her wedding.Hippolyta represents female power.
Oberon(5) He is Consort to Titania, Queen of the Fairies.Oberon is the king of all of the fairies. Feuding with his wife Titania, the queen of the fairies.They are fighting over a changeling child whom Oberon wants to raise as his henchman. Oberon tricks Titania into loving Bottom, using a special flower that makes you meet true love at first sight.
Titania(5) Oberon’s wife and Queen of the Fairies. Titania is a very proud creature and as much of a force to contend with as her husband Oberon.She and Oberon are engaged in a marital quarrel over which of them should have the keeping of an Indian changeling boy.This quarrel is the engine that drives the mix ups and confusion of the other characters in the play.Titania magically falls in love with Nick Bottom.
Bottom(5) Provides comic relief throughout the play, and is famously known for getting his head transformed into that of a donkey by the elusive Puck within the play.Nick Bottom is a member of a theatrical troupe known as the Mechanicals, who perform a play within the play. Bottom is given the lead role of Pyramus in the play.
Puck(5) A jester to Oberon. Puck and Bottom are the only two characters who interact and progress the three central stories in the whole play. Puck is the one who is first introduced in the fairies’ story and creates the drama of the lovers’ story by messing up who loves whom. He places a donkey head on Bottom.
Mustardseed(2) Fairy servant to Titania. has been allocated the job of looking after Bottom, along with three other fairies: Peaseblossom, Cobweb, and Moth.
Peter Quince(3) Director of the play.Carpenter, leads the troupe and plays Prologue. He is one of the six mechanicals who perform the play of Pyramus and Thisbe.
Snug The Joiner(2) He is a joiner who is hired by Peter Quince to play the part of the lion in the play “Pyramus and Thisbe”. When he is first assigned the part, he is afraid it may take him a while to finally remember his lines for it (even though the lion’s role was nothing but roaring originally).
Flute(2) He is forced to play the female role of Thisbe in “Pyramus and Thisbe”, a play within the play which is performed for Theseus’ marriage celebration.In the play Flute (Thisbe) speaks through the wall (Tom Snout) to Nick Bottom (Pyramus).
Snout(2) He is a tinker, and one of the “mechanicals”, amateur players in Pyramus and Thisbe, a play within the play. Tom Snout plays the wall which separates Pyramus’ and Thisbe’s gardens.
Starveling(2) One of the Rude Mechanicals who plays the part of Moonshine in their performance of Pyramus and Thisbe. His part is often considered one of the more humorous in the play, as he uses a lantern in a failed attempt to portray Moonshine and is wittily derided by his audience.
Peaseblossom(2) Fairy servant to Titania. Commanded by Titania, it is one of the ones to attend on Bottom.
Cobweb(2) Fairy servant to Titania.Commanded by Titania, it is one of the ones to attend on Bottom.
Moth(2) Moth is a fairy of Titania’s court. Commanded by Titania, it is one of the ones to attend on Bottom.
List three different settings from mid The forest which most of the play is set.the woodland and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon.Forest outside Athens
When does the play take place?(original place) Ancient greese
List four different moods created from a mid(a frame of mind the story puts you in)
*List three different themes of a midsummer nights dream(is the message or moral the author tries to teach you)
A symbol for a midsummer nights dream Fairy, moon
Pyramius and thisbee? Why was there a play within a play?(4) The laborer’s mistakes and misunderstandings introduce a strand of farce to the comedy of the larger play.
Cupid(3) a flower called “love-in-idleness”, which turns from white to purple when struck by Cupid’s arrow.
Diana(Goddess of the heart)(4)
Amazon Queen In Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ Duke Theseus is about to marry Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Although she is a relatively minor character, we will get to know her a bit better in this lesson. like theseus she symbolizes order
Theseus(4)mythological refferance
Neptune (posiden)(2)
Hercules (2)
catamus(2) Hercules’ buddy
Donkey head(3)
Representation of women(5)
The forest/woods (4) alone sucluded romantic
Love Juice/flower(5)
Fairies Powers(5) what they can do puck is a fairy and he delights in playing pranks on mortals he mistakes the young athenians applying love potion to lysander instead of demetrius thereby causing chaos he also transforms bottoms head into a donkey head
The right of may/summer soulstess(5)
list two different types of writting in a mid and explain them
The power of love(5) what mid has to say about love It can be used for good or evil.In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, love is a force that characters cannot control, a point amplified by workings of the love potion, which literally makes people slaves to love.So even as A Midsummer Night’s Dream makes fun of love’s effects on both men and women and points out that when it comes to love there’s nothing really new to say, its happy ending reaffirms loves importance, beauty, and timeless relevance.
Power and control(5) At various times, the power and passion of love threatens to destroy friendships, turn men against men and women against women, and through the argument between Oberon and Titania throws nature itself into turmoil. herima and helena get into a huge fight