A midsummer night’s dream- quotes

the course of true love never did run smooth Lysander said this to hermia significance- theme of the entire play also that all love stories have problems also when Lysander and hermia make a plan to elope to Lysander’s aunts house which 7 leagues outside the city and marry there pg. 15
lord what fools these mortals be puck said this to the audience significance- when puck is watching Lysander hermia Helena and Demetrius fight and is saying that people are really stupid pg 97
o when she’s angry she is keen and shrewd she was a vixen when she went to school though she be little she is fierce Helena said this about hermia and Lysander and Demetrius were there significance- when hermia and Helena are fighting and Helena says that she’s small but fierce and comments about hermia’s height which makes hermia even more angry
cupid is a knavish lad thus to make poor females mad puck to the audience this is when puck makes the 4 lover run around the forest in the fog trying to find each other so that they get tired and go to sleep beside each other and then he can put the antidote in lysander’s eyes to fix everything significance- Shakespeare is commenting on how women are stupid and especially women in love because he doesn’t really like women
up and down I will lead them up and down I am feared in field and town goblin lead them up and down puck to the audience significance- oberon is trying to fix everything so he tells puck to make Demetrius and Lysander run around the forest so that they can get tired an go to sleep so that he can put the antidote in Lysander’s eyes and fix everything
no do i repent the tedious minutes i with her have spent not hermia but Helena I love who will not change a raven for a dove Lysander to Helena significance- after puck accidentally puts the love potion in Lysander’s eyes ad he wakes up and sees Helena and falls in love with her compliments her and professes his love for Helena but Helena thinks its all a joke
if we shadows have offended think but this and all is mended that you have slumber’d here while these visions did appear puck to the audience significance- sums up the whole play trying to explain that everything is over and hope we have not offended anyone but if we have think of it as a dream g173this also the whole theme of dreams that has been going on in the whole play
lovers madmans have such seething brains thesus significance- thesus is saying that there is no difference between lovers and madman
with cunning thou has filched my daughter’s heart turned her obedience which is due to me to stubborn harshness egeus to Lysandersignificance- egeus is explaining the dilemma which is hermia’s love for Lysander to thesus accusing Lysander of bewitching hermia and turning her loyalty and obedience against him he would like the Athenian law enforced pg 11
I wooed thee with my sword and won thy love doing thee injuries but I will wed thee in another key with pomp with triumph and reveling thesus to Hippolyta significance- thesus has always loved Hippolyta but Hippolyta did not love him but he defeated her in battle and won her pg 9
fetch me that flower; the herb I shew’d thee once: the juice of it o sleeping eyelids laid will make man or women madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees Oberon to puck significance- for Oberon’s plan to trick titania into giving him the Indian changeling boy he asks puck to bring him the flower that will make man or women fall madly in love with the first living thing they see
I know you 2 are rival enemies how come this gentle concord in the world that hatred is so far from jealousy to sleep by hate and fear no enmity thesus to Lysander and Demetrius significance- on the wedding day when they go to hunt thesus sees Demetrius and Lysander sleeping beside each other even though they are enemies
methought I was there is no man can tell what me thought I was a methought I had but man is but patched a fool if he will offer to say what me thought bottom to the audience significance- after bottom wakes up and asks what happened
get your apparel together good strings to your beards new ribbons to your pumps meet presently at the palace bottom to the actorssignificance- when bottom comes back and the actors are all so excited to see him and ask him where he was but he says he has no time to tell them because they need to get ready to go to the palace
a tedious brief scene of young pyramus and thisbe; very tragical mirth marry and tragical tedious and brief that is hot ice and wondrous strange snow how shall we find the concord of discord thesus to the philostrate when thesus is reading the descriptions of possible plays they are going to have put on at the marriage and he read this one and it is good and the other ones are not
no my noble lord it is not I have heard it over and it is nothing in the world philostrate to thesus trying to talk thesus out of choosing the play pyramus and thisbe because he has seen them do it and they are really bad
o wall often hast thou heard my moans for parting my fair pyramus and me my cherry lips have often kissed thy stones thy stones with lime and hair knit up thee flute as thisbe in the play significance- saying his line
asleep my love what dead my dove o pyramus arise flute as thisbe in the play significance- when thisbe finds pyramus dead
not a mouse shall disturb this hallow’d house I am sent with broom before to sweep the dust floor puck to the audience significance- when the fairies are going to put blessings where the newly weds are sleeping
now until break of day through this house each fairy stay to the best bride will we which by us shall blessed be Oberon to the fairies significance- Oberon is telling the fairies to go bless the beds of the newly wed couples
to live barren sister all your life chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon thesus to hermia significance- thesus is telling hermia her options to be a nun he is the one that forces the Athenian law pg 13
swift as a shadow short as any dream brief as lightning in the coiled night Lysander to hermia significance- Lysander is saying that love can be really short and if you have love you should work at it because love can be easily destroyed Shakespeare’s comment through Lysander
nay faith let me not play a women I have a beard coming flute to peter quince significance- when peter quince is giving everyone their parts and he asks flute to play thisbe he says no because he has a beard coming but bottom says that he can do it back then women were not aloud to act so boys played the roles of women
I will roar you as gently as any suckling dove I will roar you as twere and nightingale bottom
i am that merry wanderer of the night puck to the fairysignificance- agreeing he is robin goodfellow
yet marked I where the bolt of cupid fell it fell upon a little western flower before milk white now purple with love’s wound and maidens call it love in idleness oberon to puckthis is oberon describing the flower he has told puck to get so that he can trick titania into giving him the indian boy he says the flower was hit by cupids arrow and it used to be white but it is now purple he also says men or women who get the potion in their eyes fall madly in love with the 1 living thing they see
i’ll put a girdle round about the earth in 40 mins puck to oberon significance- puck says can go very fast to go get the flower we never would have had a plot if puck would not have known where the flower was
I know a bank where the wild thyme blows where oxlips and the nodding violet grows quite over canopied with luscious woodbine with sweet musk roses and with eglantine Oberon to puck significance- Oberon is describing where titania sleeps
what hempen home spuns have we swaggering here so near the cradle of the fairy queen puck to the audience significance- puck is watching the actors and is describing the actors putting on the play and then after he put a donkey head on bottom
what angel wakes me from my flowery bed titania to bottom significance- acting as a mortal starts the part where titania is going to be madly in love with bottom with the donkey head on his head
so we grew together like to a double cherry seeming parted but yet an union in partition 2 lovely berries molded on one stem so with 2 seeming bodies but 1 heart Helena to hermia significance- Helena is saying that they were such good friends before but she betrayed there friendship
my Oberon what vision have I seen me thought I was enamored of an ass titania to Oberonsignificance- the spell is off her eyes and she gets back together with Oberon and asks him what happened
whereat with blade with bloody blameful blade he bravely broached his boiling bloody breast peter quince to the audience significance- when he is telling abt the play
use me but as your spaniel spurn me strike me neglect me lose me only give me leave unworthy as i am to follow you Helena to Demetrius significance- she is obsessed with him
jack shall have jill puck to the audience significance- when he has fixed every thing Lysander has hermia and Demetrius has Helena
sleep then and I will wind thy in my arms titania to bottom titania is madly in love with bottom and is going to wind herself around him the fine line between love and hate one moment she loves him and winds herself around him the other she hates him
for you fair hermia look arm yourself to fit your father’s will or else the law of Athens yields you up thesus to hermia significance- thesus is the one that enforces the law so he gives hermia till the wedding day to decide to marry Demetrius or be a nun or die
are you sure that we are awake it seems to me that yet we sleep we dream pg 135 Demetrius to hermia Helena and lysander significance- after Hippolyta egeus and thesus leave he turns to them and says are we awake the whole theme of dreams