A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quiz #2 Acts 3-5

What is Hippolyta queen? Queen of the amazons
Were Hermia and Helena friends before the events of the play? Yes, they were bestfriends
Who wants to be the Helena’s knight and ends up chasing her through the woods? Lysander
Hermia starts a fight with Helena when She realized that Lysander is in love with Helena.
Who transforms Bottom’s head into that of a donkey? How do the other workmen react when they see him? Puck. The other workmen are in shock and they run away.
Who has custody of the Indian boy at the end of the play? Oberon
What is Theseus’ title? Duke of Athens
How many couples get married at the end of the play? Three
Who gets angry when Theseus gives Lysander permission to marry Hermia? Egeus
Why does bottom want a prologue at the beginning of the play “Pyramus and Thisbe” He wants the audience to know that Pyramus doesn’t really die and that he is actually an actor.
This character thinks that it is odd that Hermia, Lysander, Helena, and Demetrius all had the same dream. Hippolyta
The actors are afraid that this animals in the play will frighten the ladies. Lion
This character does not want Theseus to watch the mechanicals’ play. Philostrate
This Workman (mechanical) plays Thisbe. Flute
This Workman (mechanical) plays the lion Snug
What is Puck’s name? Robin Goodfellow
Who says, “What fools these mortals be?” Puck
According to puck, if the audience doesn’t like the play , what should they think of it as. A dream
How many acts are in a midsummer night’s dream? 5
A Midsummer Night’s Dream was written shortly after which play? Romeo and Juliet
Why is Bottom alone when Puck changes his head to that of an ass? Bottom is waiting for his cue.
Why does Titania awake? Bottom is singing
What does Titania offer Bottom? Her servants and her love
What is Bottom reaction to this offer? He takes advantage of it.
What part are the fairies to play in this? They serve Bottom.
Why is Hermia following Demetrius? she thinks he killed lysander
What is it Oberon realizes when he sees them together? that puck put the juice on the wrong persons eyes
How is this mistake to be rectified? with the healing potion
Why does she doubt the truthfulness of Demetrius’ protestations of love? Helena thinks he’s making fun of her.
Why do Hermia and Helena argue? Hermia thinks that Helena stole Lysander from her.
Why is Titania in love with her husband again? Oberon now has custody of the Indian boy, so he removes the potion from her eyes.
Why are Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus in the wood? hunting
Why is Egeus so angry? Lysander reveals that he and Hermia planned to run away and get married outside the reach of Athenian law.
Why won’t Demetrius marry Hermia as he had promised? He got a potion on his eyes, so now he’s in love with Helena. Now Theseus overrides Egeus and says that Lysander will marry Hermia and Demetrius will marry Helena. There will be a triple wedding.
Why does Bottom want Quince to write a ballad about his dream, “Bottom’s Dream”
What is especially disappointing about not being able to present the play? They won’t be able to perform at the wedding. They knew that Bottom would have made a great impression on the Duke
What would Flute have demanded for Bottom? A pension of sixpence a day for life for Bottom.
What is Bottom’s reaction upon finding his friends? He is happy because now they can present the play.
Why won’t he tell them what has happened to the him? He wants to keep his thoughts to himself.
What is his advice to his fellow actors? Look decent and have sweet breath to utter sweet words
How does Theseus and his guests responding during the play? They were laughing and making witty comments
How does Pyramus die in the play-within-the play? He stabs himself he seen the scarf on the ground so he thinks his lover is dead
What does Oberon tell the fairies to do before they sing and dance all night long? To bless the three couples
Explain puck’s final speech He apologizes if the actors offended them. if they were offended, they should look at the play as if it was a dream.