“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Plot Review for Unit Test

Why has Theseus ordered a revel (festivity)? he orders it because hes getting married and to celebrate his marriage to Hippolyta.
Why does Egeus bring Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius to Theseus? because he wants to give a complaint about Hermia; Egeus gave Demetrius his blessing to marry Hermia but Hermia wants to marry Lysander; he wants Hermia to either marry Demetrius or have her be killed
Why does Theseus tell Hermia to come to terms with her father’s choice of husband for her? because if she doesn’t she will die or never be able to be marry
What is Lysander’s plan? He wants them to take a horse and leave town and go to his widowed aunts house so that they can get married there
Why does Helena want to be like Hermia? Because Demetrius loves Hermia and Helena wants Demetrius to love her
Why do Hermia and Lysander tell Helena the plan? Because Helena complains that Demetrius only wants Hermia and to tell them that she won’t be around anymore and be left for Helena
What does Helena intend to do with this? She’s going to tell Demetrius so that he will be happy and realize that she gave him the info and make him fall in love with her
What is Bottom’s reaction to his assigned role? He wants to know who Pyramus is and he is going to act so well everyone in the audience is going to be crying
What is Flute’s misgiving about his assignment? He has a beard so he can’t play a women
Why does Bottom want to play Flute’s role? He wants to show his acting ability
What is Snug’s worry? He is slow at memorizing his lines so he doesn’t think he will be able to remember them
Why does Bottom want to play Snug’s role? He wants to roar
What do Quince and Bottom caution about the role of the lion? It would scare the ladies in the audience and if they scared them they would be executed
How did Puck earn his reputation? by playing pranks on both humans and animals (example: Pretend to be a stool and when an old lady goes to sit down he will vanish and she will fall; pretend to be an apple in a drink so that when the person goes to drink it all of the drink spills on the person)
Why is Oberon angry with Titania? because she wont give him the indian boy
What is her argument with him? because she told the boys mom that she will raise/look after the kid
What is it Oberon sends Puck to find? the flower (love-in-idleness)
How does Oberon intend to punish his wife? using the flower on her and making her fall in love with something hideous
What does Oberon decide when Puck returns? to have him use some of the juice from the flower on Demetrius’s eyes to fall in love with Helena
How does Oberon instruct Puck to recognize Demetrius ? by his Athenian clothes
What is it Oberon hopes Titania sees immediately upon awakening? the ugliest creature in the woods
Why does Robin Goodfellow (Puck) anoint Lysander’s eye? because he thought it was Demetrius
Why does Lysander profess his love for Helena? because he got the juice on his eyes and Helena was the first thing he saw
What is Helena’s reaction to Lysander’s protestations of love? she thinks hes joking and mocking her
Why does Hermia awake? she had a bad dream about a snake biting at her heart (irony)
What is it Oberon realizes when he sees them together? Puck put the juice on the wrong persons eyes
How is this mistake to be rectified? with the healing “remedy” potion
Why do Hermia and Helena argue? Helena thinks Hermia is mocking her too
How does Puck manage to make Lysander and Demetrius sleep? He mimicks the voices of the other and makes them run around the forest until they are tired
What news does Oberon tell Puck? That he has the Indian boy, to remove the spell from Titania, and change Bottom back
What does Lysander answer when questioned by Theseus? He doesn’t know how he got their but he tells his plan about eloping with Hermia
Why won’t Demetrius marry Hermia as he had promised? Because he is now in love with Helena
What is Theseus’ decision? He tells them he is over ruling Egeus and that they can all get married together
Why does Bottom want Quince to write a ballad? about his dream, “Bottom’s Dream”
What is his advice to his fellow actors? to get their costumes ready, the lion not to cut his finger, to have sweet smelling breathe
Why does Theseus doubt the reality of the story the lovers tell him? He thinks its all made up he said it was more strange than true
There are two things that Puck asks the audience what are the two things Puck asks the audience? If they didn’t like it pretend it was all a dreamIf they liked it to applaud them